She Was Pretty: Episode 14

She Was Pretty 14

For all you Twinkles who abhor spoilers, this post is not for you; avoid reading any more of this post as you would an unexpected midterm exam!

For those of you–like me!–who relish spoilers and highlights, keep reading! 😉 

Mini-recap: Sung Joon tells Hye Jin that he intends to propose marriage to her once they’re able to save Most magazine. Meanwhile, with the deadline to their 20th-Anniversary edition fast approaching and with an unexpected cancellation of the coveted Leonard Kim interview, Sung Joon has each of the staff input items and articles that they’ve always wanted to include but never did. Regardless of what happens, he wants them to be proud of their 20th-Anniversary edition. As a long shot, though, Sung Joon, inspired by Kim Poong Ho, decides to contact TEN for some sort of an interview. More than the coveted but lost interview with Leonard Kim, an interview with the reclusive and mysterious TEN is sure to catapult them into the number one spot…if they can contact TEN.

Ha Ri, on the other hand, quietly finds herself by not only making peace with her mother but also with her father…and with herself in terms of what she really wants to do with her life–be an awesome hotelier. Hurray for Ha Ri!

As for the mystery of the three Kims, Kim Joon Woo and Han Sul officially date as a couple, having confirmed their feelings for each other. And in the last few minutes of the episode, the identities of the remaining two Kims are revealed…as some of us expected and in a “MOST” appropriate way. 🙂

So…who’s the nephew who is soon to head the vice presidency and who is TEN? Surprising his colleagues and making his grand entrance as the newly appointed vice president in a quintessential “MOST” manner, Kim Poong Ho introduces himself to the audience while simultaneously, Kim Shin Hyuk meets Ji Sung Joon in a highly confidential meeting…as TEN!

Musings: I’m liking the developments and the pacing! That’s all for now…Real Life duties calls! I hope you enjoyed the highlights! 🙂

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