News: Happy Birthday, Bentley!

B and Rollie

Happy Birthday to our little Bentley! He’s 12 today! *blows noisemaker*

It’s hard to believe that our little mascot is already 12. *shakes head* Where has all the time gone?

Here’s to many more years of happy romping with “His Royal Fluffiness”!

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8 thoughts on “News: Happy Birthday, Bentley!”

    1. Thank you! He’s getting the “royal” treatment today with lots of kisses and hugs…and no dreaded hair cut, which was on our schedule for tonight! lol

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t know who Bentley is… but he’s awful cute. And happy birthday to him!

    1. Ah…he’s our mascot for Musings of a Twinkie and my canine family member. 🙂 Many thanks! I’ll make sure to give Bentley an extra hug from you today. 😉

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