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Did you hear the big news?! MBC is remaking one of my all-time favorite Kdrama shows–I knew it back then as 1% of Something (2003)–in an updated retelling of the classic contract marriage. 

I have mixed feelings about this bit of news, mainly because I loved the original so much and can’t imagine a remake of it.

OK, let me be more brutally honest: I’m afraid the new version will seriously mar what I loved and still love about the original–sweet love stories about couples and families.

However, I’ve heard good things about Ha Seok Jin–despite my doubts that anyone can make Lee Jae In come to life the way Kang Dong Won did–so I’ll keep my reservations about the show to a minimum. But…I can’t help doubting since this is one of those roles, one that especially helped catapult Kang Dong Won into the famed roles for which he’s better known. Ugh…so torn!

Then there’s Kim Jung Hwa…she portrayed the teacher Kim Da Hyun with such spunk and sweetness that I can’t see the character being portrayed by anyone else, much less Jeon So Min, who earned herself national and international attention with her role in Princess Aurora (2013).

*sigh* OK, I promise to keep my reservations to a minimum…until I see the remake. After that, all bets are off, and I make no promises. Mwuahahahaha….

You can read my review of the original series here. Until the first episode airs, feast your eyes and ears on the following teaser, compliments of · 가딘미디어 via YouTube. Enjoy, twinkles~!

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2 thoughts on “News: Remake of 1% of Anything”

  1. Jeon So Min redeemed herself to me in TOmorrow Victory. I’ve liked Ha Seok Jin since Tomorrow May Come and absolutely in Twenty Again. BTW, it was you would introduced me to 1% as well as Family Honor!!!

    1. Ah…I forgot that I introduced you to those two shows. Great memory, Bel!
      Since you have positive reviews of the two actors, I’ll try to stay open-minded, try being the operative word. LOL. 😉 Thanks for the feedback!

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