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Hi! Recap of Episode 6 done now. I tried to be a bit more detailed today.  🙂 Enjoy!

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Seul falls asleep to the hallucination of Hae-Young caressing her hair, which is why the next morning, when she begins to wake up, she ignores Hae-Young, whos leaning against her couch as he waits for her to wake up. Seul turns over in her sleep, assuming that hes another hallucination, and Hae-Young gets irritated, thinking that shes ignoring him. As she blinks her eyes open a second time, Hae-Young greets her, Hello, Princess. Seuls eyes widen; hes not an hallucination but real. Hae-Young continues, My name is Park Hae-Young, and Im from the diplomatic corp. Seul jerks awake and tugs the covers all the way to her chin as Hae-Young asks, Thats it? Advancing on her, he then asks if shes not going to scream, throw pillows, or does she find him that trustworthy. (Love how Seuls eyes get so wide) Leaning over her, he asks, Do your eyes typically glisten like that regardless of what man shows up at the foot of your bed? (This guy is starting to demonstrate classic jealousy symptoms) Your eyes say that you just woke up like Snow White and saw her Prince Charming. When Seul scoffs at the suggestion, Hae-Young continues, Even in this situation, am I dashing? Or perhaps youre glad to see me?  (The man does love to bait her.) Seul stutters, How did you get in here? Hae-Young retorts, Not how, but why? You should be curious about why I am here. Putting on a brave front, Seul tells him its obvious; he came here to kidnap her, blackmail her, etc. If thats the case, Hae-Young wants to know why shes not screaming. Seul blurts out, Because its the first day. At his assessing look, Seul explains that because its her first day as princess, she doesnt want to cause any disturbance. When she says that shell do something, she wants to do it well. She then asks him to leave quietly before she calls for help. Hae-Young tells her that she looks like a princess when she acts like that. Seul comments that he obviously didnt come to tell her that. Hae-Young explains, I came to see your face for the last time. From here on out, our relationship will become very different Picking up the phone, Hae-Young says that their conversation has ended. The staff can come prepare the princess for the day. At this, Seul demands to know if her staff simply let him into her bedroom because he said that he was from the diplomatic corp. Hae-Young replies, Of course. From today onward, Im the person responsible for you.
             Dressed, Seul has a conference with the president, the grandfather, Hae-Young, and the rest of her staff. The president explains that since he heard the princess decided to claim her title, he took the liberty of assigning diplomat Park Hae-Young to her, to serve her for the sake of the royal family/monarchy. (True, he does have experience taking care of royalty. Flashback to episode 1 in which he had to escort the visiting foreign princess). At the presidents introduction, Hae-Young bows while Seul and the grandfather look on. (interesting development LOL) Hae-Young then lists a number of his credentials and responsibilities, one of which is to take care of the princess and teach her royal etiquette. Seul asks in disbelief that surely the princess he mentions is not her. When Hae-Young confirms that it is, she loudly protests, much to the surprise of everyone in the room. She tries to quickly cover her outburst by explaining in a much more demure voice that she protests because of their past together. They already had a scandal together, so it seems highly improper for him and her to live under the same roof. Especially since theres a nasty rumor of how Dae Han Group was using the royal family/monarchy to its advantage, living together in the palace would only confirm those rumors. (nice save, Seul, but not good enough! LOL) The president smoothly replies, Thats why you must be together. Hae-Young explains that his being assigned to protect, teach, and care for her will explain why he had to make the false announcement that she was his woman and all of that. Even though he didnt want to say things like that, he had to in order to protect the princess. (Ha! Score for Hae-Young! LOL) The grandfather agrees to the presidents decision. However, Seul continues to protest, saying that Hae-Young is too dangerous and unpredictable a person to entrust her to his care. When both the president and grandfather look startled, she covers up her language by saying that its because Hae-Young is so handsome that shes not sure if she can focus on her lessons of etiquette and such. (I love how everyone doesnt buy her excuse) The president calmly explains to her, In all honesty, its not easy to find someone who is as well qualified as Diplomat Park Hae-Young. On this matter, we ask that the princess concede. Seul looks crestfallen. (poor Seul)

             Later in the grandfathers study, the grandfather blasts into Hae-Young, questioning Hae-Youngs motives for entering the palace. Hae-Young coldly replies that its because he doesnt want to live like his father, losing everything he knowsmoney, possessions, friends, etc. The grandfather returns in the same manner, Had I known this is how you would react, I should have told you about your father years ago. Hae-Youngs surprised at his grandfathers coldness, especially more so when the grandfather continues that hes not sorry to Hae-Young or to his father for the way things turned out. The grandfather says that Hae-Young can do as he pleases. Theyll see in the end who wins this battle of wills. (Dangtalk about family dysfunction)
             Walking through the halls of the palace, Seul tries to convince Hae-Young theres a better way to deal with this situation. (Interesting choice of attire for the couplethey look well-matched in beige and blend in quite nicely with the palace coloringobvious hint by the show?) He can simply come to the palace and play instead of taking his role seriously. However, Hae-Young replies that his personality wont allow him to frivolously use up the countrys money and resources that way. He plans on taking his role seriously. She says he can do laundry or cleaning then since she cant be taught by him. He calmly replies that of all the diplomats in the country, hes the only one suited to teach her since he grew up in a royal family himself. (Without an actual royal family, Korea considers tycoon/chaebol families to be its royal family. An example would be the Samsung family right now.) Seul then plays difficult and taunts him as to what he can teach her. Hae-Young intimidates her with financial possibilities of what shes going to do with all the Dae Han possessions and the various things she has to learn. Giving her an itinerary of tomorrows events, Hae-Young takes his leave. Seul glances at the schedule and freaks out that she has to start her day at 6AM.

