Rooftop Prince: Episode 18 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Our two protagonists resolve one crisis after another 0nly to face an even greater one at the next turn. Ugh…as long as Tae Moo and Se Na are around, plotting and scheming, Yi Gak and Park Ha will never know a moment’s peace. Yi Gak needs to stop being noble and simply terminate Tae Moo from the company AND from his life before any serious harm comes to either Park Ha or himself. He already knows what Tae Moo is capable of; all he has to do is take a glance at the comatose Tae Yong to be reminded of just how far Tae Moo will sink for power and money. Perhaps the startling conclusion of this episode will finally prompt him to deal with Tae Moo in the appropriate manner–as a monarch deals with a piece of human filth. Off with Tae Moo’s head! (OK, that came out sounding a little too blood-thirsty, huh? LOL)

Recap: The episode picks up from Se Na drinking shot after shot of alcohol as a way to calm her nerves and tumultuous emotions when Yi Gak appears and learns of Se Na and Tae Moo’s treachery.

Furious, he takes a swing at Tae Moo when Tae Moo walks into the room almost immediately after Yi Gak.

But one punch isn’t enough, and Yi Gak continues to punch him in the hallway. Unfortunately, in his anger, Yi Gak calls him a “murderer and liar,” forgetting that those words could identify him to Tae Moo as Yi Gak and not Tae Yong.

After his altercation with the villainous Tae Moo, Yi Gak visits Tae Yong and silently apologizes to him for not protecting the grandmother. Reflecting upon all of his interactions with the grandmother, he promises to exact vengeance upon the grandmother’s murderers.

Unaware of this, the real Tae Yong continues to stare dumbly at the ceiling. (Ouch, I hope someone is lubricating his eyes with tear drops or something to prevent dry eyes.)

Weighed down by the recent events and his discovery of the murder, Yi Gak meets Park Ha at their tree and is pleasantly surprised to learn that Park Ha has reunited with her birth mother, CEO Jang, and that his earlier suspicion that Se Na and Park Ha are biologically related have proven true.

(Jules: “It’s his special, almost-a-smile-but-not-really-but-happy-anyway smile”)

Despite finding her birth mother–or perhaps because she found her birth mother–Park Ha is overwhelmed with emotion, and Yi Gak walks up behind her to embrace her in a backhug…

…only his arms go right through her! Then for the first time, Yi Gak realizes that a part of him is “fading.”

Stunned by this phenomenon, Yi Gak walks quickly down from their little hill/tree spot, leaving Park Ha puzzled and rushing to catch up to him. When she asks him what’s wrong, Yi Gak finally tells her that he disappeared back there when he tried to hug her. Eyes widening, Park Ha asks if he saw it, too, a comment that scares Yi Gak into yelling at her: “Why didn’t you tell me before?!” Her response? “How could I?”

As she turns from him in fear of what the fading could mean for them, Yi Gak fearfully and tentatively touches her shoulder, afraid that he might start to disappear again.

However, when he remains firmly flesh and bones, he turns Park Ha around and comforts her with that long-awaited hug. This is the first indication for him that his return to his own time is imminent.

As the two discuss the import of his “fading,” Yi Gak surmises that he must have been sent to the modern era to meet Park Ha…because that’s about the only thing he’s done. Heh…now, if only he would just think more seriously about his comment, then he’ll figure out exactly why he was transported into the 21st century. Park Ha reminds him that he still has to solve the mystery behind the princess’ murder as well as the grandmother’s death. Yi Gak agrees but also tells her that he wants to spend whatever time he has remaining with her. Aw….

As the Joseon F4 convene over the recent events, Yong Sul reports that the police suspect foul play and are investigating the grandmother’s death. Yi Gak stresses to his minions the importance of finding the evidence before the police and charges them with the task of conducting their own investigation.

The two sides warring for grandmother’s company meet for the preliminary will meeting. Why the lawyer feels the need to hold one, I have no idea since this first meeting only gives Tae Moo the incentive to sabotage “Tae Yong,” but that’s a moot point (or a contrived plot device), I guess. In any case, because the grandmother drafted the will when Tae Yong was missing, the will stipulates that everything goes to Tae Yong unless he is not at the meeting, at which point, everything goes to grandson #2, also known as Tae Moo. Ouch, that’s got to hurt to be completely slighted by the grandmother in her will and only thought of if and only if grandson #1 isn’t alive.

