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Major Points:
-Ju-won gets stabilized/hospitalized and all is well. Mr. Park later tenders his resignation and tells Ju-won that he’s glad Ju-won’s well. He didn’t want to be a murderer (he had stopped the elevator to confirm whether Ju-won has a phobia of elevators)
-Ju-won then tries to get Ra-Im another chance at the audition with the director, even flying the director personally to Korea on his private jet. Unnoticed by Ra-Im, the Dark Blood director and Ju-won observe her filming an action scene. The director leaves without indicating whether he was impressed by Ra-Im or not.
-Oska actively pursues Seul (cute moment in which Oska holds up signs for her to read in the middle of her yoga class) and continues to realize the depth of how much he’s hurt her in the past (He had apparently told her to deny any association with him in the past if there were suspicions of their romance.)
-Ra-Im finds out that Ju-won had an accident when he was 21, and it was so traumatic that he doesn’t have any memories of the event.
-Ra-Im meets Ju-won’s mom at the crematorium to commemorate Ra-Im’s father’s death.
-Later at Ra-Im’s house, Ju-won’s mom reveals to Ra-Im that her father saved Ju-won at the risk of his own life. She then begs Ra-Im not to use that to hold onto Ju-won.

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