             The next morning, the staff tries to wake her up. (Shes wearing a sparkly barrette/tiara to bedLOL) She resists, so Hae-Young has the female staff leave, gesturing that hell take care of things. Turning the alarm clock on, he casually throws in under the covers so that Seul is rudely awakened by the noise. She wakes up and complains that if Hae-Young is responsible for her, he should make sure she gets enough sleep. Hae-Young lifts off the covers from her head and then reminds her that for now, the only thing she can sacrifice is her sleep since shes not trained to do anything else. He then pointedly comments, Didnt you say that you would give it your all? Yet you cant even wake up properly? Seul complains that shes not even scheduled for any lessons. All hes having her do today is take tests: level 1, level 2, level 3, etc. Are you playing here?! Hae-Young smirks and says that its the first day, so he needs to assess what she knows. Why? Do you want to die because youre going to be taking lots of tests? (LOLlove the way he tilts his head and mocks her. Definitely, Hae-Young has the upper hand here…poor Seul) With nothing better to say, Seul picks up on the fact that hes not using the honorific form to address her. Hae-Young pretends to catch himself and then points out that theres no one here to hear them. He blinks prettily while she huffs and puffs. Seul declares that she refuses to learn anything from someone who doesnt have a teaching certificate and then hides herself under the covers, intent on going back to sleep. Hae-Young smiles a bit tightly and then tells her he has one. Wake up!
             Seated at a drawing room in the palace, Seul looks through Hae-Youngs many certificates. Shes amazed that he really does have teaching certificates as well as diplomas: MBA, CPA, teaching English certificate. When Seul suggests that he may have purchased the degrees, the staff verify that he was famous during his college years for being a well-educated chaebol. Irked by Hae-Young’s smug expression, Seul asks if Hae-Young told them this directly. One of the female staffers says that Diplomat Park is too humble and reserved to ever praise himself; they looked up the information themselves. Seul scoffs at the idea that he’s humble and reserved. She then continues to bait him with taunts. Having had enough, Hae-Young asks the female staffers to leave them so that he can start. When Seul tries to leave, he bullies her as to how princesses should behave. He teaches her than when someone grabs her hand, rather than ask the person to let her go, she should command the person to move. When Seul asks if he entered the palace to torment her, he tells her to do her duty and study her role as princess properly or he will torment her as she suspects.
             Seated at the palace library, Seul takes her first test while Hae-Young annoyingly paces.  (I love the library! Ack! What a dream library!) Hae-Young grades her test; she misses every single question (!) When she asks for the exam back, he refuses and calls it quits for the day because hes so stunned by her poor performance. When she keeps asking for it, he tells her he needs it so that he can properly write a report to the president. Seul is mortified that the president will know of her hideous score. Hae-Young replies that her progress as a princess is of great national concern and that this test may cause the president to reconsider his position. (LOL) Later while Hae-Young eats his lunch, Seul tries to take the folder that holds her test. She fails miserably, and Hae-Young continues to tease her. She asks to speak privately with him, repeating to her staff that she is not to be interrupted, regardless of what they hear or dont hear (LOLgreat line).
             Inside Hae-Youngs room in the palace, Hae-Young continues to tease her (he looks like a monkey at one point) while Seul tries to grab the folder, saying that she doesnt want to be embarrassed like this. Shes never even shown her mother her grades. She even gets on the bed to make a flying leap for the folder. She fakes a fall and then grabs the folder, only to be fooled because Hae-Young has the exam results in his breast pocket. Lying on his bed, she then threatens that shes not going to leave his room until he gives her the exam. He calls her bluff and joins her on the bed. Stunned by his move, she starts to fall off the bed and he catches herintimate look/awkward moment. They both get up hurriedly and Hae-Young tells her that if she arrives late for tomorrows lesson, hell send the exam results to the Blue House (president’s house). Seul leaves, happy to have been given a reprieve.