As Tae Moo and his father leave the meeting furious with the turn of events, Tae Moo belatedly recalls the words that “Tae Yong” called him at Se Na’s apartment: Murderer and liar.  Uh-oh, I knew those words were going to come back to haunt Yi Gak. *Sigh* Sometimes, I really wish that our hero were much smarter than our villain. With his suspicions on high alert, Tae Moo rushes back to his office and reviews the video tape of him and Tae Yong as he wakes up from his coma. Although Tae Moo can’t see Yi Gak’s left hand clearly, he does realize that Yi Gak is once again posing as Tae Yong. Uh-oh….

Meanwhile, Se Na receives a visit from the investigating detective with some questions regarding the grandmother’s sudden death.

Tae Moo stealthily visits “Tae Yong’s” car, finds it unlocked (Really?! Who goes around leaving his car doors unlocked? Ugh…apparently Yi Gak, our little time-traveler. I fear a frame-up.), and stashes a bag of crisp money and airplane tickets in the center console of Tae Yong’s car.

As Tae Moo sets the stage for his next evil deed, Yi Gak walks the streets of Seoul in deep contemplation while Park Ha trails behind him, trying to cheer him up from his frustration that he has “a lot of suspicion but very little evidence.” She resorts to a cute game of barley and rice (Korean game in which the “it” person has to catch the opponent’s hand when he/she says “rice” because rice was so precious back in the day as opposed to barley. Interesting how the grains have switched in esteem, huh?) Despite Yi Gak’s seemingly preoccupied manner, he smartly catches her “rice.” LOL

He then learns of a “black box” installed in cars from a TV in a window display and wonders if the car that had the accident in front of his grandmother’s house that day had a “black box” as well. If so, it could potentially have video footage of the culprit coming out of the house.

With hope and direction for their investigation, Yi Gak and Park Ha visit the local mechanics to see if a car from an accident was serviced in the past few days.

They successfully locate the owner’s relative who confirms that the car did, indeed, have a black box.

In high spirits over this unexpected break in their investigation, the two share their favorite drink: yogurutu. Heh…

Unfortunately, their happiness doesn’t last long as the lead detective investigating grandmother’s death arrive on the scene to arrest Yong Tae Yong. The detective apparently received an anonymous tip and found the bag of money and plane ticket that implicates “Tae Yong” in the murder of his own grandmother.

Yi Gak denies such a thing and calls Tae Moo to verify his alibi, but when Tae Moo arrives at the police station, he coldly says that he wasn’t with Yi Gak that night but rather with Se Na. If the police want corroboration of his alibi, they can simply call Se Na. Dang…the way this guy thinks and completely outsmarts Yi Gak…Mirroring this viewer’s disgust, Yi Gak glares at Tae Moo. Tae Moo tells him to rot in jail until tomorrow at which point, he’ll return and really stomp him out properly. Ugh…little punk!

Of course, with the clock ticking ever closer to the official will reading (12PM), Yi Gak sits in jail–rotting–absolutely in torment and helplessness at the realization that he may very well not be able to protect Tae Yong’s grandmother’s assets in much the same way he couldn’t protect her physically.

Then in a show of lacking any ounce of humanity, Tae Moo takes Se Na out to eat a lavish dinner, reassuring her that everything will be fine once he inherits his grandmother’s fortune. Wow~Talk about unconscionable behavior!

While Yi Gak rots in the holding cell, Park-ha waits at home and begins to examine Yi Gak’s handkerchief and the two curious letters (“B” and “Y” in Korean …sorry, I don’t have access to Korean fonts right now) at the lower right-hand corner.

Rushing the handkerchief to Yi Gak, she asks him to examine the two letters. Recognizing the characters as the two letters for Bu Yong, Yi Gak makes another crucial connection: His princess never stayed up all night to embroider that handkerchief for him as she claimed. Instead, it was his sister-in-law who wordlessly labored over the handkerchief and allowed her scheming sister to take all the credit. With this vital connection made, he reaches out to touch it and is speechless when his hand fades right through the partition. Actually, the phenomenon leaves both of them speechless.

