Rooftop Prince: Episode 16 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Discoveries, discoveries, and more discoveries. That’s the focus of this episode as Yi Gak makes a number of unexpected but crucial discoveries that connect Park Ha to Tae Yong and potentially to her birth mother.  As we approach the end–only four more episodes left–Yi Gak struggles to balance his love for Park Ha with his mission to exact justice in both time periods. Oh, and I’m really loving some of the camera shots in this series…so beautiful and picturesque! 😉 

Recap: The episode opens with Tae Moo revealing to the Board of Directors the real Tae Yong and fingering Yi Gak as an imposter. However, his smug revelation turns to one of horror as “Tae Yong” wakes up from his coma. As “Tae Yong” tries to regain his bearings, Yi Gak notices his couple ring and slowly moves his left hand under the covers. Thankfully, Tae Moo is too shocked by his waking to notice. Of course, at the boardroom, chaos ensures as the grandmother faints and the board of directors digests this new development.

It turns out that Taek Soo is in on the plan to switch the real Tae Yong with Yi Gak. He arranges for the F3 to stay with him in secret while Yi Gak enters his grandmother’s house and pretends to be Tae Yong. When he suggests using this opportunity to oust Tae Moo from the company entirely, Yi Gak tells him that they still need him to confess to “killing” Tae Yong. Agreeing to Yi Gak’s plan, Taek Soo sternly reminds the Joseon F4 that no one must know of their plans…not even Park Ha. 

Before going to the company or to his grandmother’s house, however, Yi Gak asks Taek Soo to take him to see Tae Yong. Once there, Yi Gak silently tells the comatose Tae Yong that he feels as though he’s looking at himself, and seeing Tae Yong in this situation pains him. He vows to maintain Tae Yong’s place in this era and correct the wrong done to him. While he goes about fixing things, he urges Tae Yong to do his part and simply wake up to take his rightful place. 

Meanwhile, Park Ha waits for Yi Gak, and when he doesn’t show, she returns home in a panic, wondering if the Joseon F4 have returned to their time. In fear and anguish, she accepts the fact that Yi Gak may have just disappeared from her time, never to be seen again.

At the company, Yi Gak, dressed as Tae Yong, shows up at the company and asks Tae Moo for a cup of coffee. During their coffee together, “Tae Yong” tells Tae Moo that he’s not interested in running the company; Tae Moo can keep doing that. But he does skillfully ask if Tae Moo saw him in New York. Tae Moo slips up and tells Yi Gak that he did, only to backtrack when Yi Gak says that he has no recollection of that day or visit so it’s really frustrating him. He then suggests that they play some squash together soon. Nice touch, Yi Gak! Dropping that subtle reminder of what Tae Yong likes since Yi Gak would never suggest squash.

And when he sees Park Ha, he ignores her, a slight that only confirms to Park Ha that her Yi Gak is no more and that the real Tae Yong has returned. Tae Moo registers this and decides that this is the real Tae Yong. As Park Ha numbly walks away, Yi Gak races back to see Park Ha’s dejected form, impotent to ease her pain.

He goes to Tae Moo’s office for a visit and witnesses Tae Moo visibly shaken by a fax that reads, “Murderer and Liar!”

Pleased with stage 1, Yi Gak goes to visit his little minions and reports that their fax was well received. They anxiously ask him if he made sure he was not followed. Yi Gak nods but then gulps when the doorbell rings. Dum-dum-dum…Yong Sul says dramatically, “Pizza’s here.” LOL

And the F3 ooh and aaaahh over the steaming box of pizza, red bow and all! LOL. However, the fun doesn’t end there. As the three happily munch on their two slices, they ask if Yi Gak plans on eating dinner with them…because there’s only two slices left, and those are for Taek Soo. LOL. Yi Gak tries repeatedly to snag a slice or two, but the three block his hands until Yong Sul drops one of his slices and sighs in frustration over the ruined slice. Aw…poor Yong Sul.

