Ready. Set. Go….

So it’s now officially May, the month that promises to blitz us with some very tempting Korean dramas.

…So many tantalizing dramas and so little time….

Alas, there is only so much time for Korean drama viewing, right?  If I want to remain sane, I’m going to have to be very VERY selective with which drama I watch and, more importantly, which drama I choose to recap. Aside from Lie to Me (loved the previous dramas I saw of Kang Ji Hwan: Capital Scandal and Coffee House) and City Hunter (staying interested due to the SungKyunKwan Scandal connection), I keep hearing about Baby-faced Beauty (Jang Nara finally returns for a Korean drama…last one I saw was Wedding, which I strangely loved). I suppose if all else fails, I can choose to recap one and then simply comment/rant/vent about the other ones. LOL

Lie to Me is scheduled to hit the air waves beginning May 9th (this coming Monday!) and will be a Monday-Tuesday drama. This coincides perfectly with my original plans to watch City Hunter, which is scheduled to start May 25th as a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried watching two dramas simultaneously, much less try to recap one while watching two…we’ll have to see how my schedule handles this double dose of kdramas.

In the meanwhile, I hope you’re all staying healthy and cool as we near the summer season. Happy early Mother’s Day to all you mothers! 

Oh, before I sign off for the night, two things I want to mention/ask:
1. Anyone watching We Are Married’s Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eun Jung couple segments?  I started watching their segment on WM…too cute! I ignore the two other couples and only watch Woo-Jung. LOL
2. I’m not sure if I’ll be watching Good Bye Miss Ripley…I haven’t heard that much about it.  Let me know if it’s worth a view once it airs.  *Sigh* I’m such a glutton for craziness, huh?

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