Rooftop Prince: Episode 8 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Why so cute, Rooftop Prince? 😉

I know that there is still this underlying mystery of how Yi Gak’s wife died, what happened to Tae Yong, how Yi Gak is going to uncover the real purpose for his sudden transportation into the 21st century, what Park Ha learns about Yi Gak from the history book, etc….but seriously, all of that takes a back seat for me as I simply revel in the delightful antics of the Joseon F4 and Park Ha, who can match Yi Gak point for point. Heh…I absolutely adore strong women, especially strong women who can put their opinionated strong men in their rightful places when necessary. 😉 For me, these two are like Tracy and Hepburn, Bogart and Bacall, and Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy…their witty repartee sparks of L-O-V-E. 😉

Recap: The episode opens with the Joseon Fab 4 plus Park Ha returning to the rooftop apartment “palace.” The first order of business? Grocery shopping for their open house dinner that night.

Unfortunately, the entire family gathers so that the three of the F4 are delegated to spending the evening playing go-stop with the two girls, whom they con into losing quite a bit of money. Meanwhile, Tae Moo and Tae Yong return from their game of squash and prepare to eat dinner. The featured dish? Tae Yong’s favorite, “pickled crab” (kae kahn jang), a dish to which Yi Gak is severely allergic. Nevertheless, knowing that his credibility as Tae Yong is at stake, Yi Gak bravely eats the crab.

After dinner, Park Ha, who knows that he’s deathly allergic to the dish, seeks him out and discovers him on the staircase, gasping for breath. She hurries down and administers CPR (aka mouth-to-mouth resuscitation), a procedure that Se Na mistakes for a kiss. She returns back to the apartment under the assumption that Park Ha and Tae Yong are dating.

Once Yi Gak can breathe a bit, Park Ha takes him to the hospital where he is given an antihistamine shot to open up his airways and help him breathe normally again. Amazed, Yi Gak marvels at how things would have been so different during Joseon times. At this, Park Ha confronts him and tells him that she can’t trust him anymore. When she first met him and he claimed to be a time-traveler, she believed him. When he claimed to be Tae Yong, she believed him. Now…she doesn’t know what to believe, but she does know that she won’t believe him anymore.

However, as she stomps away, Yi Gak walks purposefully in the opposite direction…right into oncoming traffic! That’s certainly one way to get her attention. It’s also another way to make sure she believes him/his sincerity. Park Ha relents and reluctantly decides to believe him again.

As they walk home, Yi Gak asks how she was able to help him breathe back at the rooftop. When Park Ha explains the concept of CPR, his eyes widen a bit, and before Park Ha suspects anything, he gasps for breath…and asks for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Ha! The little scamp!

Unseen, their close relationship is witnessed by Se Na, who seems to be making a hobby out of lurking in the dark.

Once they return to the “palace,” Yi Gak gives everyone an assignment, including Park Ha, whose job it is to now clean, cook, etc. since she is no longer the “owner” of the apartment. Ha! When she protests, Yi Gak asks pointedly who is now owner of the place. Her little index finger slowly and reluctantly uncurls from its fist position to point at Yi Gak. And when the meeting is adjourned for the night, she’s even given a breakfast request by Chi San: omurice with lots of ketchup. LOL

The next day, curious about Yi Gak and what he told her–his time traveling from the Joseon era–Park Ha visits the local library and looks up his name. What she finds in the history book causes her to tear up in shock and silence. Hmm…curious.

When she returns home with her mother, who is excited about the new renovations, Park Ha subtly makes it known to everyone in the room that she’s let her mother think that she’s still the owner of the place and that the Fab 4 are merely renters/boarders. The four men let Park Ha have her way and bow to her mother…all except Yi Gak who maintains his royal posture and looks down upon the entire proceeding.

However, the men don’t like what they hear as they eavesdrop from the second floor; Park Ha’s mother wants to set their Park Ha up on a blind date with a “great catch.”

Yong Sul sits dejected and refuses to go outside for exercise. Chi San and Man Bo slyly asks it Yong Sul’s chest hurts…right by his heart? LOL Peeved, Yong Sul roars and demands, “I can’t be sick?!” Aw…poor Yong Sul. He really does like Park Ha.

