News: Lee Seung Gi’s Anniversary

Lee Seung Gi

Since we’re currently watching Gu Family Book, and I am a relatively “new” Lee Seung Gi noona, I thought that I should post a quick little blurp about our current leading man: It’s apparently his debut anniversary.

Go fig… 😉 I can never keep track of things like this; however, since a “noona” should be more conscientious about her dongseng‘s important dates, I thought I should mention this…now that I’m a noona and all.

Besides, I know that there are a number of Twinkles who personally claim “husband” dibs on my little dongseng, so this post is for all you ladies out there who “heart” him. 😉 One such fan created a short little MV of him here if you want to check it out. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “News: Lee Seung Gi’s Anniversary”

  1. Hi, Mawiie,

    I am not going to fight with you! But I will confess his was the first kdrama I ever watched (Brilliant Legacy) and, while I think he has some way to go as an actor, he is a wonderful singer! I have most of his albums *blush*.

    I also want to say that I have am absolutely amazed at what korean celebs’ fan clubs do. I was under the (mistaken) impression that fans got together to talk about/ gush over their celebrity of choice, buy his/ her merchandise, express their admiration in letters/ posts/ gifts etc. I have since realised that LSG’s fan club in my home country – and in Korea, and other places – collects funds to deliver food and gifts to LSG and crew while filming/ performing, prepares gifts for press events and so much more. All organised by people who do it because they greatly admire LSG ‘oppa’. Are all fan clubs like this? I mean, even for American/ Canadian/ French etc celebs?

    1. Yeah fanclubs are amazing (and some fans are crazy LOL)! As far as I know, we don’t have such things in Canada. Since Asians are the minority, we don’t find that many fellow fan around us. I have the chance to live in a relatively big and multicultural city, so most of my friends are Asians (I am too), so I’m not much of a closet fan LOL. I think the fandom culture is really different in the West. We like celebrities, but we are usually more distanced towards them.

      Anyways, back to Seung Gi! I have to confess, I couldn’t sit through Brilliant Legacy despite all the time that I tried :/

      1. Just a heads up…for the month of July, I may try to claim LSG as mine after marathoning K2H. Just saying…it may happen. 😉

        1. Hee! I just got Russ to watch it on Wednesday and he’s now at ep 17 (and sending me live tweet to gush LOL)

          Will you send me gushing tweets/emails?? Or post a final thoughts post?? Because only then will I consider you a potential rival in the “mine” war LOL My love is so big that I need standards for my rivals, you know? But be careful, I’m a sneaky lil ninja

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