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As “Ra-Im” exits the police station, a strange rain storm starts and mysteriously switches the souls of both Ra-Im and Ju-Won back to their respective bodies.  Seated at the police station in handcuffs, Ju-Won is relieved that he’s once again in his body, and Ra-Im, outside getting drenched in the rain, is likewise relieved. Both confirm that they are truly back in their bodies as Ra-Im runs back into the police station to double-check that Ju-Won is also back in his body (what loyalty LOL). As they look upon each other in confirmation and relief, Ju-Won quietly celebrates while Ra-Im screams and jumps ecstatically up and down as the other people look on in confusion. When she calms down, she asks if he’s truly back, and Ju-Won replies that he must be since he’s now looking at her bread-like face rather than at his handsome face. She quickly retorts that judging by his disgusting manner of speech, he’s definitely back in his body.  (LOL) After trading insults, Ju-Won tells her that he is, nevertheless, happy to see her, but asks what she’s going to do about his current handcuffed state. Ra-Im glances at the handcuffs and then comments that there really must be a god. (LOL) She smartly reminds him of what he told her before leaving the police station—that she can rot in jail—and wishes him luck getting out of this predicament. She mentions that since Ju-Won’s belly is now full (due to the whole bowl of rice/soup she ate while she was in his body), he should be all right. As Ju-Won is left reeling, Ra-Im walks over to the pervert VVIP and tells him to give Ju-Won a hard time and not negotiate easily…she adds that he should be careful of his future actions. As the VVIP gets all puffed up and starts to talk loudly about who he is, the detectives at the police station find the whole situation tiresome and simply lock Ju-Won and the other man in jail. (LOL) Meanwhile, Ra-Im bows respectfully to the detectives and wish them a good night.  At this, Ju-Won yells at her that she needs to be with him till the very end. (LOL)
Inside a jail cell, Ju-Won demands to know from his secretary why Attorney Park or his prosecutor friend hasn’t come yet. The secretary, silently wondering why Ju-Won’s manner of speech has changed again, replies that Ju-Won himself told Attorney Park not to come and that no prosecutor friend would come out at this hour of the night. Ju-Won agrees that he told the attorney not to come, but he feels as though the attorney should come despite what he said, just in case the attorney is needed. (LOL the man is verifiably looney LOL) As the secretary goes to tell the attorney to come, Ju-Won calls after him to tell the attorney to step on the gas in getting to the police station, that if he gets a speeding ticket, Ju-Won will pay. (LOL the man is so ridiculous…I’m so glad they’re back in their own bodies…the acting is so much better now). Meanwhile, Ju-Won notices that a fellow jailbird is wearing a training suit/jogging suit very much like his. He tries to wake the man up in order to find out where he got such a precious suit when the man turns over in his sleep and reveals a Korean logo embroidered on the back of the top (LOL…I love how Hyun Bin’s name is part of that logo).  In disbelief, Ju-Won falls back in a stupor.
At Ra-Im’s apartment, Ra-Im excitedly greets her roommate and tells her how much she’s missed her. As Ra-Im enters the room, she stops in disbelief as well: the small apartment has been entirely decked out in luxurious linens, chandelier, dining table, etc. Ra-Im asks if she did this and why her roommate didn’t stop her.  She is amazed to hear from her roommate that the apartment would look different each time she came back from work.  Ra-Im makes a disparaging comment about Ju-Won and tells her roommate that they’ll discuss more as soon as she changes when her roommate asks her what she’s doing. Apparently, Ju-Won, while in Ra-Im’s body, had insisted that they each change in separate rooms, insulting the roommate about how she didn’t receive proper manners from her parents, that she not line dry her panties and bras but instead use the dryer, and that she shouldn’t ask for help cleaning her back during a bath (Asian bath culture is quite open) because that’s just dirty/disgusting.  At her roommate’s hurt look, Ra-Im profusely apologizes and says that she didn’t say any of that.
Ju-Won’s maternal grandfather is caught whipping chocolate when the snakey executive reports all the bad things that Ju-Won’s been doing: getting arrested and now in jail, changing his signature, etc. When the grandfather asks why Ju-Won’s in jail, the snake tries to make it sound like it was the salesperson’s fault.  However, the recently married grandmother cuts him off and says what he’s saying doesn’t make sense. The man probably did harass the salesperson and that she approves of what Ju-Won did (hitting the man).  She then tells the grandfather that he should leave Ju-Won alone and go back to his chocolate, which he’s preparing for his new bride in celebration of their 300th day (!)  In the meanwhile, Ju-Won’s mom walks by and discovers that he’s in jail.
Back at the police station, Attorney Park, Ju-Won, and the secretary leave the station.  When there’s no car waiting for them, Ju-Won verbally attacks his secretary, asking him if the secretary thinks he can behave differently since Ju-Won’s been acting oddly the past few days.  Yelling at him, Ju-Won tells him to get a car and be prepared to “die.”
Inside her apartment (or rather shack), Ra-Im reflects back on Ju-Won’s comment that she hasn’t changed or learned anything since he first met her. As she line dries that expensive training suit (the training suit that never dies!), Ju-Won knocks on her door and asks to speak with her outside.  During this conversation, the roommate comes in and is left wondering why her boss is here, especially in light of her last conversation with him (LOL).
Outside, Ju-Won asks her how she felt about abandoning him after getting him into trouble.  She apologizes and says that she just wanted to avoid getting their bodies switched again—her thought that if they remained in close proximity, they would switch back again.  Ju-Won then says, “I guess we won’t be seeing each other anymore then.” She agrees that that’s the best thing for them and apologizes for using violence with his body. However, she says that she would do it again if given the chance…because the law protects those who have money. She promises that no matter how long it takes, she’ll pay for however much he had to pay because of her punching the VVIP customer.  As for the stuff in her place, she tells him to take it all back.  Ju-Won comments that she has a strange way of showing him thanks for those items. When she asks why he came if not to squabble with her, he looks at her a long time before simply hugging her tightly.  He tells her he came to do this. (Aw…) He congratulates her on returning as Gil Ra-Im.  As she returns the congrats, he agrees with her that her offer to compensate him is a good attitude to have. He’ll be expecting her at his office tomorrow to work out the details. And then because he left his umbrella at her shack, he tells her to go get it for him (The look of disbelief on Ra-Im’s face is priceless!)
Meanwhile, Oska (I prefer Oscar but oh well) finds the young singer at his house and invite him to stay since the trouble with the plagiarism issue hasn’t been resolved.  At the same time, Seul consults two of her colleagues about the song in question.  Both men confirm her suspicions that there’s enough here for a lawsuit…unless the songwriter confesses, Oska is going to take the blame for everything. Seul gets upset when one of the guys asks if Oska really didn’t know.
As the rain continues to pour and the night deepens, Ju-Won realizes that Ra-Im has changed his password to his house. When he opens his cell phone, he notices that Oska’s image is on the wallpaper (LOL) and that he’s caller ID is an insult (ddol chu). He calls Ra-Im and tells her it’s ddol chu calling…what’s the password? Ra-Im returns the favor by disconnecting the call by saying that the phone’s dying.  (LOL…payback is so sweet!). Unable to reach her again, Ju-Won attempts to enter what he suspects is her dimensions but to no avail. Ra-Im texts him a hint: the password is a constellation. Ju-Won remembers that she had this sickenly sweet conversation with Oska in which she said that she was in the presence of a star. As Ju-Won punches in some numbers, he mutters that he’ll kill her if she really used this as her password (jealousy!)  And of course, the door opens! He enters in utter frustration.
As he turns the lights on inside his home, he sighs in relief and relaxes…only to stop short and look at his feet, which are covered in Oska socks!  (LOL) Peeling them roughly off his feet, he is once again shocked and fall on his derriere when he notices his underwear hanging dry on a wall.
Back at Ra-Im’s place, Ra-Im rolls around on her bed and exclaims how she loves being back at home. Her roommate looks at her in increasing disbelief and then erupts, saying that Ra-Im’s changed too much. Apparently, Ju-Won made her sleep on floor and wouldn’t give her a three-days grace period on her rent. As her roommate goes to sleep, Ra-Im promises to wake her up and uses Ju-Won’s phone to set the alarm. In the process, she comes across some photos and falls into deep thought as she realizes that Ju-Won has photos of her.
Oska is in house reflecting on the past few days’ events and Seul. Ju-Won walks into his house and tells him that he’s back and no longer acting “weird” after the past few days. Oska cuts him short and tells him that he’s not in the mood to play games. Ju-Won realizes that Oska is really concerned about the plagiarism situation and is about to say something when Oska receives a text from Ra-Im (!) who tells him to not worry; everything will work out. Oska wonders how she got his number, not letting on to Ju-Won that he’s texting Ra-Im, and returns a text saying that he’s sure things will work out, too. Unfortunately, Ju-Won must have set his phone on forward mode because Oska’s text go to Ju-Won who has Ra-Im’s phone for the time being. (LOL…busted, Oska!). Ju-Won comments that Ra-Im must have searched his phone. He then asks Oska if he likes his fans wearing his face on their feet. When Oska asks if Ra-Im wears his socks, Ju-Won denies everything and tells him that she only likes him lightly. (LOL)
OK…back to grading…sorry. I will finish on a later break…enjoy! 

