Seoul 2014: Mr. Jang and His Traditional Royal Cookies

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For those of you who have patiently waited for the beginning of the Seoul 2014 blog posts, many thanks for your patience! We are slowly but surely getting to them, and this is the first of a number of posts that we have planned for you as we take you vicariously through Seoul. 🙂 

Unlike the last vacation series that I did in which I blogged primarily by days, I thought that this time, I would post by location or event. This way, searching for specific places to visit or read about is easier. Hmm…hopefully, this makes sense. 🙂

In any case, the first post features a man whom some of you may have already seen on YouTube and various other social media sites. His name is “Mr. Jang,” and he creates and sells “Traditional Royal Cookies” in one of the main alleys/streets of Nam Dae Mun Market.

Having seen him on YouTube prior to my visit back in November, I was surprised to see the man in the flesh! And he’s just as funny in person as he is on video. Unfortunately, I only filmed him making the treats and then promptly forgot to continue filming him after he handed me a sample to taste. Needless to say, he is hilarious, and when I suggested that he could probably have a career as a comedian, he retorted without missing a beat that he doesn’t want to be a comedian: “I’m good looking! I want to be an actor!” 🙂 Yes, he’s quite the character.

Below is a clip that I uploaded onto my YouTube channel: (You can see Jules and Nayong at the beginning.)

He’s not an independent vendor as far as I can tell since I ran into another little cart like his farther down another alley. However, I will say that he is certainly the more popular one. 🙂 I ended up buying a pack of the honey royal cookies for family and friends, although I just wanted to buy the almond-filled ones. I somehow allowed him to convince me to get the variety pack (peanut, almond, and chocolate) which was a bit cheaper than just buying a bunch of almond-filled ones. He sold me on the idea of giving different ones to different people. *shrugs* Yeah, I’m a sucker for a good solid sales pitch. 😉

In any case, the peanut and almond ones were greatly appreciated by my family, but the chocolate ones somehow melted into this weird conglomeration of chocolate/honey/corn starch mass between the time that I purchased it and the time that they were delivered to two friends in New York and Texas. I’m not quite sure when the chocolate ones melted since I didn’t open the chocolate boxes in Korea to check the quality of the treats. *shakes head* Note to self and to others: Always check the merchandise before purchasing. 😛

I hope you enjoyed this first little blog post as you vicariously took in the moment with us. Perhaps one of you will see him in the streets of Nam Dae Mun when you visit. 🙂

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