Rooftop Prince: Episode 17 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Whoa~major secrets revealed! And we still have three more episodes to go! Woohoo~Thank goodness this show doesn’t believe in dragging secrets out until the very end. LOL

Also, please join me in welcoming Jules to the “creative” aspect of our community. Yes, she has graciously offered her time/effort/skill to insert these gorgeous photos for us. Thanks, Jules! You totally made my recapping easier tonight! 😉 Without further ado, I Jules and I bring you the recap to ep. 17. Enjoy!


The episode resumes with Yi Gak meeting up with Yong Sul and switching cars with him so that Tae Moo doesn’t suspect Yi Gak as Tae Yong. When Yong Sul cautions him against the danger of going alone, Yi Gak tells him that this is something that only he and Tae Moo can resolve and races to meet Tae Moo.

Meanwhile, Park Ha continues to yell for help but to no avail…as she curls herself tightly into a ball to ward off the cold.

Meanwhile, CEO Jang meets with Se Na and discloses to her that she’s found her daughter, not In Joo but another daughter she had before she had In Joo, a daughter that she entrusted to Se Na’s mother. She tells Se Na that she’s given up on looking for In Joo and instead has found her first daughter. She then tells Se Na that she is that first daughter.

Shaken by the news, Se Na excuses herself and calls Tae Moo in the bathroom. Frantically asking what he did with Park Ha, Se Na informs him of CEO Jang’s intention to give up looking for In Joo. Tae Moo replies that he hasn’t done anything to Park Ha and will simply keep her hidden from the world until CEO Jang returns to Hong Kong tomorrow. Now knowing that Park Ha is no longer a threat, he quickly gets off the phone as Yi Gak arrives.

Gesturing for the requested phone when Yi Gak demands to know where Park Ha is, Tae Moo warns him to not even think about using a copy of the picture from the cell phone in the future as a scare tactic. Yi Gak replies that he won’t be scaring Tae Moo anymore; from here on out, merely scaring Tae Moo is not even. He’ll make sure that Tae Moo regrets ever messing with him…Tae Moo will feel regret from the core of his bones.

Tossing the key down on the ground, Tae Moo commands Yi Gak to bow down to him and pick up the key from off the ground. Aw, man…really? You did not just ask royalty to bow before you, scum. *tsk tsk* When Yi Gak hesitates, Tae Moo reminds him that time is ticking away and that Park Ha may not be safe for long. Swallowing his pride for Park Ha’s safe, Yi Gak clenches the key in his hands…just as some hired goons appear on the scene and start to beat Yi Gak. Um yeah, I knew Tae Moo couldn’t be trusted to meet Yi Gak alone.

As Yi Gak reels from the attack, Yong Sul suddenly appears–thank goodness he didn’t listen to Yi Gak–and proceeds to attack Yi Gak’s assailants.

Getting the situation quickly under control, Yong Sul advises Yi Gak to quickly go rescue Park Ha while he takes care of the situation here. Assured of Yong Sul’s safety, Yi Gak drives off to rescue Park Ha while Tae Moo looks upon the scene in horror and eventually drives away.

Arriving at the refrigerated truck, Yi Gak yells for Park Ha, who is slow to awake.

Embracing her, he reassures her that everything is all right now as Park Ha cries in his arms now that the danger is over.

As for Se Na, she seeks “forgiveness” from CEO Jang for trying to deceive her birth mother by pretending to be In Joo. Whether this apology is sincere or not, Sun Joo assumes the responsibility for Se Na’s behavior and dismisses Se Na’s trickery as a result of her bad decisions. Ugh…Really, Jang?

Meanwhile, our adorable Joseon F3 wait by the curbside–Yong Sul now dressed in the “uniform”–and wait anxiously for Yi Gak to return with Park Ha.

By the time Yi Gak and Park Ha arrive, the loyal minions huddle around the couple and usher them inside. Aw….

As the night turns to morning, Yi Gak sits in loving vigil as Park Ha sleeps and recovers from the trauma. When Park Ha asks for the time, Yi Gak tells her that it’s morning and that they should have breakfast of omurice. When she experiences some dizziness, he tells her to rest while he makes the omurice.

He then kisses her into “submission” and goes to the kitchen to make his first omurice. Uh-oh… 🙂

Not only does the omurice look awful–Park Ha lovingly tells him the omurice looks “fun”/has a lot of character–but it also tastes…interesting if Park Ha’s expression is anything to go by. LOL

When Yi Gak suggests that she take the day off from work, Park Ha insists on going…just to prove that Tae Moo can’t intimidate her. He apologizes for not being able to report Tae Moo’s actions to the police for fear of being ousted as “Tae Yong.” Park Ha reassures him that she’s fine and that she plans on actively searching for her birth mother. How? By advertising in the newspapers. She’s hoping that her mother might also be looking for her and will see the picture.