Before they had even register what’s happening with his hand, though, the rest of Yi Gak fades and disappears completely. Park Ha quickly leaves the visiting area and finds Yi Gak materializing outside in the hallway. Hmmm…Might this be the Joseon “fates” that are miraculously transporting him yet again to safety so that he can finish discovering the truth?

Although momentarily stunned by his disappearance and reappearance, Yi Gak quickly regains his wits and rushes out of the police station for the will reading.

At the will reading, Tae Moo smiles malevolently as noon comes and goes with no “Tae Yong.” Why? Because he’s framed him and left him rotting in jail! As he anticipates and relishes the opportunity to stamp (Koreans use an ink seal oftentimes for legal documents) his acceptance of his grandmother’s assets, Yi Gak bursts into the conference room.

He apologizes for his lateness and quickly claims his grandmother’s assets as his own…just as his grandmother intended. Ha! Evil Mastermind’s plans FOILED…yet again. Hahahahahahahahaha. Sorry…I just couldn’t resist.

Tae Moo reels in shock and prepares to shift into his next/more evil plan by the looks of his expression.

After the meeting, Taek Soo congratulates Yi Gak on his successful completion of claiming the will and then thanks Yi Gak when he appoints him president of the company. Yi Gak tells the surprised, faithful employee that this is what the grandmother would have wanted and he wouldn’t want to leave the company in any other hands except Pyo’s capable ones. Aw….

In one good fortune after another, the F3 locate the black box and return this solid piece of evidence to Yi Gak.

His face hardens as he views the evidence and instructs his boys to bring Tae Moo to him…

…especially to Yong Sul, his trained bodyguard.

In broad daylight, Yong Sul forces Tae Moo into the car, and Chi San expertly drives away. And in a surprising turn of events–or perhaps not so surprisingly given Tae Moo’s reputation–no one raises the alarm. (Jules: Wow, I guess Tae-mu really *is* universally despised.)

When the Joseon F4 gather the “evil duo” and force them to watch the footage, the two are stunned but think quickly on their feet…yet again. Dang, I really don’t like these slippery villains.

While Se Na starts to show small signs of wear under the strain, Tae Moo scoffs at Yi Gak’s suggestion to surrender and rejects Yi Gak’s offer to turn themselves in and return whatever money he’s/they’ve embezzled.

Later that night, as Yi Gak tries to sleep, Park Ha repeatedly asks if he’s sleeping. Exasperated by her odd behavior, Yi Gak eventually opens the door and finds her curled up in fear just outside his door.

When she expresses her fear that he’ll disappear from her life without a single word, Yi Gak invites her inside and reassures her to focus on the present only. Rather than fear when he might return, he tells her that he plans on focusing on spending as much time with her. He then suggests that she think of what things she would like to do with him, and the two fall asleep holding hands. Awwww…seems like something out of the Joseon era. LOL.

The next day, Se Na goes to see Park Ha on a mission to lure Yi Gak to a secluded wooded lake. She offers Park Ha a fake apology, asking Park Ha if she should just die. Then while Park Ha prepares some refreshments for her, she intercepts a text message from Yi Gak asking Park Ha if she’s thought of what to do on their date tonight. Ugh…the stupidity of our principle leads is starting to get on my nerves…when will Park Ha and Yi Gak know that the villains are not to be trusted?! EVER?!!! *Heavy sigh*

Quietly taking Park Ha’s cell phone into the bathroom, she texts Yi Gak a message to meet her at the lake for some night fishing. She then quickly excuses herself–after slipping Park Ha’s phone into her bag so that Park Ha can’t text Yi Gak later–and grabs the couple’s T-shirt (Chi San’s “uniform”) that Yi Gak asked Park Ha to wear in the text message before she hurriedly rushes out the front door.

