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Can I just say–now that I’ve seen the episode–that I really loathe Dan.  Her jealousy and stealing from Seul started way back when they were in the orphanage…ugh, loathsome little girl! I suspect the show will have various evil machinations be carried out by both her and Yoon-Ju.  😛  On the other hand, I love how Hae-Young has changed his mind and is actively (yet covertly to protect her) guarding her interests.

My prediction for the beginning of episode 10?  That Hae-Young gently disengages himself from Yoon-Ju’s arms to take Seul back home. 🙂  I will seriously be displeased if the show decides to have him remain in Yoon-Ju’s embrace just to placate her so that he can “protect” Seul better. That’s all for tonight…enjoy!

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