Addendum at 10pm:  Ack!  Just saw some more…O-M-G! The intensity between Ju-Won and Ra-Im in his office is incredible…can’t wait to recap…the drama just redeemed itself now that the two leads are back in their own bodies…planning on doing word-by-word translation of that conversation, especially when Ju-Won tells her to get out of the elevator after contemplating whether or not to brave his phobia and enter the elevator, AND the conversation between Oska and Ju-Won in Oska’s house…soon! Drats to grading! I will say, though, that the reason why Ju-Won looks so stunned is because Ra-Im says the difference between her and the Little Mermaid (that he likes so much) is that the Little Mermaid loved her guy. (!)  The desperation with which Ju-Won races down the stairs….

final note to this post @ 12/13/10:
I discovered that javabeans from has already recapped episode 9 quite nicely:

I refer you to her site so that I may be more time-efficient. 🙂 Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks a billion for the recap. Reading recaps are so much faster than actually watching the episode so I really appreciate.

    Is it just me or the episode are getting boring? I am losing interest in the show. :/ and it had so much potential!

  2. hi! i've watched the Chinese subs on tudou but didn't get the whole meaning of what Ra Im said about Little Mermaid loving the guy??? Does she mean SHE loves Joo Won, or that she doesn't?? ahh the crux of the matter!

  3. She's implying that she, unlike the Little Mermaid, doesn't love Ju-Won. However, by the look they share, you get the impression that she does but isn't saying so to either herself or to Ju-Won

  4. what is that!!!
    my god!! so that is what she said!!!!
    that………… girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what is wrong with her!!! evrygirl in this world would like to have someone like him!!!
    he is soo in lovEEE!!
    i bet that if she ask him the moon he will give it to her!!!!!!
    so lucky and yet so damn stupid!!!

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