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Here’s the first 4 minutes of the episode (translated the dialogue for you) and then the rest of the episode recapped…enjoy!

Ju-won: I’ll ask you this way.  Did we have a close enough relationship to kiss?  Like this?  (Ju-won gets up from the couch and quickly hovers over her so that he is bending down with his face mere inches from her.) Why aren’t you answering?  So, did we kiss?
Ra-Im: What do you think?
Ju-won: I asked you first.
Ra-Im: (starts to recite Ju-won’s nursery rhyme…LOL)
Ju-won: (backing away in disbelief and confusion) What are you doing?
Ra-Im: (blinking her eyes widely like a little doe) I’m protecting you.
Ju-won: What?!
Ra-Im: In the same way you protected me, I’m protecting you…until your memory returns. (Ju-won scoffs) Why are you laughing?
Ju-won: (in disbelief) I protected you? At age 34? In this healthy state?
Ra-Im: Mmmm (aka yes)
Ju-won: Surely not. Are you sure it wasn’t because you weren’t attractive?
Ra-Im: Do you want to die?! You have no fear since you just returned from a life-and-death situation, huh?
Ju-won: (backing away from her) Did you typically treat me like this?
Ra-Im: You are the type of person who asks for such treatment.
Ju-won: (backs away further in shock) Don’t take advantage of my lost 13 years (loose translation)
Ra-Im: (getting up from her seat) I’m leaving now. And don’t tell me to come and go as you please.  If you want to see me, you come.
Ju-won: Wait a moment. I’ll say it again: pack your bags and stay by my side. However, if I can’t find a reason why I like you, you have to leave when I tell you to leave. (Ra-Im looks thoughtful) Why? You don’t like those conditions?
Ra-Im: How about I stay by your side as if I’m not there and then disappear like seafoam? Like the Little Mermaid? Just say the word. I told you that I’ll do anything you want me to do now.
Ju-won: Do you know what you just said?
Ra-Im: Of course.  I know it very well.  Think it over and let me know.
She walks out the door and turns around to wave prettily at him while he stands frozen in the same spot.  As she waves, Ju-won mutters, “What’s with that woman? Why is she smiling so beautifully?” He chases after her as she walks down the walkway and asks her where she’s going, that he’ll take her wherever she’s going. At this, she turns around and asks, “What took you so long? Do you know how slowly I had to walk, showing you my absolutely cute backside? You should have come out and grabbed me earlier. What were you debating for so long?” Then telling him that she has an important meeting to attend, she asks for his car keys and says that she’ll drive. 

             When Ra-Im arrives at the action school, Philip tells her that Jackson has decided to hire a Hong Kong actress to replace her since the production wasn’t sure of her recovery. Philip tries to put a positive spin on the news, but Ra-Im reassures him that she’s all right. The mere fact that she was selected is enough for her; her dreams of trying out for a Hollywood movie came true. She then asks to be excused. As she leaves the area, Ju-won straightens up from where he was observing the entire scene. Philip approaches and tells him to treat Ra-Im well and not to forget her (indicating that Ra-Im is not someone Ju-won should/can forget. After all, Ju-won (at age 34) was willing to risk his life for her. At this piece of news, Ju-won (age 21) wonders aloud why he would be willing to risk his life for such a woman with short legs (LOL).
              Sitting against her locker door, Ra-Im thinks back to her brief time with the Dark Blood production company. As she sighs in disappointment, Ju-won enters the locker room and states that it must have been an important movie to her.  She replies that it was also an important opportunity that he created for her. Ju-won then tells her that since it was him who created such a great opportunity for her, she can pay him back later because he keeps accurate account of such things. He then asks her why she keeps soap pieces in her nylon stocking. As Ra-Im begins to explain that it’s because she wants to conserve and maximize soap, she realizes Ju-won’s beginning to remember his past. She gets excited and tells him that he saw the inside of her locker when their bodies were switched. Ju-won is puzzled that their bodies were switched, but she tells him that she’ll explain later and instead asks him if he remembers anything else. Ju-won, without batting an eye, tells her that he remembers her wearing a very revealing nightgown and trying to seduce him. (LOL) Before he can say anything more, Ra-Im swiftly kicks him in the shin. (*chuckles* serves him right…LOL)
              At Oska’s house, Seul confronts Tae-sung, who’s seated at Oska’s piano. “Weren’t you supposed to leave Korea?” Tae-sung smiles and tells her that he couldn’t leave when Oska wanted him so badly. (LOL) As they bicker about Oska like two rivals, Oska walks in the room and ask if they’re fighting. They should get along. Seul turns to Oska and asks if Tae-sung is staying at the house. At this question, Oska leans over and quietly tells her that he’s keeping Tae-sung at his house in order to prevent Tae-sung from leaving. Seul sharply retorts that Oska should be more worried about her leaving. With that said, she pivots on her heels and walks out of the room. When Oska attempts to follow her, saying that she can’t leave because he has something he wants to say to her, Tae-sung threatens that he’s going to start recording in ten minutes or he’ll be leaving, too. Exasperated, Oska asks Tae-sung if Tae-sung and Seul plotted to make him miserable today. (LOL)
              Oska drags Seul into another room and tells her that they only have 10 minutes to talk. But before he can get to his point, Seul asks him if Tae-sung likes guys. When Oska looks stunned that she knows this, she scolds him for bringing Tae-sung into the house, knowing that Tae-sung likes guys. Oska dismisses what she’s suggesting, telling her that Tae-sung hates him. At his denseness, Seul tells him this is why Oska goes around hurting people without realizing what he’s doing. Before Seul can really start to fight with him, though, Oska asks her to help him out, especially since he’s still reeling from Ju-won’s amnesia. Seul backs down, and Oska tells her that he would like to restart the music video taping and that he would like for her to help him. As they start to discuss business, Ju-won walks into the room, much to Oska’s frustration. Oska warns Ju-won that whatever he has to say has to be said within 5 minutes. Ignoring the warning, Ju-won pays Seul a lavish compliment and asks her what she’s doing in such a shabby place like his cousin’s. (LOL) Charmed, Seul shakes Ju-won’s hand and says that he must not remember her. Jealous, Oska yanks her hand away from Ju-won, who asks her how well they knew each other. With temper rising, Oska yells at Ju-won and tells him that Seul is his. (LOL). As Ju-won leaves to meet his mother who’s waiting for him at his house, Seul comments that she and Ju-won should have met when they were 21. At Seul’s comment, Oska blusters. (LOL…love their dialogue…LOL)  