Meanwhile, Tae Moo is stunned to learn that Se Na is really Sun Joo’s daughter and looks pleased by this turn of events. When Se Na tells him that she plans to proceed slowly and not rush her mother about any company board decisions about Tae Moo, Tae Moo absentminded agrees while inwardly planning his next move.

Park Ha reports for work at CEO Jang’s and tells her that she plans on actively looking for her birth mother and is about to show Sun Joo her baby picture when Se Na calls.

*Heavy sigh* So close….

Learning that Sun Joo plans on visiting her mother, Se Na goes into full panic mode as she races to her mother’s house. Why? She needs to remove Park Ha’s father’s picture from her mother’s house before CEO Jang arrives, or Park Ha’s identity as In Joo will be revealed!

CEO Jang, seeing Park Ha’s shock, explains that Se Na is her daughter, but not the In Joo that CEO Jang was hoping to find. Park Ha then goes to get the car, leaving the envelope with the photo in CEO Jang’s apartment. Please, please, please…let CEO Jang find it at a later time and not Se Na or Tae Moo.

Se Na races inside her mom’s apartment, barely saying hello to her mother, and hides all the photos of Park Ha’s father inside her bag. At her mother’s sad comment about how casually Se Na mentioned going to Hong Kong with her birth mother, Se Na reminds her that just because she’s leaving for Hong Kong doesn’t necessarily mean that she stops being her daughter. She urges her mother not to show CEO Jang their old photo album. Let that be something only she and Se Na share. Hmmm…sneaky way to prevent mom from showing Sun Joo those photos.

Meanwhile, Park Ha drives Sun Joo to her mother’s and waits outside because she’s here as Sun Joo’s assistant, not as her mother’s daughter.

Inside the apartment, the mother prepares a feast and awkwardly burns her hands while trying to “reheat” the “cooling” soup.

As she cries in loss over Se Na finding her birth mother, one that Se Na can now proudly show her friends and company, the mother tries to pretend that she’s crying over her burned hand, but Sun Joo completely understands and comes behind her in comfort.

While Se Na has her last meal with her two mothers before leaving for Hong Kong, Yi Gak shows Park Ha the photo of Tae Yong and Tae Moo, revealing also the “hidden” image of hers in the background. Park Ha quickly realizes that this picture was taken at the bar where she worked in NYC and that this must have been when Tae Yong dropped by to leave the hand-sketched postcard of Park Ha for her. Woohoo! Connections, connections, and more connections!

Yi Gak announces to her that he’s no longer planning on bothering Tae Moo with this picture. Instead, he’s going to destroy him.

Meeting Tae Moo outside a restaurant for lunch, “Tae Yong’ tells Tae Moo that he has someone he wants to introduce to him. Then excusing himself to use the restroom, Yi Gak leaves the lobby while Park Ha enters the restaurant and confronts Tae Moo.

She pointedly asks if Tae Moo got a good night’s rest after what he did to her. As Tae Moo returns her insult with an insult of his own–that she can’t even report him to the police because of her association with Yi Gak, the imposter–Yi Gak returns and informs Tae Moo that Park Ha is their lunch guest.

He and Park Ha then slowly unravel their little tale, revealing crucial information like the sketch/postcard and how Park Ha seems to remember seeing Tae Moo there at that bar in New York…but before Tae Moo is forced to address that point, “Tae Yong” smoothly inserts that it must have been someone else since his hyung has never met him in New York. Panicked now, Tae Moo tries to leave, but “Tae Yong” waylays him and tells him that he merely wanted to introduce him to Park Ha because of the coincidence. As Park Ha takes her leave with an excuse of an appointment, “Tae Yong” wonders to Tae Moo if he might have liked Park Ha back in New York. If only he hadn’t had that accident. He comments that his lack of memory is killing him. What a pun!

After lunch, Tae Moo enters Tae Yong’s room and finds the laptop under a stack a books on the bookshelf. Discovering the desktop picture to be the same one as the one on Tae Yong’s cell phone, Tae Moo is about to stealtake the laptop when Yi Gak interrupts the theft and casually answers that he doesn’t really use that laptop. Tae Moo reluctantly puts the laptop back on the shelf while “Tae Yong” watches from the corner of his eyes.

Later that night at Park Ha’s, Yi Gak stops in mid-slurp of his popsicle and exclaims over Se Na’s birth. He then wonders if Park Ha and Se Na are birth siblings in this time, too. If so, CEO Jang may be Park Ha’s birth mother as well. At the outlandish suggestion, Park Ha quickly dismisses it.

