Preview of the Week: That’s the Way It Is (그래, 그런거야)

Thats the way it is

There’s a new weekend drama in town, and it’s filled to the brim–and then overflowing!–with star power. Since it’s late as I type this and this little twinkie has to go to bed, I’m just going to share with you two videos and let you see for yourself just how jammed pack this show is going to be…with talent and stories. Dang…! 

The series begins this February 13th as a Saturday-Sunday weekend drama that is set to air at 8:45 PM…perfect timing as a family drama! 🙂 So…you all ready for another long adventure? 😉

Videos: Compliments of SBSNOW via YouTube

Below is the long highlights/preview video of the series:

Below is a clip of the press conference, compliments of SBSNOW via YouTube:

I can’t get over just how many stars are in this show! So many of my favorites…!

On this excited note, I wish you all a glorious weekend, twinkles!

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8 thoughts on “Preview of the Week: That’s the Way It Is (그래, 그런거야)”

      1. I’ve only seen her in 49 Days and she was pretty hateful there. And Shin So Yool in Ugly Alert made me so incredibly angry… (Yes, I hold a grudge. ^^)

  1. I have been “burned” by most weekend dramas! 🙁 I actually love the long 50 episode dramas. I dropped All About My Mom at episode 41 as I just got frustrated and annoyed by some/ most of the characters. And looks like the story/ characters even had a turn for the worse. I believe it has gotten high ratings as it was extended for 4 episodes. I will try and watch the final episode. This one looks promising I might give it a try.

    1. Please let us know your thoughts if you do end up watching. My term just started, so I’m not sure if I’ll be watching this series. 🙁 Hope you’re staying warm up north, XXYYZZ! 🙂

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