            As Seul gets ready to sleep, she sets three different alarm clocks and plays with the lights, unable to fall asleep. She paces on top of the bed and fans herself as she reflects on the day. Shes afraid that she won’t be able to wake up due to lack of sleep, so she does an Internet search on how to go to sleep when her heart pounds because of a man, no a diplomat. (LOL) She proceeds to do bunny hops, jumping backs, push-ups, etc.
             Still unable to go to sleep, Seul goes out to get some water. Gun sees her and sneaks up on her as a trick. Surprised, Seul ends up spraying his face with water. When Gun makes her a drink to aid in her sleeping, she exclaims that the drink tastes so good even though its just honey and milk. Gun cheekily replies that its because the drink was made with love.
             Early the next morning, Hae-Young, in exercise wear, waits by the palace fountain for Seul to arrive.  When she doesnt, he barges into her bedroom despite the protests of the female staffers. Leaning over her bed, he gently advises her that it would be wise to wake up now. In reply, Seul murmurs in her sleep, Professor. (LOL) She puckers her lips. In disbelief, Hae-Young bodiy wakes her up, slinging her (with comforter and all) over his shoulders in a threat to dump her in the fountain.  When she quickly assures him that shes awake, he dumps her in the fountain anyhow (payback for the professor comment? LOL). Chaos ensures.
             Seul, now dressed and ready for the day, bursts into the library and asks him for the exam. He pretends that he sent off the exam already. Seul freaks and asks how he sent it. After letting her worry for a bit, he gives her the exam and then sternly tells her to take her role and training seriously: daily running 30 laps around the grounds, being prompt, etc. When she asks if hes seriousshe feels like hes training her as a high school student preparing for the college entrance examhe tells her to take it seriously or he will, in fact, revert to training her as if its 100 days before the college entrance exam (huge deal for Korean seniors).
             Director Oh (grandfathers right-hand man) prepares her for the press conference and tells her that she should memorize names and faces of the reporters. When Seul exclaims that shes happy to finally be able to clear her fathers name with reporters who are on her side, the director tells her that she will not be fielding any questions about her late father. At her surprise (since this is why she entered the palace), Hae-Young comments that this is the way his grandfather works and takes his leave so that Director Oh can speak with Seul freely.
             Yoon-Ju has a farewell party with her staff before she assumes her new role. One of Seuls female staffers comes to talk with Yoon-Ju, and we find out that shes a spy for Yoon-Ju. The staffer comments that Park Hae-Young has entered the palace as the princess teacher, and their relationship is ambiguous; at times, they fight, but at other times, they seem close. This report gives Yoon-Ju pause.
             Later that evening, Hae-Young has dinner with the corrupt politician who says empty words of praise to him. Hae-Young says he shouldnt say words he doesnt mean and that he doesnt keep his promises. Then mentioning the report file the politician sent him, Hae-Young clarifies that he asked the politician not to release any news until the information had been accurately confirmed. The politician, drunk as a skunk, tells him that released news has a tendency to become confirmed news. Hae-Young cuts him short and tells him that asking the politician to lift the transport ban was a test. Next time, the politician should be responsible about the information he leaks. Someday, Hae-Young will assume the position of his grandfather and the politician would do well to not get on his bad side.
             The next morning, Seul asks for permission to leave the palace. She assures the grandfather that he doesnt need to fear if shell return. Shes determined now to be the princess.
             At the professors office, Seul comes to visit and asks the Professor to buy her lunch. Unable to tear her eyes from his face, she sneaks peeks as she eats. The professor discovers that Hae-Young has been assigned her teacher. She seeks his consult and hopes that the professor will help her. To her surprise, he merely advises her to use Park Hae-Young to her advantage, to test if hes truly trustworthy. (My suspicion is that Professor Nam is going to take Yoon-Ju up on her offer now that Hae-Young is in the palace.)
             Back at the palace, Hae-Young asks where she went. When she explains that she went to see the professor, Hae-Young tells her that he doesnt want to hear the Professors name from her anymore. (jealousy?) He then reminds her that he will treat her viciously if she doesnt act properly.
             Lounging at his apartment, Hae-Young laughs victoriously as his apartment is released back to him and the black suits remove the red tags. 
             Yoon-Ju visits Hae-Young with wine and announces that shes been made director of the palace. Hae-Young then tells her that the president has asked him to also enter the palace and take responsibility of training the princess. She feigns ignorance and then goes to the kitchen to prepare him dinner. Meanwhile, Professor Nam Jung Woo calls her cell, Hae-Young answers and gives her the phone, and she answers the call professionally because Hae-Youngs in the room.   
