Seoul 2014: Teddy Bear Museum (Part 1 of 2)

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Hello, everyone! *waves enthusiastically from Southern California*

Since my summer schedule’s been a bit unaccommodating, at least to my regular blogging schedule, I thought that I would forego the deadlines of my usual weekly posts–namely “Friday Fun” and “Bulletin Board”–and instead take some time to prepare those long-awaited Seoul 2014 posts. Heh, yes, I haven’t forgotten about them. I did mention that I’m considered the turtle of the family, right?

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you the first of two posts on the famed Teddy Bear Museum at Jeju Island. Warning: There are a lot of pictures, so it may take a while for all the photos and videos to load properly, hence the two separate posts. 🙂

Ready for some cuteness overload? *squees in anticipation*


When I entered the museum, this was one of the first bears to greet me! Can you guess who the bear is supposed to be? 😉

All throughout the museum were life-size bears of Real Life people with numbers next to them. For those who were interested and “game,” they could jot down on a sheet of paper their guesses of these bears for a chance to win a prize. Needless to say, my group and I simply enjoyed the bears and guessed the answers aloud. 🙂


This was a framed piece of art that I saw as I made my way to the main part of the museum.


Next to greet us was Bear #2. Guess who? 😉


Now, onto the museum displays themselves. My apologies for the quality of the film. Basically, my camera battery died on me before I got to the museum. Thank goodness, I had the use of my mini-tab. Seriously, what would I have done without it?!

A quick video clip of the display in action! 🙂


Hmm…do I even need to keep writing descriptions with each picture? lol. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…


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20141127_004550 20141127_004558 20141127_004622 20141127_004640 20141127_004657 20141127_004706 20141127_004718 20141127_004728 20141127_004740

20141127_004904 20141127_004921 20141127_004930 20141127_004953 20141127_005002 20141127_005011 20141127_005017 20141127_005032 20141127_005044 20141127_005055 20141127_005109 20141127_005118 20141127_005128 20141127_005152 20141127_005347 20141127_005355 20141127_005402 20141127_005409 20141127_005423 20141127_005429 20141127_005436 20141127_005446 20141127_005453 20141127_005501 20141127_005515 20141127_005529 20141127_005537 20141127_005548 20141127_005557 20141127_005605 20141127_005621 20141127_005638

So, did you recognize any of your bears in these displays? Needless to say, I had so much fun filming and taking pictures of these bears for you all! Hopefully, you enjoyed this peek inside Jeju Island’s Teddy Bear Museum. If you ever get a chance to visit or just want to find out more information about visiting it in the future, you can take a look here.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Teddy Bear Museum. Here’s a teaser for you:


Until then, have a glorious day, everyone!

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