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If you were a part of the Musings community back in February of 2015, then you’ll probably remember reading a little corner that I had posted sporadically throughout that month in honor of Lee Sang Woo‘s birthday. Well, it’s that time of year again! *blows noisemaker* Our beloved eye candy celebrates his birthday on the 13th of this month! Hmmm…It just dawned on me that another of my eye candies, Sung Hoon, celebrates his birthday this month, too (Feb. 14th).

In any case, this year marks the second year that I’ll be posting the “Ode to Lee Sang Woo” poetry corner. I hope you’ll indulge me as I share with you some of my favorite poetry this month with these weekly Friday posts. If you’re interested in reading last year’s posts, simply click on the “Ode to Lee Sang Woo” tag below for a streamlined list of the three posts from last year.

Shall we take a look at 2016’s first ode…?

I initially stumbled upon the poetry of Pablo Neruda, considered one of the world’s greatest modern poets by some, because of my aunt’s wedding. (You can find out more about Pablo Neruda here.) You see, my aunt wanted to include a poetry reading in addition to the standard celebratory song in her wedding ceremony and asked me, the “poetry lover” of the family to do the reading. When I asked one of my poet friends for an appropriate poem, my dear friend suggested Neruda’s “Sonnet VII” since this was to be my aunt’s second wedding. When you read the poem below, you’ll see why this selection was so fitting for my widowed aunt.

For those of you experiencing a love in the fall or winter of your life, I especially dedicate this poem to you:

Sonnet VII (translated in English)

Come with me, I said, and no one knew
where, or how my pain throbbed,
no carnations or barcaroles for me,
only a wound that love had opened.

I said it again: Come with me, as if I were dying,
and no one saw the moon that bled in my mouth
or the blood that rose into the silence.
O Love, now we can forget the star that has such thorns!

That is why, when I heard your voice repeat
Come with me, it was as if you had let loose
the grief, the love, the fury of a cork-trapped wine

that geysers flooding from deep in its vault:
in my mouth I felt the taste of fire again,
of blood and carnations, of rock and scald.

Soneto VII (in the original Spanish)

“Vendrás conmigo” dije–sin que nadie supiera
dónde y cómo latía mi estado doloroso,
y para mí no había clavel ni barcarola,
nada sino una herida por el amor abierta. 

Repetí: ven conmigo, como si me muriera,
y nadie vio en mi boca la luna que sangraba,
nadie vio aquella sangre que subía al silencio.
Oh amor ahora olvidemos la estrella con espinas!

Por eso cuando oí que tu voz repetía
“Vendrás conmigo” fue como si desataras
dolor, amor, la furia del vino encarcelado

que desde su bodega sumergida subiera
y otra vez en mi boca sentí un sabor de llama,
de sangre y de claveles, de peidra y quemadura.

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