Rooftop Prince: Episode 14 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: (Please check this week’s bulletin board for update on my recapping schedule.)

This episode features the discovery of many secrets as Yi Gak makes some crucial connections between what he sees, knows, and suspects. As for CEO Jung, a heartbreak but also some hope as to the discovery of her lost child while the known “lost” child, Se Na, breaks her heart. The “good” news? Se Na and Tae Moo are slowly but surely setting themselves up for the great big fall from grace as their scheming and deceit become known to some key figures. And we mustn’t forget Park Ha… 😉

Recap: The episode opens with Yi Gak confronting Se Na about the envelope and basically catching her in lie after lie. He reveals that there is no way the “envelopes” could have been switched as she claims since his envelope has the transferred markings from the then still-wet stamps from the apartment contract. He accurately surmises that there was always just ONE envelope and that she deliberately switched the contents.

Trembling in fear and humiliation at being caught, Se Na quickly devises another lie that now features Tae Yong’s grandmother as the orchestrator of the swap; in Se Na’s version, grandmother told Se Na to give the airplane tickets to Park Ha to get her away from Yi Gak. Se Na, with crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks, tells him that she couldn’t stand to see him getting closer to Park Ha and solicited grandmother’s help. The information about the grandmother’s involvement leaves Yi Gak stunned.

But not stunned enough to be a fool…now that Se Na’s true personality is starting to show.

He follows her as she goes to see the grandmother, spinning another tale to the grandmother about what she’s done with the airplane tickets in an attempt to distance Yi Gak from Park Ha. Grandmother reassures her that the grandmother will tell Yi Gak that the plane ticket was all her idea, not Se Na’s.

He then follows her to her old apartment complex where Tae Moo tells her in the parking garage that he has refurnished her place and that she can move back in. Embracing her, Tae Moo reaffirms his love and commitment to her and tells her to leave “Tae Yong.” Se Na slowly disengages herself from Tae Moo and goes to see her mother…still not realizing that she’s being followed.

Reeling from the two discoveries, he continues to follow her to her third destination: Park Ha’s mother’s place. There, he not only hears Se Na call Park Ha’s mother “mother,” but also hears Se Na ask after Park Ha. Yes! He’s smart enough to keep following her until he learns all of the pertinent secrets.

Reminding the viewers of the lonely life of a monarch, he goes to the Han River to think upon the recent events in solitude.

With his thoughts sorted and conclusions drawn, he calls Se Na out for another meeting, one that she gladly attends since their earlier meeting ended with her “reluctantly” fingering his grandmother in the airplane ticket scheme. However, her hopes are quickly dashed as Yi Gak confronts her about her lies. When she tries to leave, he stops her, commanding her in his imperial tone to sit until she’s heard everything he has to say. Only then can she leave. 🙂 He does that commanding tone so well. 🙂

Dismantling one lie after another, he charges her with each lie, demanding to know what she’s done; how can she expect any forgiveness?! As he continues to tell her the lies that he has discovered, he questions whether anything she’s ever told him has a grain of truth. He concludes that she is not the person he is looking for and terminates their engagement. 

When Se Na sits there stunned speechless, he tells her that she can now leave; he has said everything. However, when she still sits there dumbfounded, he roars with imperial authority that she leave now! I love how the show finds subtle ways to remind us of his royal background–that it’s an integral part of his personality. 

Se Na stumbles away, and Yi Gak gathers the Joseon F3 to tell that he will not be marrying Se Na as planned. She is not the person that he thought she was; he now knows what her real personality is. And if Park Ha is correct about the outer appearance not accurately reflecting the inward being and his theory of the reincarnated Se Na sharing the same qualities as his wife is true, he surmises that his beloved wife from the Joseon era is also not as sweet and loving as he previously thought. He apologizes to his loyal minions, who are absolutely crestfallen by these news and the possibility that they may never return to their time.