They then tell Yi Gak about their woes–no clothes, no going outside, etc. Feeling generous with his F3 minions, Yi Gak offers to take them shopping for clothes.

Heh heh…what is it with these four and their matching “uniforms”? And the capri pants on Yong Sul and Chi San?! LOL

The next day, he arrives at work and again ignores Park Ha, who sits down to catch a glimpse of “Tae Yong.” Thankfully, his couple ring falls out of his pocket and rolls over to Park Ha. With tears of joy at this discover, Park Ha utters, “You are so dead!” to Yi Gak’s retreating form as he enters the elevator.

Yanking him into a stairwell as he walks down a hall, Park Ha confronts him, and Yi Gak hugs her in apology and love. He had wanted so much to tell her and to see her.

As he fills Park Ha in on the situation, Park Ha understands and promises to do her part and ignore him. But before she leaves, Yi Gak leans over and kisses her. Aw…

Park Ha then returns the couple ring to him, mock-threatening him that she’ll kill him if he loses this ring again. Cute…I just hope that ring doesn’t come back to haunt these two later on down the road.

Meanwhile, Yi Gak enters Tae Moo’s empty office and starts to rummage through Tae Moo’s desk, unexpectedly coming across Park Ha’s 1-year birthday picture. Unfortunately, before he can see the mother’s face, Tae Moo walks in and Yi Gak pretends that he just came for a visit. While he’s there, though, Tae Moo receives a package–Stage 2 of Yi Gak’s plan.

As Tae Moo opens the package, his face contorts in horror. Inside is an enlarged picture of him and Tae Yong that fateful night in New York! Yi Gak had dropped by the rooftop apartment earlier that day to pick up Tae Yong’s cell phone with the picture of him and Tae Moo. Fortunately, Yi Gak was able to leave the house undetected by Tae Moo, who had broken into the house to try to catch Yi Gak.

Tae Yong invites Tae Moo for lunch at grandmother’s house, and when the two arrive, the grandmother receives the exact same package as Tae Moo’s. In full-blown panic, Tae Moo tries to wrestle the package from his aunt, but the aunt doggedly opens the package and wonders aloud who would send the grandmother a picture…of a dog. LOL

During this little tussle, Yi Gak watches Tae Moo’s reactions closely. He then calls Tae Moo from a pay phone, taunting him.

Completely incensed now, Tae Moo tracks down the pay phone, which is right in front of the rooftop apartment and then storms to the rooftop. Seeing Park Ha there, he demands that she tell him where Yi Gak is. Helpless, Yi Gak watches as Park Ha deals with Tae Moo’s fury.

Once Tae Moo leaves, he calls Park Ha, who quickly leaves to meet him. Knowing that Tae Moo is following her, she loses him in the subway station and then finally meets Yi Gak, who tells her the good news about seeing a duplicate of her 1-year birthday picture in Tae Moo’s desk. That’s why he asked her to bring the photo with her. He promises her that he’ll try to sneak back into Tae Moo’s office and take a picture of the intact photo for her. Park Ha is excited about the prospect of finding her mom.

Unfortunately for these two, Park Ha meets Tae Moo and demands that he tell her about her mother and shows him her torn picture. Shaken by both her knowledge/accusation and picture, Tae Moo denies knowing anything.

Meanwhile, Se Na reports that CEO Jung is looking for her second daughter as well. Sun Joo had met Se Na and asked if she knew where her daughter In Joo was and how she knew about the cold day-tummy story. Se Na denies any knowledge, saying that the story was one she heard on the radio.  

The two decide that it’s best to get rid of the birthday picture, and Tae Moo burns the only intact copy, which is why when Yi Gak returns to search Tae Moo’s desk, that picture is nowhere to be found. Ugh…so close!

Meanwhile, Park Ha goes to tell her mother that she may be able to find her birth mother, information that the mother then relays to Se Na over dinner, thus prompting her visit to Tae Moo and the picture burning.

