New Change: Bulletin Board

I’m trying out this new little corner; let me know what you all think.

What is this new corner? It’s a bulletin board for notices, news, etc. for this community of twinkles. If there’s something unrelated to kdrama, but I or another twinkle wants to share that news or needs the help of this community, this little corner would be the perfect place to do so.

Having said that, let’s try this first bulletin notice. 🙂

One of my sisters has been trying to get me to get more in touch with my “feminine” side with beauty products. LOL. I guess she still thinks I cling to my younger tomboyish ways. Heh…Anyhow, one of the things she got me into is nail polish.

Yeah, you heard me…nail polish. 🙂

With that said, someone then introduced me to a membership program called Julep Maven that is currently allowing its new subscribers to try out their first box for 1 cent! Wow~ O.o

I decided to give it a try at this penny/1 cent/$0.01 deal…and since I can always cancel at any time without any further obligations. Now, since I know this community is almost 100% women (I’m allowing for a small 1% just in case there are hidden male viewers LOL), I thought some of you might be interested to try it out. Here’s the referral link: and make sure to use the discount code: SHAREONMARCH for the 1 cent deal if you decide to venture into the “unknown.” LOL. The site will show $19.99 until you input the discount code, which will then reset the price to 1 cent. Hope you like!

Some of you have probably already heard of this program and/or are members, so I’d love to hear your opinion of this company. Also, please let me know whether this experimental corner is a “thumbs up” or a “please-don’t-distract-my-kdrama-obsessed-eyes-with-such-distractors.” 🙂

On this note, I wish you all a wonderful weekend! I will most definitely try to recap HK3  more regularly next week since we are really winding down to the last two weeks of episodes and the writers are speedily tying up loose ends–romantic pairings.

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12 thoughts on “New Change: Bulletin Board”

  1. My sister is doing the same thing with me! To be honest, I’m extremely picky about nail polish. I finally found a brand I love and now I can’t find it anymore. I might give this one a shot =)

    I like this idea, of a little corner for random stuff.

    1. Twinkie, I think this bulletin board is a great idea. You never know what’s on peoples mind or what information they need.

      Hi Niema, If you tell me the name of the brand you are looking for I might be able to find it. My family and friends call me Sherlock Homes. I usually can find or put you on the track to just about anything.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic idea, I would love to read what everyone has to say though what you said about the nail polish might not work for me, (am on the other side of the world here )

    Do we wait for you to start or we can say anything anytime on the bulletin board?

    Enjoy your weekend Twinkie!

    1. You can either leave a comment on a bulletin post or email me your concern/topic, and I can post that. I’m still playing around with the format. 🙂

  3. I hardly use nail polish because I’m taking a ceramics class in high school…and the clay damages the polish lol so I gave up on doing my nails. However, I do like your proposal for things non kdrama related 🙂 we are one big community afterall. It’s like having friends you can just talk to. My bulletin request would be kpop related…I really want to know what cities Big Bang are visiting for their Alive Tour in North America. So if anyone is good at finding things out like that, I’d love to know 🙂

  4. Hey fellow Twinklings

    So I just finished watching King2Hearts and WOW is the show to definitely watch.

    It so freaking awesome and it’s only been the first episode, I guess I found my new habit now that Shut Up:Flower Boy Band ends and just in the nick of time to ( thanks Kdrama gods ^.^)

    So if you were unsure about watching this Kdrama, don’t be a scaredy cat and watch it.

    It has humor, drama, some nice eye candy ( hehe sorry SU:FBB reference) and my girl Ha Ji Won, who is killing it right now and Seung as well ( such a cutie with those dimples).

    No but seriously check it out. You will be pleasantly be surprised.

    K, done with my rant.
    Saranghue y’all

    1. LOL. Your comment preempted my announcement. LoL I am planning on watching the first two episodes to see if I want to recap this series…love Ha Ji Won’s picks 🙂 thanks for the recommendation!

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