Rooftop Prince: Episode 7 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: I know…I’m jumping the gun with this brief recap of Rooftop Prince episode 7 since I said that I was going to try to start recapping from next week; however, I missed my time slot to watch and recap The King 2 Hearts tonight and rather than not post anything, I thought I’d at least start the beginnings of this series’ recap.  And yes, in my weaker moment earlier today, I succumbed to the peer pressure of how “great” this series was and saw episode 7…because I couldn’t handle starting to watch and recap the death of my beloved Jae Kang and then have to leave for work in that crummy mood. So…I thought to save The King 2 Hearts episodes 7 and 8 for later tonight but…stuff happens and there goes the best of plans, right?


The episode opens with Park Ha storming out of the building and completing ignoring Yi Gak, who after seeing the tears in her eyes, chooses to chase after her rather than talk with Se Na.  Good boy! Of course, he doesn’t realize that she’s also mad at him because of the bracelet, which he gave to Se Na when she thought it was meant for her. After following her around, he discovers–after drinking a banana milk and a strawberry milk–that some of her childhood memories have returned. Heh…I hope he’s not lactose intolerant. 🙂

Park Ha drops by to see her mother in the hospital when Jang Sun Joo surprises the mother with a visit. Sending Park Ha away to eat dinner, the mother quickly tells Sun Joo that the daughter she seeks is not Park Ha. Sun Joo reassures the mother that she has no intentions of seeing Se Na, not now when the cancer she thought she had beaten a few years back has returned. She doesn’t want to give her daughter that type of hurt. She then mentions that she has another daughter from a previous marriage, one that she abandoned before leaving for Hong Kong. Uh-oh…the two girls really are sisters…

Once Park Ha returns home for the night, she finds the three Joseon men trying out new contraptions as part of their assignment at work. LOL…they are hilarious! Unwilling to help them in her current mood, she refuses their plea for help. The three exit the RV and see Yi Gak drinking yet another sweet drink. Heh…he really does have a sweet tooth, huh? The three complain about Park Ha and then stop when they notice that Yong Sul never says anything bad about her and instead protects her. With suspicious glares, they ask if he secretly has feelings for her, an accusation that Yong Sul hotly denies. Yi Gak then forces him to voice his complaints freely then…and voice them he does–just as Park Ha walks out of the RV, ready to help the clueless three men with their contraptions. And of course, Yong Sul discovers waaaay to0 late that she’s within earshot. In fact, she’s standing RIGHT BEHIND him. Aw…poor Yong Sul. The verbal lashing she gives him… 🙁

She rushes inside the RV and tells Yi Gak, who follows her, that she regained part of her memory and shows him the only picture she has of her father and her. The face of her mother was ripped out by her father in anger. Yi Gak registers the significance of the photo.

The next day, Tae Moo drops by to see the mother discharged from the hospital and agrees to help find Park Ha a job in his company. Interesting how Se Na’s plans to keep Park Ha far from Tae Mu is backfiring.

Yi Gak’s three men–can I call the four Joseon men the Fab 4?–are huddled over a split-screen picture of Shin Mina and Shin Bong Sun and debating which woman is better. LOL. Man Bo declares that Shin Bong Sun is the obvious choice. She’s better suited for child-bearing. O-M-G! While the three debate who is the more ideal woman, Yi Gak walks in with a tub of parkha candies (aka Korean mints) and tells them to each try one. After handing a piece to the three of them and popping one into his own mouth, he instructs them to chew the candy, symbolic of Park Ha, the woman bearing the same name and same qualities according to the three men. LOL. However, when Yong Sul simply sucks on it instead of chewing it, perhaps in his attempt to protect Park Ha, Yi Gak gets angry/jealous and commands him to chew. CHEW. CHEW! LOL. And as if the sight of Yong Sul finally chomping down on the park-ha candy wasn’t enough, Yi Gak then makes him eat a mouth full of those peppermint candies. Ouch! When Yong Sul is unable to chew the mouthful–the other two point out to Yi Gak that Yong Sul is not chewing– Yi Gak glares at him, causing the poor man to attempt to chew through all of the candy pieces.   

Meanwhile, Jang Sun Joo meets with Tae Moo, who agrees to help her find her lost daughter. She then pulls out her own copy of the old family photo, except hers is intact. Of course, Se Na drops by Tae Moo’s office and spots the picture and realizes only one of its significance: Park Ha is the daughter of Jang Sun Joo. Of course, she doesn’t realize that this makes her and Park Ha half-sisters. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to this bit of news, especially when Yi Gak later asks her if she has a sister. As she attempts to “help” Tae Moo and copies the photo, she is stunned to see Park Ha, the baby in the photo, enter the office and even more stunned to learn that she will now be working at the company. Following Park Ha to the elevator, Se Na viciously threatens her to quit the company at once, but Park Ha merely smiles and tells her that she is not angry at Se Na; she pities her.

Yi Gak finds out that Park Ha is going to be working at his company and tells her that he plans on helping her discover the secrets behind that photograph. The first step? To visit the photography studio that took the picture. As they visit her old childhood neighborhood, Park Ha regales Yi Gak with stories of ringing door bells and running to avoid getting caught. At first Yi Gak scoffs at the idea but soon warms up to the game, hence beginning the ridiculous game of ring-the-doorbell-and-run-away-to-avoid-getting-caught. LOL

They finally get down to business and learn that the negative to the photo no longer exists, but the photographer’s son suggests going to the elementary school to find some information. Of course, the school has no records. Yi Gak then asks for the Chinese spelling of her name and realizes that it means “lotus flower” (aka buyong). At this reminder of his sister-in-law, he recalls memories of her and attempts to see if Park Ha can solve his riddle, the one he asked Bu Yong so many years ago. And in true Park Ha fashion, she botches up his hopes that she might be Bu Yong. Aw…the thwack he gives her on the forehead is sooo cute…in an odd sort of way. LOL

After chasing him around the playground for the knuckle sandwich, Park Ha gives in to her tears, and Yi Gak comforts her.