Meanwhile, Park Ha goes outside to exercise and to beautify herself for the big blind date that’s scheduled for tomorrow. As she begins to anticipate the date, Yi Gak becomes jealous and starts to vigorously suck on his yogurutu (yogurt drink), ultimately crushing it in his hands. O-M-G. Does this man keep yogurutu bottles in his pockets for whenever he gets a sweet-tooth attack/mood strikes him?

The next day, Park Ha agonizes over the date outfit and finally selects a “nice” outfit, but the boys weigh in on the outfit. They second Yi Gak’s assessment that the outfit is not worthy of a blind date. LOL…How I adore these five and their relationship!

With Yi Gak’s black visa card, the five go shopping…and shopping…and shopping for the “perfect” outfit. When they eventually decide on a classic, sophisticated outfit, even Yi Gak’s eyes pop out a bit–until he remembers to assume his bored pose and asks the sales clerk to ring up everything Park Ha’s tried on. His reasoning? She’s going to be going on more than one date with his man, so she’ll need more than one outfit. Good point. When Park Ha protests, Yi Gak tells the sales clerk to clearly remember Park Ha’s face and to refuse her returns if she tries to return even one outfit. Ha!

Next stop? Shoes…When Park Ha almost falls on a very high, white pair, Yi Gak agrees that perhaps the previous one is more suitable. LOL

Last stop? Hair and make-up. As Park Ha falls asleep on the chair–who doesn’t get sleepy at the salon?–he wakes her up with a knuckle sandwich and reminds her to not shame them. Aw…

And as Park Ha meets this “great catch,” the three F4 members are seated oh-so-not-discreetly away from her table, glaring and assessing every movement and word. Why? So they can report to their king. Heh…

The report? Or rather reports? Yi Gak receives text after text, the first of which is that the blind date is jjang! Great graphics! LOL

I think Chi San even reports that the blind date drooled over Park Ha because he thought she was “so pretty.” The text messages incense Yi Gak so much–seriously, what did he expect when he dolled her up like that?–that he texts Park Ha and demands that she return home immediately…to feed the fish!

Of course, Park Ha leaves the date upon receiving his text, foregoing on the second course of the date, which was supposed to be a movie. Instead of the fish, however, he has a car towed to Park Ha’s location and asks that she teach him how to drive. O-M-G, this is going to be fun!

The usual insults that driving teachers say to slow learners start pouring forth from Park Ha’s lips, and Yi Gak is denigrated to the status of a green little caterpillar who inches his way while Park Ha’s girl cartoon quickly outwalks him. LOL. Frustrated, Yi Gak yells that things would be different on horseback, to which Park Ha derisively comments that one just gets on the horse and says, “giddy-up” and goes. Ha! Seeing a way to get back at her for all her insults, he challenges her to learn to ride the horse.

Cut scene to a horse stable/ranch. Quickly, Park Ha is sufficiently humbled, and Yi Gak climbs behind her to give her a riding lesson. As they amble through the woods, he asks about her date and, upon finding out that she liked her date,  starts to ask her what type of man she likes? Tall or short? Tall. Long-haired or short-haired? She prefers short.

However, as the questions become increasingly more specific (eyes, nose, etc.), Park Ha looks back at Yi Gak, finally becomes self-conscious at his proximity, and refuses to answer any more questions, a situation that Yi Gak finds intolerable. LOL

So he discovers a way to keep her attentive to his commands: He slips one of those restaurant buzzers inside her apron and then keeps buzzing until she finally can’t handle anymore and comes to see what he wants. He tells her that he was merely testing out the buzzer to see if it works. At this, she slams down the buzzer on his desk and storms out, eliciting a cry of protest from Yi Gak, “You forgot to take the buzzer!” LOL

Meanwhile, back at the “palace,” Se Na goes to return Tae Yong’s sketchbook at his grandmother’s request and realizes that the signature on the sketches is exactly the same as the one on Park Ha’s postcard, the one Park Ha anonymously received two years ago in New York. Assuming that Park Ha knew of Tae Yong’s identity and has been angling her way into his life because of his wealth and background, Se Na calls the grandmother and aunt, who storm into the “palace” and demand to know if Park Ha really knew Tae Yong two years ago. Park Ha, who just returned to find Se Na uninvited in her bedroom, explains that she doesn’t know who drew that picture of her on the postcard.

Unfortunately, grandmother is not convinced by her explanation and instead slaps her smartly across the cheeks, declaring her a vicious woman. *Sigh* Oh grams, you’ve got the wrong sister.