             Light-hearted (I like how the 21-year-old Ju-won is so much more light-hearted and not cynical), Ju-won meets his mom at his house and tells her that he has a stuntwoman girlfriend. The mom is stunned that Ra-Im is still in his life, even when he has amnesia, but she tries to be positive since Ju-won doesn’t remember how much she hated Ra-Im or that Ju-won was willing to turn his back on his mother for Ra-Im. When Ju-won mentions that he wants to thank the firefighter who saved his life, even though it’s been 13 years, Ju-won’s mom tells him that she took care of everything back then. She doesn’t want him to know that the firefighter died trying to save him or that Ra-Im is the daughter. When Ju-won insists on getting in contact with the firefighter, she stalls him by saying that she’ll look into finding out the fireman’s contact information.

             Back at Ra-Im’s place, Ra-Im tells Ae-young that her dream turned out to be true. At this, Ae-young gets scared because she’s had another dream, this one a bad dream. Secretary Kim interrupts their discussion by telling Ra-Im that Ju-won’s asked him to bring her some place again.
             Ra-Im meets Ju-won at a hot spa, and when she asks why he wanted to see her there, he blithely replies so that he can see her body. (The scamp! LOL) As they bicker playfully and Ra-Im tells him that she’s popular with men, he tells her that he won’t be fooled twice. Realizing that he’s slowly remembering bits and pieces, Ra-Im hugs him. However, when Ju-won tries to touch her derriere, she tells him that she’ll help speed up his memory and then proceeds to put him in an armlock of sorts. As Ju-won winces in pain, waist-deep in water, she reminds him that every 2 to 3 days or so, this was a familiar position Ju-won would assume with her because of something he had done.
             After the incident in the spa, Ju-won takes her home. As he stands shocked by the state of her house, Ra-Im says that she likes that he’s constant. He’s wearing the exact same expression he had when he first saw her place. Ju-won asks if she also has his phone number. She replies that she does, and he promptly tells her to erase it and then drives off in his car without another word.

             At Oska’s house, Oska listens to Tae-sung’s new song and is thrilled. As he ruffles Tae-sung’s hair, Tae-sung tells Oska that he’s Oska’s producers and snatches the MP3 player back, saying that he’s not going to sell the song to Oska. Ignoring Tae-sung’s comment, Oska tells him to stop playing hard to get since he’s already signed a contract with him. Then Oska gives Tae-sung options on what he can call him, tacking on the “nim” for a more honorific sound to the names: 1) Oska hyung-nim (older brother Oska) 2) Choi-Woo hyung-nim (older brother Choi-Woo) 3) God (LOL) or 4)… Tae-sung interrupts Oska at option 4 and inserts “Oska.” As Oska’s about to argue with the name calling, Ju-won walks in, wearing the blue sparkly tracksuit. (ah, the return of the infamous sparkly tracksuit)

