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As SKKS nears its last week of broadcasting, I ran across the new drama Rain, Daniel Henney, and Lee Jung Jin are doing. I had no idea it had started already. 😛 Anyone watching it? Is it even worth watching? I can only watch one drama at a time, so I’m looking for the next drama to watch after SKKS ends. (sigh) Such a sad thought, really. A part of me wants Tuesday to never come as it will be the last day of SKKS.

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  1. I saw like one minute of it…but moved away from it cuz i'm not into action dramas (even though there's romance in it). I'm into romance comedy more because life is stressful right now and i want to distracting by sweet humorous romance dramas. I look forward to Lee Min Ho's drama where he plays a playboy investigator? I am also waiting for Kim Bum to make a drama. Goo Hye Sun is making a Taiwan version of "Absolute Boyfriend" with T star Wu Chun which i'm also waiting for.

  2. Are you referring to Fugitive: Plan B? I tried ep 1. Didn't like it. Characters did not grab me. No comparison to SKK. SKK is rare combination of great story-telling, good pacing, good balance of rom-com and 'gravitas', above all actors had really good chemistry – kudos to casting.
    I'll keep checking your site to see if you have any recommendations of new drama to watch after SKK… : )
    Thanks again for your summaries. They really are a good read.
    grateful fr new york

  3. Why not check out the drama that will air right after SKK? Mary Stayed Out All Night. It's taking over SKK time slot on the same channel.

  4. I'm watching "Dr. Champ", which is quite interesting as it deals with national champions preparing for Asian Games. As a mother of a national swimmer who also once prepared for the Asian Games, it brings back memories of what athletes have to go through when they reach the level to represent their country. The brilliant, but socially inept, doctor and the naive but good-hearted judoka make a wonderful pair.

  5. Yes. Do check out Mary Stayed Out All Night & do recap for us non Korean speakers. Really enjoyed your recap & it helps me going while waiting for the english sub to be out. Enjoyed Jang Geun Sook in You Are Beautiful & really anticipating him with Moon especially after her Cinderella Sis. 🙂

  6. I tried to watch the drama but can't finish the episode. I am looking forward to Mary Stayed Out…and hopefully it will be good to cure my SKKS addiction…

  7. Fugitive – Plan B or Runaway is mostly action. Lots of chase scenes, not a lot of character development. I agree with everyone else that says that Mary Stayed Out All Night is the next drama to watch. Moon Geum Young is a great actress!

  8. i watch dr champ…because i'm big fan of kim soyeon…hehehehehe…i love her in IRIS more than kim tae hee even she not the 1st lady in the drama….n in prosecutor princess she really play her character well…

  9. absolutely agree with wendy. me.. too not very much into action drama . with life sometimes so stressfull, with all the workloads., tension at the workplace….korean romantic comedy drama is the best cure.

  10. i find fugitive kinda hard to follow. i tend to watch it because of rain's idotic antics. they are so stupid that it makes me laugh. the romance storyline is so-so.

    i'm looking forward to Mary because i love JGS. and looking forward to Lee Min Ho's new drama whenever it comes out.

  11. I would love it if you can recap Dr. Champ since its not available to US viewers….its a great story and has very interesting plot…do check it out

  12. I think Mary stayed out all night is quiet is a good choice..it's moon geun young, jang geun seuk staring..it will replace SKK's slot..

  13. Twinkie, we non-Koreans are in another pickle as we no longer are able to watch subbed episodes of Dr. Champ. Viikii has licensing issue and even though previously I can go to three other sites to watch the drama with subs (dramacrazy, jacinda and mysoju), today I found out the vidoes have been removed from all of these three websites. So, we would be forever grateful if you could start recapping starting from Ep. 9 of Dr. Champ, once we finish with our beloved SKKS next week. I couldn't find any soft subs for Dr. Champ yet. I'll be grateful if anyone can tell me where to find some recaps or soft subs for this drama. Thanks.

