Secret Garden Episode 7 Recap / Summary

I can’t believe I just watched and recapped episode 7! However, it was a nice break from the grading. LOL. Hope you all enjoy! Clarifying the characters was difficult since they switched bodies, so please bear with me…just pounded out the recap since short on time. 😀

*Ju-Won (Hyun Bin’s character), Ra-Im (Ha Jiwon’s character)…I will use he or ”Ra-Im” to refer to Ju Won (in Ra-Im’s body) and she or ”Ju Won” to refer to Ra-Im (in Ju Won’s body)…hope this makes sense.

Episode 7:
Ju Won (in Ra-Im’s body) tells Ra-Im (in Ju Won’s soul) that he’s going to go wash up. When Ra-Im panics and protests, Ju Won taunts her and says that there’s not even that much to look at. Lifting up the t-shirt, Ju Won asks how a woman’s body can be covered with so many bruises. Ra-Im quickly tries to get Ju Won to stop looking at her body only to be rudely interrupted by the director, who insults Ra-Im and Ju Won. The scene ends with her discovering that Oscar has left for Seoul.

At the airport, Ju Won tells the action school people that he and Ra-Im have a life-important matter to discuss and drives her back to his house. However, they are met by Ju Won’s mother who rants and raves, demanding how often Ra-Im has been going in and out of the house that there is a closet full of her clothes (busted! LOL). Ra-Im learns that Ju Won’s bought those clothes for her.

As they drive away from the house, Ju Won makes a comment that he was happy for the first time that their souls were switched, so that Ra-Im didn’t actually have to be the target of his mother’s insults. She, however, says that she was more insulted by what he’s said to her in the past.

Sitting by the tree, Ju Won internet searches his family genealogy (Ra-Im’s shocked that his family can be found on the Internet) and debriefs her on his family: maternal grandfather and his fourth wife (Ju Won tells her that everyone’s waiting to see when they divorce), Oscar’s mother by a different marriage, his mother, and the department store parasite, who she is to keep watch over diligently. In return, Ra-Im mentions all the people Ju Won needs to know. When he asks her about family, she says that she doesn’t have any. They both decide to keep their own phones, communicate via text with other people and only talk with each other over the phone.

At Oscar’s house, the manager confiscates Oscar’s passport and van keys so that he can’t go anywhere.

Ju Won and Ra-Im stand in front of Ra-Im’s house as they prepare to part their ways, each giving the other words of caution/advice. As Ra-Im drives off in Ju Won’s car, Ju Won enters Ra-Im’s shack and is stunned by the roommate’s chest, word that the clothing incident at the dept. store was fodder for gossip, and roommate getting ready to wash. The roommate tells Ju Won that she had a dream about what happened in Jeju Island and how her deceased father was watching over them.

Meanwhile, Ra-Im gets nervous about Ju Won at her house and turns the car back. Ju Won’s secretary visits the roommate and gives her some expensive drink that Ju Won only drinks. Ju Won gets ticked that the secretary is bad-mouthing him and secretly seeing the roommate, so he texts the secretary, who replies with lies, denying all the suspicions. Into this scene enter Ra-Im, and the secretary drops to his knees in apology to his “boss” who has absolutely no idea what’s been going on between him and the real Ju Won.

Ra-Im takes the roommate outside and tries to warn her about Ju Won (in Ra-Im’s body), saying that Ra-Im may act funny the next few days, so she shouldn’t go around in her underwear or sleep under the same blanket as Ra-Im.

When the roommate returns, she tells Ju Won (in Ra-Im’s body) that she was told weird things about her. At this Ju Won tells her that he’s going to take a look around the neighborhood. As Ju Won sits under a tree in the fading sunlight, Ra-Im calls from in front of his house, asking for the password to his house. Ju Won pretends that the phone call gets disconnected and leaves poor Ra-Im shivering in the cold. As some employees come by, she asks where cousin Oscar is.

Oscar, in his house, is playing the piano and singing. This is the scene that Ra-Im walks in on and simply looks upon him with adoration. Oscar asks Ra-Im about the ramifications of his leaving Jeju Island and that the manager is threatening to sell all the stocks to Oscar Entertainment. Abruptly, Oscar stops playing the piano. (Dialogue is too funny…must translate)
Ra-Im; 34th track! I really love that song.
Oscar: You? (scoffs) What? You want me to sign a copy for you?
Ra-Im: Really?
Oscar: What?
Ra-Im: Huh? Oh…I’m really hungry. Have you eaten?
Ra-Im looks stunned at Oscar’s house.
Oscar: (to Ra-Im as she looks around) What are you doing? (To the employee) We’re going to be eating dinner. Can you prepare something for us?
Ra-Im: Wait…can I just….
As she expertly slices and dices vegetables, Oscar looks on in disbelief.
Ra-Im: Sit down. I don’t know if the seasonings right…why aren’t you eating?
Oscar: You eat first. You put poison in here, didn’t you? Did the manager ask you to kill me?
Oscar basically suspects Ra-Im/Ju Won of trying to harm him. He then inadvertently reveals to Ra-Im the bet that he and Ju Won had regarding Ra-Im back in Jeju Island (bicycle race).

After dinner, Oscar has Ra-Im listen to a track and asks what she thinks. When she tells him that it’s wonderful, he complains that it’s too similar to a song that he sang three years ago and that it looks like his seventh album is about to go down the drains.

