News: Ji Hyun Woo Gets Ready to Enlist

Hi, everyone!

I recently subscribed to a variety of Korean news channels on YouTube and thought that I would share with you various kdrama news that interests me under this “News” corner.

My first piece of news via Arirang?

The title pretty much says it all.

Why am I creating a post just for Ji Hyun Woo? Because I came to adore his sweet, gentle smile while he was in Old Miss Diary, so this man holds a special place in my kdrama heart. 🙂 For those of you interested in seeing the news clip, I’m including the video below (since it’s in English): (all rights belong to Arirang)

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  1. I got introduced to I’m in Over the Rainbow; got to know him in A Thousand Kisses; grew to love him in Queen InHyun’s Man. Wish him the best and will so look so forward to his return in 2014. Hopefully for him (and us) and lets hope his love ones it goes real fast! Hopefully his new relationship will last because they make a truly wonderful couple on/off screen!

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