Secret Garden Episode 10 Recap / Summary / Link

Hi, everyone!  Third class is technically done…two more classes to go….

In the meanwhile, below is the link to episode 10 (video):

Yes, I watched…couldn’t resist…I think you’ll agree with me when you watch it that the drama is getting better; episode 10 definitely had many laughable moments.  😀

As for the episode recap, I noticed that girlfriday on has already recapped.  With my current crazy schedule, it’s probably best that I refer you all to her site:

Hope you enjoy!  The ending is quite…interesting. 

Here’s a short list of my personal favorite scenes/items:
1. the running joke about Ju-Won’s tracksuit
2. his many lame excuses (underwear!) so that he can see her
3. Oska and Ju-Won’s insults to each other, especially the “redirecting” of Oska’s highly prized and sought-after car game (he was supposed to be the 1st in Korea to own it, which Ju-Won can’t stand)
4. the Action School director’s drinking showdown with Ju-Won and how they both end up at Ra-I m’s place
5. Ju-Won’s childish efforts to impress upon the director his familiarity with Ra-Im’s place
6. Oska “kidnapping” Ra-Im from the director and Ju-Won and how Ju-Won takes the director to task for not beating Oska up. Ju-Won would have taken care of providing the director with an attorney. LOL
7. the quiet development of Oska’s respect for and interest in Ra-Im in the midst of their playful banter
8. how Ra-Im evades the water by second nature and then offers her own drink to the mom for a second try.
9. the look on Ra-Im’s face as she hears directly from Ju-Won’s lips (while they are in front of his mother) that he only plans on playing with her.

Hmmm…I think I’d better log off now before I get sucked into writing any more.  LOL.  Have a good evening!

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