Alone and lost in thought, Oscar reflects back on an encounter he had with the young singer at the airport. As Oscar prepares to run away somewhere, the young singer returns the MP3 to Oscar and says that there’s a song in there that Oscar should listen to…after saying this, the young singer walks away.

Back at Ju Won’s house, Ra-Im curses Ju Won for his meanness and is shocked when Oscar comes out of the very house that she’s been trying to enter to no avail. With no other alternatives open to her, she confesses hesitantly to Oscar that she’s not sure if it’s the stress, but she can’t seem to remember the password to the house…would he know it by any chance? At this Oscar gets concerned and asks if she’s seen Ji Eun, the psychiatrist. Frisking Ju Won’s body for the keys to the white car, Oscar takes off and tells her that he’ll return the car after a few days. In exchange, he tells Ra-Im the password: 36-24-36. Reminding Ra-Im that it’s Ju Won’s ideal woman dimensions, Oscar drives off and leaves Ra-Im worried for her roommate, who apparently has those very dimensions. (LOL) Ra-Im then spends some time familiarizing herself with Ju Won’s house.

Back at Ra-Im’s house, the roommate is getting ready for bed and asks Ju Won if he’s sleeping. She’s conflicted, thinking that Ju Won was using Ra-Im only to get to her. As they both sleep, the roommate ends up hugging Ju Won, who then tries to calm himself by reciting the Korean children’s rhyme. Meanwhile, Ra-Im gets up from bed and notices the motorcycle key. Just when she’s about to have nice thoughts of Ju Won, Ju Won texts her with a hint that the password to his house is 4 digits. Ra-Im calls him a “jerk” and goes back to bed.

In front of Ra-Im’s house, Ju Won and Ra-Im argue about their outfits and other matters. Ultimately, Ju Won gets dressed in all the designer outfits that he bought Ra-Im, which upsets Ra-Im and causes her to put Ju Won in a headlock.

At the action school, the director receives a text from Ra-Im asking forgiveness for her curtness at the airport. When Ju Won arrives at the school, he is told that the role of Ra-Im’s dreams is available. As Ju Won makes flippant remarks, the director tells “Ra-Im” to meet him in his office. As Ju Won follows orders, he asks loudly if the director often called Ra-Im into his office privately (LOL). Once inside the office, Ju Won is handed the script. Reading the English action descriptions, Ju Won refuses and asks if the director is trying to get Ra-Im killed. As the director explains that he doesn’t want his personal concerns for her to jeopardize her future, Ju Won realizes that the action school director doesn’t just like Ra-Im, he’s in love with her. Ju Won then tells the director that since he’s been found out, the director should never confess his feelings for Ra-Im. (It’s so sad how the director was so happy to see “Ra-Im” carrying the bag he bought her but crushed when Ju Won carelessly tosses it on the couch. The director looked devastated when “Ra-Im” told him to never confess his real feelings in front of her…Ju Won’s playing dirty, the big jerk!)

The manager and the MV director discuss Oscar’s disappearance. The manager says that they should just forget the MV altogether, but Oscar’s first love retaliates and says she knows where Oscar is hiding right now. However, she’s not going to reveal anything to the manager because she holds grudges.

As Ra-Im drives up in the motorcycle, the secretary is surprised and the rest of the staff (particularly the snakey executive) is surprised by his change in routine: riding the elevator, greeting all the employees, opening his own doors, eating “common” foods, etc. (Love the cell phone ringtone! LOL Ju Won’s fear of the elevator was known by the employees after all.)

Back at Ju Won’s house, the manager and “Ra-Im” discuss possibilities of Oscar’s whereabouts. The manager finally concedes that he can’t handle any more, so Ju Won should file a lawsuit. However, “Ju Won” says that he believes in Oscar and will definitely find Oscar. Ra-Im then confesses to Ju Won that the car didn’t run out of gas but that Oscar borrowed the car. Ju Won then reports the car stolen.

At the golf course, Oscar reflects back upon his time with his first love. When he is approached by two men, he thinks they are at first gangsters and then later fans. However, they are police officers who have come to arrest him for the stolen car.

Inside the police station, Ra-Im asks Ju Won if he really has to go this far with his cousin. Ju Won says that he’s only giving as good as he gets from his cousin. Once Oscar is behind bars, Ju Won tells Oscar that the charges will be dropped if Oscar will give up on Ra-Im and the bet he won in Jeju Island. Oscar comments that for Ju Won to act like this, Kil Ra-Im must have become quite special to him…however, Oscar, looking at his first love, comments that he cannot give up on Kil Ra-Im because she’s become that important to him as well.

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  1. thanks for the recap, the episode are just becoming more entertaining as the series progress. I just hope they switch back soon because this type of comody prolonged for too long will get boring really fast.

  2. I agree with Diya. I am losing interest already …. But thanks for recapping anyway. I think I am going to sit out the next few episodes and read recaps to see if I might actually continue watching this drama.
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  3. Thanks for recap. Although you had promised for previous episodes, I don't think you should as its been recapped at various sites already and watched by many of us. Plus its less stress on your part, if you start from ep 7 onwards that's perfect all round. Take care and I enjoyed reading about your trip to Korea.

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