Plans for Episode 16 summary / recap

I woke up this morning to such heartwarming and/or cute comments regarding my previous post. 🙂 I wasn’t planning on writing about episode 16 any further with such great recaps already out in cyberspace, but since some of you REALLY like SKKS and REALLY want to read all of the various interpretations, I will endeavor to add my usual summary to the collection. LOL.

I’ve missed my window of free time for writing this morning (slept in), so I’ll see what I can do in the next two days. Most likely, I will end up posting the entire summary by Thursday night once I’m done with classes for the week…unless…I get impatient and start posting pieces at a time. 😀

Thanks again for a great morning! And this is particularly for our friend at Oxford: Lee and Salinger? LOL. I’m far from their level, but I thank you!

Have a great day/evening, everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Plans for Episode 16 summary / recap”

  1. OMGGG YAY!!!! I really didnt want you to do more work so i didnt say anything but i actually love reading your summaries and yogurutu's summaries, they are both amazing and so good like sometimes u have parts that are more easier to understand and vice versa soo yayay!!!

  2. I agree with the comment directly above. Both of your summaries are interesting to read and I generally read it more than once because I always tend to miss some implication that I haven't noticed before, which just adds depth to the story. Maybe I am just a clumsy reader, and that is why I don't get it the first time around? lol
    Also sometimes you guys tend to highlight different scenes.

    Anyways I can't believe there is only 4 episodes left, how are they going to fit everything in?! Do you think there is a possibility of an extension or second season? Or do Korean drama's just not do that?

    And a Million thanks you's for providing us with such a delight and amazing read. =D

  3. Yes i completely agrees to the two comments above..your recaps and yogurutu is what i'm always anticipating whenever a new episode is up…it easy to understand and sometime i will read it again if i miss something while watching the series….

    thank you and hope you will continue it until the end of the series…

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