As Se Na prepares to peel out of Park Ha’s alley, Park Ha rushes out to the car, gets in, and invites Se Na for dinner because she doesn’t want to send her older sister off like this. When she sees the destination marked on Se Na’s GPS as the secluded lake, she’s even more insistent on buying Se Na dinner and frantically tells her sister to not do anything hasty or foolish like drown herself. *Heavy sigh* Oh, if you only knew, Park Ha.  At that moment, Park Ha’s phone rings from inside Se Na’s purse, but Park Ha merely comments that the ringtone is the same as hers and doesn’t seem to think it odd that Se Na panics and stalls in reaching for the phone. Well, Yi Gak did say that she wasn’t as smart as Bu Yong. Heh.

Meanwhile, our adorable minions are at the local sporting store giving Yi Gak their assessment of the various fishing rods. All during this shopping expedition, Yi Gak tries to contact Park Ha but can’t reach her and simply concludes that Park Ha’s phone must be dead. When Yong Sul warns of the potential danger and suggests accompanying him, Yi Gak emphatically refuses and tells them to enjoy their game. Yong Sul gravely wishes Yi Gak a “good” night, and the three express their excitement of going to a baseball game. However, Chi San realizes that he left the tickets at home and tells the other two to go on ahead of him while he goes home to grab them.

While Yi Gak prepares everything and waits for Park Ha, he quietly comments to himself that Park Ha is not as innocent as she looks from her choice of dating spot; he smiles in anticipation as he contemplates the secluded location. LOL…He cracks me up! Meanwhile, Park Ha gets out of Se Na’s car–at night?! When it was clearly daylight when Park Ha got into the car–and Se Na hurriedly declines the offer of dinner with an excuse of an emergency.

Park Ha returns to her place and looks for her phone when Chi San returns to grab his ticket. Seeing her there, he tells her to have a great time tonight fishing with Yi Gak and that Yi Gak is already there waiting for her. At the mention of this never-before-mentioned fishing trip, she puts two and two together and realizes that Se Na must have taken her phone, arranged for Yi Gak to go to that secluded lake, and is planning something horrible.

And right on cue, Se Na–dressed as Park Ha–waves to Yi Gak from the top of the road and lightly runs off in the opposite direction.

Mistaking Se Na for Park Ha playing a little game of catch-me-if-you-can, he gives chase, never once thinking that he might be falling right into a trap.

As Yi Gak playfully runs after “Park Ha,” Tae Moo lies in wait inside his darkened car for just…the…right…moment.

Park Ha takes a taxi to the lake, spots Yi Gak, then the car heading for Yi Gak, and freezes in horror at what she suspects will happen in the next second.

Completely unaware of the imminent danger, Yi Gak waves to Park Ha…

…while Se Na hides in the tall grass, observing the scene unfold before her eyes.

Then in slow motion, Tae Moo quietly drives the car down the hill until he is within a few yards/meters from Yi Gak. Flicking his headlights on, he then guns his engine and slams down on the accelerator…

…right into Park Ha, who at the last minute, reaches Yi Gak and pushes him out of harm’s way. (Jules: “Holy cliffhangers, Batman!”)

Post-Recap Thoughts: Ditto on the sentiment! Oh boy…I seriously hope this is not how the show is going to resolve Yi Gak’s conflicted feelings about returning to the Joseon era. Sure, if there’s no Park Ha alive, then he’ll be more than willing to return to Bu Yong for his last chance to love “Park Ha”/Bu Yong, who I think Yi Gak considers as the same person. But then, what about our comatose Tae Yong?! What about Park Ha?!!!

Breathe slowly…one deep breath in…one deep breath out…Remember that all will be well in kdramaland. It has to…right?! 

On a much calmer note, as much as I wondered what else the show could reveal, I was slightly caught off guard when Yi Gak disappeared…not just once but twice! Why? I had forgotten that although Park Ha knows about his disappearance, Yi Gak has never witnessed it himself. It was interesting to see how he deals with their inevitable reality (time travel) and how this affects Park Ha. Her vigil outside of his bedroom for fear that he might disappear was heart wrenching. I’m just waiting now for him to make the connection of exactly when he disappears.

This episode dealt with the unveiling of a few more secrets–primarily the Bu Yong connection with the handkerchief as Yi Gak now realizes Bu Yong’s role in his Joseon life and the extent of his wife’s lies. He’s starting to make the connection that in much the same way that Park Ha and he are forming a relationship in modern times, he and Bu Yong may have been destined to be more in Joseon’s time as well.

