New Change #1: Movie Monday Selections

Hi, everyone! I hope your weekend was a relaxing one.

As I mentioned in last week’s “Musings for Today,” I’m slowly finding my way around this blogging journey of mine and discovering things that I want to incorporate into and/or change with my current posts. I wanted to give you a heads up about a few changes I’m making to my “Movie Monday” corner so that you’ll know what to expect from this week forward.

1. There will be a rating to each movie to help you determine if this movie may be appropriate for you and your fellow viewing companions. I’ll be following the standard rating system we use here in the States:

G – general audience (very children-friendly)

PG – requires some parental guidance (older children-friendly)

PG-13 – recommended for viewers 13 years old and up

R – recommended for viewers 17 years old and up due to adult content


2. Twinkies to indicate how much I liked the movie. 🙂

1 Twinkie – I can’t believe I just wasted precious hours of my life watching this trash

2 Twinkies – Ugh…the movie was…interesting…undecided about whether I wasted my time.

3 Twinkies – I enjoyed it but wouldn’t watch it again.

4 Twinkies – I definitely enjoyed it and may watch it again if the mood strikes

5 Twinkies – I will most definitely rewatch this fabulous movie!

Let me give you an example: Last week’s movie The Man from Nowhere, despite the fact that I appreciate its theatrical merits and would recommend it to anyone who loves watching that type of movie, would only rate 3.5 twinkies according to my scale because I enjoyed it but probably won’t watch it again due to its extremely violent and adult content. The rating is obviously an “R.”

I hope this makes sense. After getting positive feedback from some of you last week, as well as feedback from two of my church students who are following this blog, I realized that a ratings system would be advisable. With that said, I hope you enjoy this week’s selection, which is scheduled to upload at midnight. 🙂

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  1. Good to follow, especially with the church students. I will keep that in mind if I ever recommend anything. Keep up the good work!

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