Stunned by these developments, the three (F3) sit outside on the rooftop, clutching their prized possessions they were planning on taking back with them. Cursing Park Ha’s feelings for Yi Gak, they each decide to use the prized items since the chances of their returning to Joseon are now slim to none. Oh, boys…if you only knew…As Yong Sul chews on beef jerky and Chi San slaps medicated bandages on various parts of his body (LOL), Man Bo wonders if this might not be fate after all. He realizes that they shouldn’t be cursing Park Ha. After all, without her, Chi San would have been dead from his appendicitis, they would have been beggars in this century, etc. Standing up from his chair, he declares that he must tell Park Ha of Yi Gak’s broken engagement. When the other two ask if he even knows where to find her, Man Bo knowingly asks why their king went to Ji San of all places for his tour. As they commit to helping Yi Gak and Park Ha, their physical bodies briefly flicker, an event of which they are unaware. Yes! I knew that this was the reason why they were sent here: to discover the truth about Se Na’s Joseon’s counterpart and to also properly connect Park Ha;s Bu Yong with Yi Gak. 🙂 (On a side note, Yi Gak is in love with Park Ha, though, and not Bu Yong.)

Park Ha reflects back to Yi Gak’s denial of having ever given her the plane tickets. As she considers the ramifications of this revelation, her loyal little minions come to visit. Hurray! Telling her they have wonderful news, they first ask her for some omurice; they are hungry and will exchange their good news for omurice. LOL. Park Ha finds them endearing, fixes them the dish, and then asks for the news. These men and their food!?! 😉

Upon hearing of the broken engagement, she anxiously waits for the F3 to finish their dinners, but Man Bo holds them up. When Chi San goes inside to see how much longer he’ll be, Chi San is astounded to see Man Bo eating his dinner slowly…one rice morsel at a time. With a rice pellet eaten, he reaches for a carrot and so on. LOL. Knowing that the last bus/train up to Seoul for the night is coming soon, Chi San tells Park Ha to go on ahead of them; he’ll follow as soon as Man Bo is done eating. Anxious to talk with Yi Gak, Park Ha runs off to the bus/train while Chi San goes back inside to tell the other two that Park Ha has left. Upon hearing the news, Man Bo expresses his relief and voraciously digs into his omurice, exclaiming that he thought he was going to die of hunger. LOL. He then comments that the other two have no sense. The three of them shouldn’t return with Park Ha; they need to give her and Yi Gak some privacy to talk over things.

As much as the other two see the wisdom of this decision, they wonder what they should do then in an empty house. Heh…Man Bo declares that he’s prepared something.

Exactly what is that “something”?

A trip to the local swimming pool/gym where the three men ogle the scantily clan women in their bikinis. LOL. Man Bo then draws a picture of one of the women as the other two huddle around him in admiration over his rendition. Satisfied with the drawing himself, Man Bo quickly looks up in shock when he notices water drops on his drawing.

The cause?

Heh…Yong Sul. Man Bo demands to know if the water drops came from his mouth or from his nose. Yong Sul quietly admits that it’s from his nose. Ew….

Meanwhile, Park Ha arrives at the rooftop and asks how Yi Gak can possibly break off the engagement. What about his mission so that he can return to the Joseon era?! How can he quickly flip back and forth like this?! Yi Gak returns shout for shout and demands to know why she’s raising her voice over something that doesn’t concern her. He then grabs her in an embrace and apologizes to her and explains that he can’t help matters. Aw…

Se Na, after drinking long and hard, returns to her apartment and sees Tae Moo still waiting for her. Realizing Tae Moo’s devotion and love for her, she quickly acquiesces to his earlier request of reconciliation and scheme to pose as CEO Jung’s lost daughter and adds a few requests of her own: 1) take care of Park Ha so that she never has to see Park Ha again (Tae Moo looks a bit stunned but agrees to make her disappear. Uh-oh) and 2) make Tae Yong disappear, too. (Tae Moo smiles and comments that this will happen soon. Double uh-oh)

The next morning, Se Na arrives at Tae Moo’s grandmother’s house, but Yi Gak intercepts her and thoughtfully yet coldly tells her that she need not go inside. He’ll take full responsibility for the broken engagement. Stunned by his thoughtfulness but unwilling to let go of her anger, she leaves without seeing the grandmother.

