New Change #2: A New Blogger! Yeah!!

In the midst of trying to get all my grading done for this condensed winter term, I received an email from a fellow “Musings” reader, who kindly offered to help me with the recapping load. Nice, huh?

As many of you have probably noticed, recaps to Dream High 2 are sadly not happening right now. Why? Because on my list of to-do recaps, I’ve got ATK Episode 50 and High Kick 3 Episode 92 to do…before I even start on Dream High 2.

So…when PaperCrank–she’s our new blogger–contacted me, I was thrilled! She definitely has a love for kdramas and a writing presence that I think will enrich our community. 🙂 I’ll let her introduce herself to you all in her first recap, which will be uploaded very shortly.

In the meanwhile, one of my classes ends tomorrow, which means that there will be no recaps tonight due to all the heavy grading I still need to do before tomorrow’s class. 🙁 However, I will endeavor to get some seriously recapping done tomorrow night as “a break” before I plunge back into the world of grading. The sad reality is that while students are “done” once finals are over, the work doesn’t end for professors until a few days later with the final posting of grades. 😛

Anyhow, I hope you all are excited about the new change #2! Yes, we are most definitely growing! I can’t wait to introduce more changes to you as they become realities for our little burgeoning community! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “New Change #2: A New Blogger! Yeah!!”

  1. Hi PaperCrank!!!

    Welcome to one of the best blogs on the web!
    Hope you have fun recapping for us.
    I look forward to many laughs and jokes!

    PaperCrank HWAITING!!!

    1. Thank you, KStyle!

      I’m already having a blast! Fun content (anything more fun than kdramas??) and a great community make it great. Hope you don’t expect too many laughs and jokes out of me – I’m a very serious person. 😉

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