Meanwhile, Tae Moo and Sun Joo arrive in the same town and unwittingly retrace the same steps, ultimately arriving at the same elementary school where Park Ha and Yi Gak are now swinging…with Se Na watching their every move. Before Tae Moo and Sun Joo can see the two on the swings, however, Se Na intercepts them and suggests that the photographer was probably referring to her when he told them about another couple that came to visit him. She had asked a man for directions. Disappointed, Sun Joo returns to Seoul, choosing to ride with Se Na in order to be close to her daughter. 

Upon returning to Seoul, Tae Moo embraces Se Na, pleased that she’s made such an impression on Sun Joo. Unfortunately–or fortunately, depending on how you see it–Tae Moo’s father sees the embrace and demands that they separate; he won’t have his son linked to a secretary. Is it just me, or was anyone else cheering that Se Na was rebuked and rebuffed by someone?

As for Park Ha and Yi Gak, they ride the bus back to Seoul and share a sweet moment, falling asleep together on the bus. When Park Ha tries to lift up her head from off his shoulders, he gentle pushes it back. Aw…

However, that sweet moment doesn’t last. Se Na calls Yi Gak, and he takes off to meet her, leaving Park Ha alone on the street and determined to somehow get Se Na to remember him. They meet and are seen by Tae Moo, who later tries to reconcile with Se Na. But when he refuses to announce their marriage plans immediately, she tells him that they should just break up then.

The next morning, Park Ha leaves for work, unwilling to wait for the Fab 4. She doesn’t want to be late on her first day. The four huff and puff about her lack of loyalty and soon outstrip her with their long strides. LOL. She is forced to run after them just to keep up. Aw…what a great picture these five make. 🙂 I wish I had thought to snip a photo for this recap…ah well.

Meanwhile, Tae Moo receives a visit from  a relative/co-worker (don’t know his name yet) who suggests that Tae Moo went to NYC several years ago and met up with his cousin. His credit card receipts indicate dinner and drinks for exactly two people. He insinuates that Tae Moo did something to his cousin and that he will find out and use it against Tae Moo.

At work, Park Ha and the Fab 4 decide what type of foods they’ll eat tonight now that they can finally move back into their rooftop apartment. As the five discuss food preferences, Tae Moo notices them huddled together and listens in on their conversation. Then inviting Yi Gak for a game of squash with the excuse that he’ll teach Yi Gak the game, Tae Moo proceeds to demolish him on the courts. When Yi Gak demands to know why Tae Moo is hitting the balls so hard when he had said that he was going to teach Yi Gak the game, Tae Moo replies that amnesia may affect the brain but not the body. Tae Moo declares that he’s never once beaten Tae Yang at the game of squash. Uh-oh…And with this challenge to Yi Gak’s identity, the two men face off.

Post-Recap Thoughts: So my first viewing of Rooftop Prince was quite enjoyable. There were definitely moments of hilarity, especially in how the mundane things were used to elicit laughter (i.e. the peppermints, Yong Sul’s protection of Park Ha, etc.). By the way, does Yong Sul like Park Ha?

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to episode 8. Next week will, indeed, be interesting as I attempt to recap both The King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince. Oh, and we mustn’t forget Standby. Yeah, I’m definitely looking to win the prize for “Glutton for Pain.” LOL. I’ll try to gather up the courage to watch the sad The King 2 Hearts episode 7 tomorrow. Good night! Off to bed I go….

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  1. ST! Don’t overwork yourself! I mean, I LOOOOOVE that you do this but I prefer you healthy!

    This is kind of the first we’ve seen Yong Sul make these types of actions, least as far as I remember. Will admit, couldn’t stop laughing with the parkha candy! Reading it was awesome and I wonder how much I’ll die laughing seeing it.

    Thank you for the recap!

    1. agreed to is more important twinkie…don’t work too much..we really appreciate all your efforts and i’m really thankful for this recap…i’m glad you already did watch RTP..hehe…thanks so much’re the best.. ^_^

  2. Agree with everyone! Stay healthy, twinkie! Please try and get at least 8 hours of sleep lol I will be patient for recaps, I promise >.<

  3. Aw…you guys are so sweet to look after me. 🙂 Yes, I’m making sure to take good care of myself, hence no K2H recap last night. LOL. I’m definitely learning to manage my blogging time more judiciously, let’s say. 🙂
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  4. Aww ST, you finally watch RTP 🙂 I am soooooooo glad that we have something in common. I havent watch any K2H yet, maybe later.. after my addiction of RTP lessen, perhaps. But i will start reading your recap first before watching.

    But as stated by others, do take care of yourself. Watching all the drama at one go is not something new to me but as jobless mum, i dont have anything urgent to do. While our teacher/lecturer/tutor has such a big responsibilities 🙂

    ST, Fighting. See you next thursd

  5. I wish I could help! As I am watching not only Rooftop Prince but K2H, MOE, Love Forward, and Love Rain (Feast of the Gods when I can)!!

    As far as RP, not sure I can hate Se Na anymore. I have no sympathy for her character at all. Am I not mistaken, doesn’t her mother (fake one) realize that Park Ha is Sun Joo’s daughter too? But who cannot continue to love the Joseon F4 (I like that nickname!)! 😀

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