Inside the grandmother’s house, news of the broken engagement is already known as Tae Moo, his father, the grandmother, and “Tae Yong” sit to discuss business. When Yi Gak tries to take responsibility for the broken engagement, the grandmother quickly dismisses that matter with the no-use-crying-over-what-is-done attitude and orders Tae Moo to prepare things for the next board meeting to establish Tae Yong as her successor as CEO. In the stunned silence, she tells “Tae Yong” to do well so that the board of directors will have no objections whatsoever to his succession. 

Driving away from the grandmother’s house, Tae Moo’s father vents out his frustration but is quickly allayed when Tae Moo tells him of Se Na’s birth “secret”: She is CEO Jung’s lost daughter. With this welcomed piece of news, the father warmly greets Se Na, apologizing for his previous behavior and reaffirming his suspicion that she was born from better stock than that of a mere market lady. Ew…what a two-faced man.

Once in private, Se Na asks how Tae Moo plans on convincing CEO Jung of her identity. In answer, Tae Moo asks her to procure a strand of Park Ha’s hair, and he’ll ask for a DNA sample from CEO Jung. Is anyone else satisfied to know that these two schemers are digging their own graves? Poor CEO Jung….

Park Ha sorts through things on the rooftop and is pleasantly surprised when her little F3 minions climb the stairs with boxes of her belongings. They tell her that she doesn’t need to go back to Ji San to pack; they already did it for her. Aw…

Rushing to the company once they learn that Yi Gak has already left for work, the F3 are stunned to hear Yi Gak’s next task for them: find everything they can about Se Na and Tae Moo. Se Na is definitely not who they thought she was. Their mission is to discover the mystery behind his wife’s death. Perhaps this discovery of Se Na/wife’s real personality is one of the reasons they were thrown into this century.

Later at the company, the F3–still shocked by the possibility that their queen could have been suck a wicked woman–strategize on finding out everything they can about Se Na and Tae Moo. Chi San wonders to the other two if the rumors around the palace were true–that the queen was actually an evil woman who even went so far as to disfigure her young sister’s face when she learned that Bu Yong  had been selected over her as princess. No one had dared to come forward with the accusation, though, for fear of getting their heads cut off. However, in light of these new developments, he wonders if this rumor could be true. Yes! It’s true, Chi San! Unfortunately, the other two remain fixed on their notion of womanhood and refuse to even entertain the idea, claiming that no one is that inhumane. Heh…the human condition can be so hideously cruel.  

As the three return to work, Yong Sul unexpectedly helps recover an important briefcase from being stolen while Chi San learns over a friendly dinner with his female co-workers how cruel Tae Moo can be with his employees. Both of them make useful connections/learn information. 🙂

Meanwhile, Yi Gak gives a presentation before the broad while Tae Moo fantasizes about revealing Yi Gak’s false identity before the entire board and showing them the real Tae Yong–comatose–in Chicago. At the successful conclusion of the meeting, Tae Moo toys with Yi Gak, telling him to enjoy things while he can because “Tae Yong’s” good fortune won’t last long.

Se Na, on a mission to procure a strand of Park Ha’s hair, goes home to see her mother and invites her for an outing. The mother asks if the shock of the broken engagement is too much for Se Na since Se Na hasn’t asked her mother to go out with her since the third grade. Ugh…bad daughter! Se Na admits that the broken engagement has made her reassess things and even invites Park Ha. At her mother’s surprise, Se Na counters, “Isn’t Park Ha family, too?”

The two girls eat dinner with their mother, who is beside herself with happiness at her two daughters sharing a meal together.  Se Na asks Park Ha if she’s going to insist on not calling her unni  and then suggests going to a jjimjillbang (sauna) as a way to get closer. Once there, she offers to throw away Park Ha’s comb and then carefully places Park Ha’s hair strand with comb inside a plastic sandwich bag. She then rejoins Park Ha and her mother and asks Park Ha if she has any childhood memories. Park Ha tells them that she has one memory that she was told of about the time she was one year old: Her father didn’t have money for coal to warm the room, so he placed her on his stomach so that she could be warm. At this revelation, Se Na looks a bit compassionately at Park Ha even as she files away this information for future use.