             Immediately, Yoon-Ju goes to meet Jung Woo, who tells her that hell take the position at the palace and would have accepted earlier had it not been for her. (Seriously, I think hes going there to provide Seul with support as well as do the research that he so loves…love triangle, here we come!) He then concludes by telling her that she means nothing to him now. He returns home and symbolically ends his relationship with her by turning down their photo frame. Meanwhile, Yoon-Ju slightly tears up, still at the café. (I guess a part of her did love himeither that or shes tearing up because of wounded pride) At the same time, Hae-Young peruses a book by Professor Nam and notices that the dedication is made out to Oh Yoon-Ju.
             Seul, on the other hand, is found doodling in her diary: mean comments about Hae-Young, love comments about Professor Nam (hearts all over the place LOL), and missing comments about her mom and her sister, etc. She falls asleep with the diary open.
             The next morning, Seul is excited to hear that her mom and sister have come to visit. She embraces her mom warmly while Dan looks on in disgust. The mom pretends that she needs to use the restroom and uses that excuse to speak privately with Hae-Young, who apologizes for his earlier pretense of engagement. She tells him its all right–when would she ever get a chance to call such a handsome man her son-in-law. He then tells her that son-in-law Park is his nickname and that she can continue to call him that. (Aw…) She asks for his care in looking after Seul and tries to give him some money to accompany the request. While they tussle because it’s inappropriate for him to take the “bribe,” Yoon-Ju interrupts and says that shes asked the mom to come here so that they can sort through the formal lineage documentation.
             Outside, Seul asks Dan if the mother knows why theyve come. Seul worries about how her mother will take the news that Seul cant be her daughter anymore and how Seul will explain this. Dan tells her coldly to watch herself then. Make sure you act properly so that no one can blame mom for raising you poorly. She then bitterly remarks that things have always come easily for Seul while shes had to work hard at getting into college and being a good daughter. 
             Yoon-Ju presents the final document for the mother to sign in order for Seul to be consider officially princess and not her daughter. Before the mother signs, she asks what will happen then to the insurance and savings she established for when her daughters get married. Shes not very educated and so wants to confirm that Seul can still receive the benefits before she signs away her parental rights. Will my daughter receive the money when I die? Seul and she have a good cry as the separation becomes finalized. Mom leaves with Dan, asking Hae-Young to take good care of her princess. As he watches the car leave, Hae-Young softly apologizes to her.(Ugh…harbinger of bad things to come.)
             Crying mournfully in her bedroom, Seul cries out Mom repeatedly while Hae-Young listens thoughtfully outside. (Shes lost her father and now her mother due to her title.)
             The next morning, Hae-Young enters Seuls bedroom and announces, Lets study. When she remains silent on her bed, he apologizes and says that hes done wrong, not to her but to her mother. He then repeats, Lets study. Seul gets up and walks past him. He asks where shes going, and she answers with resolve, To study.
             Surrounded by stacks of books, Seul and Hae-Young bury themselves in the library and pour over documents, newspapers, etc.
             In one of the sitting rooms, Seul prepares for her first press conference while Hae-Young continues to coach her: youre not here to flirt, youre not going out for Miss Korea, etc. She continues to practice her televised speech (I think Hae-Young flinches a bit when she explains that Hae-Young was just pretending to be her fiance). Hae-Young then tells her that her adoptive father had sold a royal artifact for money. She has a decision to make: does she want her real father to be consider a schemer or her adoptive father. They are interrupted by a request for the princess to go pick out her press conference outfit.
             At the designers place, Yoon-Ju shares a warm moment with the designer until Seul walks in. The designer, thrilled by Seuls beauty, greets her ecstatically and shows enthusiasm at the prospect of clothing Seul, which irks Yoon-Ju. Offering to take Seul downstairs, Yoon-Ju tells Seul to enjoy things while she can. Yoon-Ju then unveils her real nature and tells Seul that either theyll forcibly drag her out of the palace or she can walk quietly on her own. Shaken, Seul prepares to try on clothes. (poor Seul…she has no one to trust in the palace…can’t wait for Professor Nam to come to protect her.)
PREVIEW: Yoon-Ju looks on in envy and spite as Seul tries on clothes and gets praised. Yoon-Jus probably thinking that she should be the one wearing those clothes and getting admired. Hae-Young looks on as if he cant take his eyes off her. (looking forward to the day everyone finds out how witchy Yoon-Ju really is) Later on in the preview, after all the recap scenes, Hae-Young gets word that Seul has disappeared. He searches the palace grounds for her. 
Hope you enjoyed the read! Off to go do some work now. 

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