News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 5 (Yoon Kye Sang)

god teaser 5

The final installment of the SidusHQ’s g.o.d. teaser series has just aired on YouTube. You can take a look at the clip below.

As I suspected, Yoon Kye Sang‘s portion alludes to his “successful” transition from music to the small screen as an actor. Perhaps it was my high expectations for his teaser, but as much as I appreciated the teaser’s implied statement, I found myself wanting more…What exactly that “more” entails, I have no idea. 😛

Shall we take a look at his teaser? 😉 

There’s a certain tension/reticence that peeks through in the teaser, reflective of his ambiguous feelings of his time as a g.o.d. member perhaps?

Overall, of the five teasers, I found Danny Ahn’s teaser (here) the most artistically satisfying…despite the fact that my favorite member is Kim Tae Woo. Go figure…appreciation for a piece of footage has nothing to do with favorite singer, I guess. 😉

And is it just me or did Danny Ahn’s piece–at 1 minute 54 seconds–just feel significantly longer (in a good way) and better told than anyone else’s? Son Ho Young’s clocks in at 1 minute 49 seconds and hints at his recent personal struggles. Kim Tae Woo’s is 1 minute 34 seconds long and features his foray into the music industry as a solo artist and producer. Park Joon Hyung’s is the longest at 2 minutes and 5 seconds…of him just skating through life/Korea. Yoon Kye Sang’s addition to the series is a mere 1 minute and 44 seconds.

*scratches head*

For some reason, Danny Ahn’s just seems to pack in more…perhaps it is the skillful back-and-forth between his darkened studio scene and the bright-sunlit driving scene. Whatever the reason, I’ve got to say that teaser 2 is my favorite. 😀

With all five teasers now completed, it’ll be interesting to see how else Sidus HQ promotes this eagerly anticipated return of all FIVE members as they commemorate their 15 years. *shakes head* How has it been 15 years already?

Hmm…but then again, it’s been ages since my two favorite bands from the 80s–A-Ha and OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark)–started to entertain me with some wonderful music.

Here’s to g.o.d. and its 15th Anniversary celebration! 😀

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2 thoughts on “News: Calling All g.o.d. Fans! – Teaser 5 (Yoon Kye Sang)”

  1. The audio in the Danny Ahn piece was really well edited. Has a huge impact. Plus he was working hard and it shows. Yoon and Park looked too laid back, too cool – almost like they don’t care and that comes through. These have been interesting for me to watch because I don’t follow K-pop AT ALL. I have had a huge crush on Yoon Kye Sang since 2008 when I saw him in “Who Are You.” He has been my number #1 bias for years and yet I never felt the need to go and check out his musical background. But in the last 2 years my love for him as waned. So much so in fact that I didn’t even watch Full Sun. Though I hate revenge dramas so that may have also had something to do with it. But because of these posts I researched the members and was amused to see that Danny Ahn is from Seattle! It is a small world.

    1. Like you, I passed on Full Sun. Revenge dramas are definitely not what I gravitate towards…as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now. LOL.
      Wow~! I had no idea that Danny Ahn is from Seattle. Is this why some of the members of the group speak English as well as they do?

      Thanks for sharing news of your past bias: Yoon Kye Sang! Heh…I now have an actor with whom I can associate you. 😉

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