Meanwhile, CEO Jung meets with Tae Moo and his father, but when she learns that Se Na will not be joining them that day, she opts to take care of personal business on her own, politely refusing the two men’s offer to accompany her.

She then goes to meet Se Na and Park Ha’s mother and praises the mother for the good job she did on raising Se Na. Unfortunately, CEO Jung becomes faint, and the mother brings CEO Jung to Park Ha’s place because it’s the closest place she could think of to give her friend a place to rest. She then takes her leave, and Park Ha bids her goodbye…only to turn around and see Yi Gak watching her closely…from right behind her. LOL

He demands to know why she always sends her mother off without introducing her to Yi Gak. LOL. Aw…he wants to get to know her mother. Misunderstanding his intentions, Park Ha barks out that a younger person should greet an older person first; this isn’t Joseon, and he shouldn’t expect people to bow to him. She rebukes him with the caution that he needs to follow the rules of modern Korea. LOL. That’s certainly a good reminder that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” 🙂 Incensed, Yi Gak commands his loyal minions to take note of Park Ha’s insubordination. At their silence, he looks over to see them all occupied with modern technology. Heh…insightful comment on modern society, indeed.

It’s dinner time, and Park Ha prepares a delicious meal for the Joseon F4 and CEO Jung. As Yi Gak looks at the crab stew in anticipation, he’s put off by Park Ha pouring out food for his loyal follows first and exhibits jealousy. LOL. So adorable. What is it with these men who are so obsessed with food. LOL. And…CEO Jung inadvertently has dinner with her daughter AND her “family.” Aw….

When CEO Jung returns to her hotel suite, she arranges to turn over her shares in the Home Shopping Company to Se Na, thus making Se Na the principal shareholder. Unaware of this development, Tae Moo and Se Na proceed with their plan to introduce Se Na as CEO Jung’s long-lost daughter.

CEO Jung goes down to meet her “daughter” and learns that Se Na and Tae Moo are attempting to fool her. Obviously upset, she asks for a delay in meeting this “daughter.” Once in her suite, she wonders what Se Na has planned when she, too, is truly CEO Jung’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Yi Gak asks Park Ha why she never told him about her sister. Park Ha tells him that there’s no “special” reason other than the fact that Se Na, a sister acquired from her father’s remarriage, didn’t want anyone to know of their sibling relationship. Park Ha then cajoles Gak to do laundry together. Heh heh…the king doing laundry…aw…gotta love his joy at such a simple and menial task with the woman he loves.

As CEO Jung meets with Se Na, who claims to be her long-lost daughter, and Tae Moo, CEO Jung sadly gives Se Na a hug and acts the part of the thrilled mother, albeit halfheartedly. As they eat, Se Na tells her that due to an automobile accident at the age of 9, she doesn’t remember much, but she does remember her father placing her on his stomach because the room was so cold. At this seemingly insignificant story, CEO Jung stares at her in shock, wondering how Se Na could know of such a story. Oh, smart woman, please make the connection that Se Na knows where your lost daughter is.

Meanwhile, the scenes interchangeably cut back and forth to Park Ha and Yi Gak on the rooftop as Park Ha puts the laundry out to dry. At around the same time that CEO Jung learns of the story, Yi Gak hears the exact same story from Park Ha. And as she drapes the laundry over the clothesline, he recollects all the previous encounters he had with both Se Na and Park Ha…and finally makes the connection that Park Ha is not only Se Na’s sister, but…Bu Yong’s reincarnated form!

Post-Recap Thoughts: Yes! Finally!! Thank goodness for a smart protagonist who is mentally quick enough to be able to make the connections between everything he is seeing and learning and who is also wise enough to think beyond his preconceived notions of what must be as he contemplates the “indescribable” in his  beloved “paragon” of a wife and his unnoticed sister-in-law, Bu Yong.

