Oh My Venus: Teasers and Countdown

OMV 1.1

Are you all ready for the madness that’s about to descend upon us? *wiggles eyebrows*

If you’re ready to take the plunge with me–as if you haven’t already taken the plunge on your own lol–keep on reading and feast your eyes on the following fun clips that are designed to whet our appetites for the upcoming Oh My Venus broadcast. Oh yeah, you’d better believe that I’m starting a countdown… 🙂

Countdown to Episode 1: T-17 days

You can check out the episodes as they become available here

Teaser #1: Compliments of DramaFever via YouTube

Teaser #2: We’ve already seen this before, but it’s worth a second viewing, right? 😉

Teaser #3: What can I say? My two eye candies in one series…!

Did these clips whet your appetite for the series? 😉 17 days left, Twinkles! *rubs hands gleefully*

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3 thoughts on “Oh My Venus: Teasers and Countdown”

    1. This show is going to rival my love for The Master’s Sun, I just know it! How can it not with two eye candies in the show! Plus, Shin Min Ah’s in it!!! 😉
      So glad that you’re going to be going on this adventure, too!

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