With only two episodes left, it’s only a matter of time…time that is quickly ticking against our two lovebirds. The closer Yi Gak comes to unraveling the truth of what’s going on in the modern era, the closer he edges forward towards hurtling himself and his loyal minions back in time. My one question is whether the little minions also experienced the “fading out” when Yi Gak disappeared…or is it an individualized occurrence? Remember when the F3 momentarily faded out on top of the roof? I have to wonder if Yi Gak did as well that time but never noticed.

As for our two villains, if I had been harboring any hope for their humanity to exert itself, I think this episode proves without a doubt that these two have now crossed the point of no return. The lines of the sincere and the insincere have blurred so that there is no longer any boundary for them. There are absolutely no demarcations, and the only thing that matters is what benefits Tae Moo and Se Na. *heavy sigh* I so wanted to find at least one redeeming quality in these two characters, but this episode stompedcrushedchewedspat that hope out of me.

Next week as we approach the last two episodes, I’m simply going to go along for the ride and watch just how far these two blackhearts will fall before justice catches up with them. In the grand scheme of life, I suppose we have to have a villain in order to have a hero, but there’s a part of me that continues to ask why we can’t just have heroes. I don’t need any villains in my life. Truly. And I certainly don’t need them in society or in kdramaland. I’ll settle for boring…really!

But then again, this is kdramaland, so we must have our hero/heroine and horrid little excuses for human beings. 😛 Let’s brace ourselves for the imminent finale! I’m curious to see how the show resolves this tricky question of Yi Gak and Park Ha, both of whom need to remain in and/or return to their own time period.

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  1. “when will Park Ha and Yi Gak know that the villains are not to be trusted?! EVER?!!!” *Double Heavy sigh*. I continue to not understand WHY, WHY WHY Park Ha even remotely trusts her sister for even a moment! My suspicions would have been all out there with the cell phone ringing! Who turns off their phone without taking it out of their purse?! I too had hope for some redeeming of character from at least Se Na (its been way too late for Tae Mu for awhile)! Again, I was so glad that the momentum of this drama picked out! The constantly battering of Park Ha had worn me down so I was so glad to see the changes in the story! As far as what happens next week? Only the writers know. We do know that the F4 will return to their own time but what happens after that, I can’t wait to find out!

  2. Thank you Twinkie for the recap. And Jules too for the drooling screencap of our Prince 🙂

    Hah, so that’s the meaning of the hand game. I thought its just PH way to let LG hold her hands. Kekekekekek And the fading scene was really touching. Both know their time is almost over…even the sweet hug will be no more…

    I know so many people complained about the way LG handled TM during interrogation. Couldnt he just turn the two to the police? Hah, LG forgot that this is not Joseon time where he can handle TM single handedly. Sigh…

    Hahaha, you are so right. LG did say that PH is not bright. Thats how she can be easily be manipulated by SN. Even after the CP burned her face BY still come to the palace to accompany her sister.. so i guess the the two still have something in common.. love for the sister?? ( i just feel it like that)

    Counting the hours to Wed/Thurs. Been sitting on the pin and needle as to what is the ending. I know most of us are LG-PH camp.. cant think any other way…I want more hug, more ice-cream, more yogorutu.. and more kisses and bed scene.. Am i pervert?? But they are so romantically sweet.. And as you said, anything can happen… just not sad ending, please.. it will become my nightmare of 2012 🙁

  3. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! *faints from shock*

    Park Ha can’t die 🙁 and I dont consider Bu Young and Park Ha to be the same person (though I love both of their personalities) perhaps their soul is the same….(reincarnation and blah blah) but its definitely NOT the same person. Different brains, different memories, la dee doo da….

    Hmmm what if Park Ha’s mind sort of “fuses” with Bu Young’s mind and that way they can live happily together in the Joseon era…i wouldnt mind tht. As long as Park Ha is preserved. (tht sounds weird….)

  4. Plz plz, I don’t care about Tae Yong and Bo Young. But I do want Yi Gak and Park Ha to be together. They made a cute couple. The Josen F4 plz don’t go back!!

    1. First comment? Welcome! We are all anxious to see how the writer resolves this issue of time travel…two more days of waiting! Ack!

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