Which brings me to the question of what exactly Park Ha saw in that history book. As smart as Man Bo and Yi Gak claim to be, I’m surprised that neither of them have thought to consult the history books regarding their Joseon destinies. Or did they simply not research this information for fear of being unduly influenced/sabatoged in their mission to discover why they were brought into the future.

The other question I have is whether the history Park Ha read is a fixed one…or whether it is a fluid one, changing  based on what happens between her and Yi Gak.

One thing I’ve apprciated about this show is that it doesn’t believe in unnecessarily tormenting the viewers. Secrets are revealed fairly quickly, leaving the viewers wondering about what will happen now that many of the secrets are out instead of pining in frustrations over the ignorance of Yi Gak (and Joseon F4) or CEO Jung. Overall, solid pacing in the storytelling, and I’m excited for the next episode…just as soon as I catch myself up with the previous few episodes.

And seriously?! How adorable are our Joseon F4 in everything?!!


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  1. I also wondered what Park Ha saw in the history books. I am leaning towards that history is fluid and changes when events change. Who knows, it probably shows that the Prince disappeared without a trace. I can believe that more than anything. I was so, so glad that the Prince finally saw Se Na for what she is. But I am loving Tae Muu and Se Na trying to convince the Chairman that Se Na is her daughter, which she is. Let’s see how long the Chairman takes in finding out the whole truth! Side note: Park Ha, avoid Se Na like the plague that she is!

  2. If what PH read that LG disappeared without trace, then can we hope that LG will stay here forever? LOL. I am trying hold to anything with such a big hope. (blame me for believing in Gak-Ha true love that will be beyond time and space). Thank you Twinkle for highlighting the imperial authority. I had the same impression but wasnt that sure. The way he carry himself, the tone he used when speaking indicates that. But funny thing is that he always use that kind of tone with PH but i thought its kind of cute. Hahahah. On the other hand, i believe that CEO Jung is playing along with SN-TM just to find out why SN is trying to deceived her and hopefully will learn that her x was her unnie’s husband. 6 more episode and i am already tearing up… how will my wed-thurs night would be……

    Thanks ST. Looking forward for more. On the other hand, how can the laundry scene look so romantic, while the reality sucks!!!

  3. just finished watching eps13-14…it’s becoming more interesting as the show’s nearing its end, & i’m starting to feel sad..i’d miss this one great show..might as well watch it again from the start after it ends..RTP made on my top 10 kdramas i’ve watched so’s not only hilarious, it has subtle meanings, lovable characters and a touching story…not to mention all the chemistry of the casts…i’ve become a fan of the writer..i’ll be looking forward to his/her next project… =) P.S. thanks twinkie for this recap,,..

  4. I took a break from this drama BECAUSE of Se Na….I was patiently waiting for her to be humiliated so I could watch the show and KNOW she got what she deserved. I couldn’t help myself….I really really really really wanted to punch her in her face -_- I’m usually not a violent person, please believe me lol

    1. Oh Wol, I almost STOPPED watching because of the Se Na character! I was sick and tired of the constant abuse of Park Ha that it was a major turn-off! Must be something about the number 12 because all of the dramas I am watching turned for the better, this one especially!

  5. Hi…i have missed a couple of episodes and got confused. So, who is CEO Jung’s long lost daughter? Park ha, Se na or both? Can anybody enlighten me on this? Thank you.

  6. Oh. Ok thanks. So, CEO Jung already knew that Se na is her daugher but have lost her another daughter is it? Now she is looking for her long lost daughter, am I right? Sorry, i am bit slow, my tv just aired episode 14. I am sure the series have ended now. ;p

    1. No problem. 🙂 Yeah, she knows that Se Na is totally lying about being Jin Joo. Incidentally, Park Ha is the second “lost” daughter in case you were curious. 🙂

      Glad you are commenting! 🙂 I still need to recap the final episode. Eeks!

  7. I shall not read the final recap then. Hehe.
    Must wait patiently for the next episode on my tv. But whenever I got confused, I will surely come back.

    Thank you again.
    Have a nice day =)

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