The next morning, “Tae Yong” shares a cute moment with the grandmother and take pictures. When she comments that she’s craving nang myun, “Tae Yong” offers to go get it for her, but the grandmother declines and just asks him to be by her side for a long time.

Meanwhile, Tae Moo calls Se Na and asks her to steal Tae Yong’s laptop from his room, lying that Yi Gak has compiled incriminating documents that he and Se Na fabricated a while back. Not wanting any dirty secrets to come out–now that she’s found her birth mother–Se Na agrees to sneak inside Tae Yong’s room and steal the laptop while Tae Moo keeps Tae Yong occupied outside of the house.

As Tae Moo plies Tae Yong with drink after drink, Se Na locates the laptop and opens Tae Yong’s laptop…and discovers Tae Moo and Tae Yong together. At the same time, she lifts her head and discovers the grandmother by the door. In  struggle for possession of the notebook, the grandmother tumbles down the stairs.

And Se Na? She hurriedly leaves the house without calling for help, leaving the grandmother in her fallen state, unconscious, while Se Na firmly clutches the notebook to her chest.

Visibly shaken, she texts Tae Moo to meet her immediately, and she tells him that she didn’t intentionally make the grandmother fall. Grabbing her shaking body in his arms, Tae Moo reassures her that it was an accident and that he will protect her.

Yi Gak returns home with the nang myun for his grandmother and wonders why the front gate is swung wide open. Entering the house, he sees her on the floor, blood seeping out from her head. He cradles her in his arms as he cries out for her to awake.

At the hospital, the family learns that the grandmother has died from her injuries. As Yi Gak tears up, Tae Moo goes to tell Se Na the news. She numbly wonders what she should do now, and Tae Moo tells her to leave for Hong Kong immediately. He tells her to go to Hong Kong with CEO Jang and stay there until he gives her the OK to return.

As Yi Gak apologizes to his grandmother’s image and reflects upon how her one wish was to always be with him, his aunt asks him to accompany her home to get some things. In the Korean culture, the surviving family members keep vigil at the funeral home for several days after the loved one’s death.

Upon his return home, Yi Gak steps on Se Na’s apartment key, the one she dropped in her hurry to escape the grandmother, and notices the missing notebook. Yup, connection made! In dawning realization of what transpired, Yi Gak clenches the offending clue in his fist.

Meanwhile, Se Na races to her apartment and starts to frantically pack her things, screaming in fear and frustration. Sinking to the floor, she slams her fist against the luggage.

Later that night, Park Ha drives CEO Jang and Se Na to the airport, and Sun Joo returns the envelope–unopened–to Park Ha with the reminder that she should keep her precious picture in a safe place. Then turning to Se Na, she advises her to still be Park Ha’s unni.

As Park Ha walks away from the airport after promising to look after her mother in Korea, Park Ha recalls Yi Gak’s theory of how she can be Sun Joo’s daughter as well.

Rushing back inside the airport with the envelope in hand, Park Ha searches for Sun Joo.

Short of breath, she asks if Sun Joo had ever seen this picture before. In shock, Sun Joo asks, “Are you In Joo?” And with the same tears in her eyes, Park Ha asks in return, “Am I In Joo?”

Se Na calls Tae Moo one last time and is stunned to see Sun Joo and Park Ha embracing. Realizing that things around her are starting to really unravel, she leaves the airport and texts Sun Joo with the confession that she already knew Park Ha was the “In Joo” CEO Jang was searching. Admiting that she left because she couldn’t face Sun Joo after hiding this truth from her, Se Na returns to Seoul (the airport is in Inchon).

Calling Tae Moo, she agrees to meet him at her apartment…just as soon as he can slip away from his duties at the funeral home.

While waiting, she downs shot after shot and then demands two things of Tae Moo when she hears the door open behind her. Assuming it is Tae Moo, she asks how he could possibly ask her to come to the funeral home after what she’s done. And how can he possibly stand by his grandmother’s memorial? Isn’t he afraid?

At the silence, she looks back and sees Yi Gak–“Tae Yong”–and backs away in fear.

As Yi Gak advances on her retreating form…

…Tae Moo walks in and stammers his surprise, and “Tae Yong” takes him down in one solid swing of his fist. Yay! Finally…Tae Moo gets the first of his punishments.

Yi Gak declares Tae Moo a “wicked jerk,” eyes blazing in fire and retribution.

