News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans!

god teaser 1

Many of you may have already heard, but if you haven’t, you’re hearing it now: the legendary “boy group” g.o.d. is reuniting in honor of its 15th Anniversary. And this time, all FIVE members will be in attendance. Woohoo~! 

Already, the media frenzy is starting to build as old and new g.o.d. fans alike prepare to swarm upon Korea for this highly anticipated comeback.

And to hype up the anticipation even further, the group is releasing–slowly, one by one–a teaser featuring each of the members. Yeah, this gives the word “teaser” a whole new meaning. LOL

Below is the first one with Son Ho Young. Enjoy, Twinkles! Personally, I’ll be waiting for my teddy boo! Hmmm…I believe the man likes to be called “T-soul.” 😉 What a voice!

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4 thoughts on “News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans!”

  1. Hi Grace

    I have always like Son Ho Young, him and Kim Tae Woo are the only ones i know from god.
    He also happens to be the good looking one from the group!
    Unfortunately he had some bad time recently so Iam glad he must have overcome that to be able to do this comeback with the rest of the group.
    The only song I can remember from them that is nice is “Mother”
    Can’t wait to hear their songs again and I hope they will have something new too!

    1. I like how the teasers are reflecting each of the member’s personal past. Son Ho Young’s image of his past self crouched in the staircase is such a strong statement of the inner struggles that he’s had to overcome recently.

  2. OK, I got really excited after viewing the 2nd teaser of Danny I went and googled them!
    So Yoon Kye Sang is also from god, hmmm still prefer Danny or SHY

    AND, I found out they have a new song ” The Lone Duckling” which I will now try to find:P

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