News: The Battleship Island (2017)

Let me first preface this post by confessing that I just got home from a 3-hour evening lecture, so I’m feeling a bit drained. I make no promises of complete coherence in this post. 😉

Barring certain lapses in coherent English, though, I just couldn’t resist sharing with you a trailer that I saw earlier today. Truthfully, I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw it during my lunch break.

You ready to see why, despite my tiredness and resolution to only blog on Fridays and Sunday evenings, I caved and am now blogging on a Wednesday night when I should already be asleep or at least getting ready to sleep? 😛

Get prepared to scream, Twinkles~! Some of our favorite eye candies are heading to the big screen in a historical movie of epic proportions, one that is clearly determined to wring out every last vestige of tears in our bodies if the trailer is any indication!

Doubt me? Take a look at this trailer and see for yourself… 

Video: Compliments of CJEntertainmentUSA via YouTube

Mark your calendars, Twinkles! This summer is going to be busy! I, for one, will be putting this on my agenda. My grandparents lived during this time period, so it certainly generates all sorts of emotions from me already.

And who knows? Perhaps CJEntertainment will contact me again to do a review of this. *wiggles eyebrows* What? It could happen! I could be encouraged to blog more frequently. 😉

If you’re not a big fan of epic historical movies, I have just two words for you…or rather two names: So. Ji. Sub. Song. Joong. Ki. 

Is that motivation enough for you? 😉

Just in case you need a bit more nudging, here are two pics:

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