Post-Recap Thoughts: With only three more episodes left, this episode reveals quite a number of secrets: Park Ha is finally revealed as In Joo to Sun Joo and herself, Se Na learns that Tae Moo met Tae Yong two years ago in New York, the grandmother possibly learns of this truth as well before she falls to her death, Se Na learns that she is Sun Joo’s first daughter, etc. With so many secrets now exposed, I am afraid for tomorrow’s episode. Yi Gak has proven that he doesn’t fight very well, and right now, despite his anger and Tae Moo and Se Na’s shock at being caught, he is outnumbered 2-1. I’m hoping that they don’t do anything to hurt Yi Gak/”Tae Yong” in episode 18 to create more drama to last until episode 20.

On a brighter note, I’m so relieved that the major secrets are now out. All we need is for Tae Moo and Se Na to get their just “rewards,” the real Tae Yong to wake up from his coma, and for Yi Gak and the rest of the Joseon F4 to return to their own time. Yes, I anticipate many a tear-jerking moments in episodes 19 and 20 and wonder how the writers are going to reconcile what seems like the inevitable sad ending with the viewers’ expectation of a happily-ever-after for Yi Gak and Park Ha. Somehow, I don’t think having Yi Gak fall in love with Bu Yong will suffice when we clearly know that Park Ha is still in modern times, pining after Yi Gak.

And even if Tae Yong does wake up from his coma, which I assume he will if this show adheres to kdramaland rules, the show still has a tall order to fill in getting the viewers to cheer for Park Ha and the real Tae Yong, who showed interest in her two years ago but isn’t Yi Gak, the man Park Ha loves.

*Sigh* Here’s hoping that the show surprises me with the ending…and that I’m left with a smile on my face. 

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  1. I don’t know if these are clues but. This might solve how YG gets back to PH.
    1. The couple rings and making a wish. PH wished but YG didn’t.
    2. GM wants to always be by TY’s side. Then she dies.

    Will YG make a wish to be back with PH? Will TY die and be with GM like she wants. Making it so YG can take his place.

  2. WOW! This episode was unbelievable! And then to hear music like Jamiroquai and Lonnie Liston Smith?! I am so on the lookout for this OST!! Se Na!! She has got to get hers!! We know Tae Muu will get his, I am not worried about that!

  3. Thaks for the recap! Did you think that Tae Moo heard Yong Sul call Yi Gak ‘Prince’ before the fight??? He seemed to – that must have added a layer to his confusion over all this!

    1. Yeah, I wondered that, too! But he may not have heard it or recognized the significance in the chaos…we shall have to see next week. Ack! Last week of RTP….

  4. Thanks Twinkie. As you said, so many secrets revealed. The best scene for me was how the the J3 hovered around the Prince when they arrived. It really put big smile on my face.They are so adorable. But of course LG-PH moment was as sweet as ever. LG has come a long way from being such a spoil prince who expect all kow-tow to him to such a loving and attentive boyfriend who, not only waited whole night for her, but willing to cook for her. And his expression before she comment on his cooking is so speechless 🙂
    Yes 3 more episode and we still not sure who died, what actually happen in Joseon time… and whether LG-PH end up together. The romance in me want them together…. sigh…

    Thanking Jules for her beautiful screen cap. Wish i have her expertise.

    On the other note: how i wish they didnt have GM wake’s scene. It must bring painful memories For Yoochun who is still grieving, so much so that he even tweet how he missed his father so much. My poor baby…

      1. He died when Yoochun was on the way back from S. American concert. The third episode was filmed a few days after the the funeral. He didnt even take a break

  5. Since episode 1 I have had a theory about the death of his princess. It’s killing me not to know how this is going to end. … I have no self control =( I’ve been reading the Rooftop Prince recaps 🙁

    1. LOL. That’s all right. At least this way, you can join in on the conversation. 🙂 only two more episodes before we learn exactly how the princess died.

  6. …some speculates a lee gak-buyong & tae yong-park ha couple since they’re more suitable as they’re at the same time unlike LG-PH whom the other is from the past & the other is just the reincarnation..but i’m hoping for a LG-PH happy ending…i know the story is all about reincarnation but the characters in the past are different persons in the present..TY is not LG & BY is not PH…and from the start, it has always been LG-PH..and if LG would go back to Joseon & meet BY again (before the mysterious death happens since i also think she’s the one at the pond, not the crown princess), she would only be longing more for PH but i doubt if he would fall for her the way he did for PH since she’s not her…know what i’m saying twinkles?oh my..sorry for the long post..i’m just crazy thinking next week would be the last episodes for this show…seriously…i’ll miss RTP…and yeah..i miss posting here’s been a while..hehe..thanks for the recap.. =)

  7. Thank you Twinkie and Jules for the beautiful recap. I really do appreciate everything you do 🙂 I need to really start watching this again T^T school is almost out! last week xD

    Btw i love Park Yoochun with those glasses o.o so cute

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