  14. I haven't seen Plan B. The one I am currently watching is Life Is Beautiful(it breaks my heart in a good way) and Please Marry Me. I don't know if those long running dramas would be to much work. I hear good things about Dr. Champ though

  15. I'll definitely have to check out the new JGS and MGY since so many of you recommend it. Is it me, though, or did the trailer for it not seem all that inspiring?

    Anyhow, once the craziness of my grading slows down (I'm hoping in another week or so), I'll try to include Dr. Champ in my recapping schedule since it looks like English subs are hard to come by…just for you, Khin Nwe Aye (my sleepless in Pittsburgh reader), and other Dr. Champ fans/anonymous readers who are lamenting the licensing issue. 🙂

  16. >Khin Nwe Aye: hey you may want to check out kimchidrama, I think Dr. Champ can be found there, plus if you need recaps for Dr. Champ, they are available on dramabeans 🙂

  17. Thank you, Twinkie, and I'll be looking forward for your recapping of Dr. Champ for me exclusively. How can I be so lucky to have a cyber friend who's going to do the transcribing for me? Must have done something good in my previous existences. I've watched Dr. Champ till Ep. 8 with subs. So right in the middle of the drama, I've been left in a void. This should not be done to serious drama addicts like us, it's a form of inhuman/inhumane torture. And I'm really sleepless, as I go to bed only at 4 or 5 a.m. after glueing myself to the laptop screen from late afternoon! Thank you once again for your promise,

    Sleepless in Pittsburgh, PA

  18. @Chloe Thanks for the tip. I'll try kimchidrama, for the first time. Dramabeans is still at Ep. 8 when I checked last night (Thursday night, my time, US EST).

  19. Hi. This is VERY off topic. But I was wondering if you would be willing to discuss a little about your job as a teacher? Are you an elementary, middle, high school, or college teacher?
    (I am looking into the profession and really want to know your thoughts and experiences as a teacher)

    Sorry if this is too personal and it's okay if you don't want to answer, but I am in a quarter life crisis after college and exploring options!

  20. Hi Ohmysweetlove,
    I'd be happy to talk with you about the teaching profession. There can never be too many good, dedicated educators out there. 🙂

    I'm a college professor in California, so if you think my experience/knowledge can be of some benefit, you can reach me via email at eunsuk74@gmail.com. Talk to you then!

  21. Hi, thanks so much for responding. I am assuming that you need a PhD to be a college professor in CA, and i don't think i have the qualifications (and letters of recommendations) necessary to get into a PhD program at this point. Thanks though!

  22. Plan B is not bad at all…I'm watching it right now. At first it was a pain to watch (the jet-setting seemed a bit contrived), but the story is pretty solid. I think I'm watching to see how it all plays out. Rain's and Lee Jung Jin's acting are what carries it, Daniel Henney has improved since My name is Kim Samsoon but he's still kinda bland…no real thoughts about the female leads…

    It's taken about 7 episodes for the story to catch is stride and now that they're done with the cat and mouse games (i.e. Chasing Rain all over Asia) it is a really good drama.

    I love the show, well save for Daniel Henney's acting and one particular song from the OST that they play when the Villain is onscreen (its really irritating)…lol

  23. hullo, twinkie! i've been a silent stalker of your blog, but i love reading your recaps.

    i'm going to try watching Joseon X-Files at the strong recommendation of my drama-heroine, Thundie. she loves SKKS with a fiery passion possibly greater than us all, but insists that Joseon X-Files is the best drama of 2010. can't get a stronger endorsement than that, though i'll have to see for myself, since i just finished SKKS right now *sniff*. i'll also be checking out Mary Stayed Out, though it seems so fluffy from the previews… anyhow, thanks for feeding my skks addiction <3

  24. Hi Twinkie… I happen to stumble with a new Kdrama – Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won..mayb u can think about it for your new project…

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