Noble My Love: OST Extravaganza!

Sung Hoon 17

If you haven’t heard yet, you’re hearing it now: She Was Pretty Episode 9 has been preempted today. I’m not even going to mention why. *grumbles at the studio execs who prioritize sports over dramas*

In any case, I needed something to cheer myself up since I’d been waiting all week to see how the show deals with Hye Jin’s new look. *sigh* I guess one more day won’t kill me…All I’m saying is that tomorrow’s broadcast had better not be preempted again. *vows vengeance otherwise* So…what better way to cheer up myself–and you guys–than with an extravaganza of OST music videos from Noble, My Love as an appetizer to my imminent review of the series? *wiggles eyebrows in excitement* 

Videos: Compliments of 3409green via YouTube

Let’s start with my favorite…lots of behind-the-scenes moments! *squees*

I hope you enjoyed these videos! They certainly helped me quickly get over the bitterness of the preemption today. lol

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6 thoughts on “Noble My Love: OST Extravaganza!”

  1. Oh, I watched this! Thanks to your ‘enabling’ 😎 and some kind soul who put up the episodes on YouTube.

    I confess, I didn’t quite see the appeal even after 2 – 3 episodes . . . then, I realised – it’s a send-up of all the usual drama tropes! The cold chaebol hero, the hardworking and loving heroine, mean girls, good friends, contract relationships, living together etc etc. I loved Secretary Kang – the actor looked like he was having so much fun playing the role of the ever-faithful and problem-solving assistant.

    It was a fun ride 😎 Thanks for ‘enabling’!

    1. Yes!!!! Enabling duty accomplished! 😉
      Perhaps because of all of the hackneyed yet beloved plot devices, I was rather charmed by the show. However, I acknowledge that there have been other series that have failed to charm me, even with all the cliches.
      So glad you got to see it! It was totally watchable, too, huh? Shorter episodes! 🙂

  2. This was not one of my favorite dramas but it was cute. Some of my favs are Princess Bride, Love from another star, Uncontrollably Fond (which I predict will be number 1 this year, Tomorrow’s Cantabile. Well anything with Kim Soo Hyun, Choi Min Ho, Lee Min Ho, Joo Won and Ji Chang Wook. I’m also a huge fan of Kim Woo Bin, Park Shi Hoo, Jung Il Woo, oh there are so many I can’t even write them all down. I guess I love them all!!!!!

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