My Princess Update

So now that Secret Garden has ended, my fingers are feeling withdrawal symptoms… LOL  This blogging/recapping business can become quite an addiction, especially when my efforts are appreciated by you guys. 🙂

I believe I will continue my recapping activities with My Princess, a drama which is providing me with just the right amount of fluff and amusement. So to the two anonymous readers who requested recaps on this drama, I shall endeavor to try my best as time allows.

By the way, speaking of anonymous readers, could you leave nicknames/cyber names with your comments next time so that I can identify you better? I never know if the anonymous readers have been leaving me regular feedback or if they are new readers.  It’s always nicer to know to whom I’m talking/writing.  🙂 And this way, I’m more inclined to be swayed by suggestions from my “regulars.” *chuckles* And, you don’t have to create a blogspot account to do so since my sister simply signs her comments with “Bentley’s mommy,” and I know she doesn’t have a blogspot account.

Anyhow, this is enough blogging for me today. Hope you all have a great day! I’m enjoying a day off from work due to Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday since I work in the school system.

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