Post-Recap Thoughts: I know that I’ve left some pertinent parts out of the recap (i.e. Yi Gak teaming up with Taek Soo to prove that Tae M00 had something to do with Tae Yong’s disappearance and amnesia, Tae Moo’s all-or-nothing determination to win back Se Na, etc.), but I pretty much recapped from memory, prompted by the cute little pictures I snipped while I watched, so I hope this suffices. Besides, I figure the English subtitles will be up in a day or two for you to discover everything you want to know about the episode, right? 😉

Despite the crazy recapping schedule, I’m glad that tomorrow’s broadcast will have both episodes 9 and 10. This way, we’ll be able to quickly find out a number of pressing concerns/expectations I have like…

1. When does Yi Gak start to fall for Park Ha and acknowledge his feelings?

2. When does Se Na’s true personality become widely known?

3. When does Tae Moo’s latent obsessive/murderous tendencies become clearly evident to everyone?…There’s a part of me that wonders if Tae Moo’s Joseon counterpart didn’t kill Yi Gak’s wife. Wouldn’t that be interesting if they were having an affair, and he killed her because she tried to break off the affair? And will his jealousy/craziness spiral downward again and ultimately lead to his attempt at Se Na’s life?

There are a slew of other questions I’d like answered, but for now, I’ll be content on simply savoring tonight’s hilarious episode and anticipating tomorrow’s double-hitter. Wow~Episodes 9 and 10! =O.o=

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  1. thanks for the recap twinkie..though i still have to wait ep8 with eng subs before reading this..i just went over your pre & post-recap thoughts and i’m glad you enjoy watching the show…i like how the writers are so creative in making funny and hilarious scenes each episodes and i never get tired of watching it over and over…this scenes make up for those chaebol storyline which i thought were also important and cannot be ommitted for the story and the characters’ progress…now i’m excited for today’s back-to-back episode…i’m guessing a cliffhanger at the end of ep10… ^_^

    1. You’re welcome! Wow, I can’t believe you were able to comment as soon as this post uploaded. LOL. I was proofreading the post for errors when I noticed your comment. 🙂
      Hope you enjoy ep. 8!

      1. LOL..i didn’t know that,..but i’m not surprised coz i used to refresh your blog many times in a day..just like today..hehe… ^_^

        1. Aw… 🙂 I like the image of sam sitting in front of the computer every so often, hitting the refresh button. 🙂 Thanks for enjoying this site so much. 🙂

  2. Hee, I’m loving this show *so much*.

    I’m excited for episode 10 in particular, because the halfway mark is usually when the male lead: a) falls in love with the female lead, or b) *realises* he has feelings for the female lead. So we’ll see if the formula holds true for RP. 😉

    And ooh, I cannot wait for Yi Gak to see the cracks in Se-na’s nice-girl facade; for him to realise that Se-na is *not* the princess, just as he is *not* Tae-young; and of course for him to have his light-bulb moment regarding his feelings for Park-ha… So much to look forward to!

    Thanks for the awesome recap, Twinkie! 🙂

    1. Okay, I’ve just watched eps 9 & 10 and without spoiling anything, I’d just like to say: I dislike Se-na more and more with every episode I watch, with every breath she takes. Grrr. But I love Park-ha, and Park-ha with Yi Gak and with the boys (seriously, how are they so cute together?) and eek, Yong-sool’s crush is just the most adorable thing ever.

      And now there’s the long wait (6 days!) for episode 11… 🙁

  3. Dear dear TS, thank you. 🙂
    Prince is so princey, kekekeke, that he doesnt even realized that he is sooooooooo ever jealous of PH’s date. I didnt realised that the 3J’s present at the date was to report to him. LOL. He acts as he doesnt care at all, but he is sure doesnt want PH’s attention to anyone else but him.
    Cant wait for tonight. 2 episode. Deebak

    1. Hi, midek! I am. I can only recap 1-2 episodes a day and decided to recap RTP last night because I wanted something light-hearted. But not to fear! I shall be working on K2H today. 🙂
      Thanks for asking!

  4. I am so sick of Se Na! Its time to focus on something else. Its starting to be a real turn-off the constant badgering of poor Park Ha! At this point, a happy ending for Se Na won’t be appreciated by me!

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