Meanwhile, Park Ha goes from her mother’s house to CEO Jung’s where she confides in her of her wish to find her birth mother, even though her stepmother may be sadden by this. CEO Jung advises that she would hope that her daughter would look for her, too, making the search that much easier if both parties are looking for the other. Ugh…so close!

Sun Joo then goes to see Se Na’s mother and asks/tells her that she would like to take Se Na back to Hong Kong with her. She would like to be a good mother to her with whatever remaining time she has left. She has also decided to stop looking for In Joo. Apologizing for not raising Se Na well, the mother tearfully accepts Sun Joo’s request and reminds Sun Joo that Se Na is her daughter, not really hers.

Unfortunately, Se Na later overhears Sun Joo speaking with her husband in Hong Kong about bringing her daughter with her and mistakenly assumes Sun Joo means Park Ha. In panic, she calls Tae Moo, who plots to make Park Ha disappear. Calling Park Ha on the false pretense of taking her to see her mother, Tae Moo drives her to an isolated place, makes the excuse that the car sounds a bit funny on her side, opens the car, and cholorforms her into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, completely unaware of Park Ha’s contact with Tae Moo regarding her birth mother, Yi Gak pours over Tae Yong’s cell phone photos and spots Park Ha in the background!

But just as he makes this discovery, Tae Moo sends him a picture text using Park Ha’s cell phone: Park Ha is slumped against the wall of a refrigerated truck about to become like the frozen fish in the truck. Tae Moo threatens that if Yi Gak doesn’t meet him with Tae Yong’s cell phone and pictures, Park Ha will freeze to death.

Operating purely on emotion, Yi Gak drives toward the location as Tae Moo locks Park Ha inside the freezing truck. Thinking of the ramifications of this new development and the consequences of his meeting with Tae Moo to save Park Ha–all their plans may go up in smokes–Yi Gak halts his car, debating his next move.

Post-Recap Thoughts: And so the cat and mouse game continues with Yi Gak and Tae Moo strategizing on how to capture the other.

This episode gives us our first taste of what life might be like for Park Ha after the Joseon F4 return to their own time period. As she races back home and finds it devoid of her beloved “family,” the wrenching emptiness she feels is clearly reflected in her anguish cry, resonating in this viewer’s heart. I’m sure that Yi Gak got a small glimpse of how lonely and bereft Park Ha would be after he returns to his era that first time he had to pretend he didn’t know her. *Sigh* If my suspicions prove correct, I’m going to be in for a bittersweet ending come episode 20.

As for Tae Moo and Se Na, although their hands tremble each time they commit murder/heinous act to indicate their fear over their actions, they still go through with their decision, which makes all the difference in the world, and draws a clear line between them and Yi Gak/Park Ha. Their reactions reaffirm that no one matter much regret or fear may have accompanied the action, those small/single decisions distinguish the just from the unjust.

Let’s hope the show keeps up with this pace! 🙂

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  1. What? You think this will have a bittersweet ending? D: Nuuuu I don’t want that…

    …But I too see that happening -.-

  2. ^0^…I hope Michy wins best k.drama actor 2012 coz he plays 3difficult main parts:1st prince of old Joseon 2nd Pr.of recent 21th century 3rd Yi Gak rich high class guy .With different accent &Way of speaking &different body language…Hooray 4 Michy
    EGYPT…JYJ3 Fan

  3. The pizza scene crack me up. Remembering their first time in 2012, when they were served omurice, they have to eat it on the floor because they cant share prince’s table. And now…. heheheheh..

    “If my suspicions prove correct, I’m going to be in for a bittersweet ending come ”
    Yeah, the possibility for that drove me almost insane…. if insane is the correct word(?)Sigh…this drama start as romantic comedy… no matter how absurd the writer ends it, as long as uri OTP is together, i fine with that 🙂
    Thanks Twinkie, looking forward for more

  4. Tae Muu, crazy cousin, has gone off the deep end! Now, how this will resolve itself is a mystery! Park Ha should have never went off with him. It always frustrates me how they make these characters so trusting…… She knows he is involved with Se Na. Enuf said!

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