Run down of the rest of the episode:

Ra-Im practices jumping rope at the action school and is sought out by Oska, who dropped by to see how she was faring with the 21-year-old Ju-won. He then drives her back home where they run into Ju-won. They both decide to tease Ju-won by having a “fan” meeting.
Ju-won’s mother calls him while he’s there and tells him a lie about how Ra-Im is trying to use her father’s death to attach herself to Ju-won. When Ra-Im tries to explain, he tells her that he has to remember on his own since he may want to believe her lies if she’s indeed tricking him.
Ju-won goes home and learns from his housemaid that he treasures a fruitbasket, 45,000 won (roughly $45) and a vacuum cleaner. He calls his secretary for details on why these things would be so valuable to him. Meanwhile, Secretary Kim tries to mimic Ju-won’s kiss-the-cream-off-the-girl’s-lips move on Ae-young. She throws water at him. (Poor secretary)
Oska seeks Seul out at her workplace and takes her out for a public walk in the streets so that everyone can see them together. When two teenager girls confront Oska about Seul, Oska tells them to move onto an idol group because he’s 36 and would like to actually date someone he loves. (What a guy! LOL)
Ju-won, back at his library, finds the slip of paper Ra-Im left in the Alice in Wonderland book and reads the torn piece of paper from The Little Mermaid, only this time, the ending’s been changed by his 36-year-old self. In his ending, Ra-Im (as the Little Mermaid) becomes a wealthy businesswoman of vacuums and he lives happily ever after with her as her secretary. As he wonders who would write such a sappy ending, the memories start to flood back. He rushes out to his car and drives to her house. On the way, he remembers EVERYTHING, including the fact that the young girl he saw at the fireman’s funeral (apparently he went when he was 21) was Ra-Im.
When he arrives at Ra-Im’s house, he hugs her and pretends that he doesn’t remember much. He tells her that he’s going to go out on a blind date and then proceeds to tease her. He finally tells her that he remembers everything, much to Ra-Im’s utter relief. When she starts to cry, he apologizes and says that he was only teasing her so that she would be happy to learn of his return. (Typical man) She starts to hit him, but he tells her that he loves her. He then repeats “I love you” but tells her this message is from her father, that he loves her. When she realizes that he’s relaying her father’s message, she listens attentively as Ju-won tells her the story of how her father saved his life in the elevator while the building was burning. The elevator door opened just as he had thought he was going to die: Ra-Im’s father offered Ju-won his hand and saved him by jumping into the elevator with him since he couldn’t stand due to his injured leg. As the elevator slipped down a few floors, Ra-Im’s father tried to pry open the doors with his hands. While he valiantly axed the door open, the father’s voice is heard asking help from God for help and rain. Helping Ju-won get out of the elevator, the father joked with him that when they escape from there, he’ll introduce Ju-won to Ra-Im, who’s so pretty that Ju-won will go crazy. And then as Ju-won reached down to help the father, the elevator destabilized and the father released his hand from Ju-won’s in order to ensure that Ju-won survived. As Ju-won pleaded with him to take his hand and come to safety, the father pushed Ju-won and told him to relay the message of his love and regrets to Ra-Im. As Ju-won finishes relating the story, he apologizes that he was so late in giving her the father’s message. Racked with tears, Ra-Im thanks him for telling her even now of how well loved she had been by her father.
             The next day, Ju-won and Ra-Im go to visit the father’s memorial together. Ju-won apologizes to the father for telling her the news so late and that he wasn’t able to tell her the news when he went to visit her so many years ago (probably because he couldn’t get himself to tell the high school girl that he was responsible for her father’s death). He then asks the father’s permission for Ra-Im so that he can live the rest of his life as her man/husband.
             When they return to her house, Ju-won asks her if the father would have approved of him. She teases him and says that the dad wouldn’t have approved of a man who rebukes her every day.  The solution is to just love her desperately and have her love him insanely. (LOL)
             Back at his mother’s house, the mother tells Ju-won how glad she is that his memory has returned. Ju-won asks if she’s really glad or is she just fearful after what she’s done to him. He then tells her that he is no longer going to live as her son, especially after her lies and what she’s done to them. He’s lived the past 34 years as her son. For the rest of his life now, he’s planning on living his life as Ra-Im’s husband. (! Love the dialogue! There are some incredibly well-written speeches)     

*There were many distractions and interruptions while I recapped, but it’s now done!  Woohoo~Hope you all enjoy the recap.  Leave me comments when you can…I love hearing from you. 🙂  Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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