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Hi! My fall schedule is finally settling down. Hurray! 🙂 This means I can finally post those Hawaii pictures (was only able to take a few because camera broke so had to resort to using cell phone…poor me, huh?) and attempt a new project this week. Since there are a number of websites and blogs that already recapped Scent of a Woman and Protect the Boss, I won’t bother with those, although I will continue to post the links that I use to watch Protect the Boss.

So what’s this new project, you ask? It’s the new Saturday-Sunday drama titled “A Thousand Kisses” with Kim So Eun and Ryu Jin! Can you sense my excitement? Yes, I know…they’re not the official main leads, but I love their characters so much that I’m mainly watching the show for their relationship. LOL. I posted a blog with the links to the first six episodes a while back.

Anyhow, it may take me a day or two to recap since the show airs on the weekends and I have very little free time on the weekends, but I am hoping to recap while I watch the show.  As of yet, I don’t think very many blog sites are recapping, so I’ll add my “two cents” for those who love the show like me but can’t wait until the English subs come out. Since the show’s not in high demand, I’ve noticed that the subs are lagging a bit on, which is a great shame. The show’s adorable and heartwarming! And…I’m thrilled that it’s scheduled for 50 episodes. LOL. Yup–or should I say, gulp?–I’m hoping that I’ll love the drama so much that I’ll stay with the recapping project until it’s end…all the way to episode 5-0! Let’s hope I can stayed resolved. 🙂

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