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Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy the recap, despite the fact that I didn’t get to spend as much time on the recap as I would have liked. Overall, I hope you can make sense of the summary.

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Seul is amazed that such a beautiful palace was built just for her. When a butterfly, which typically is never found in that region, lands on Seul’s shoulder, everyone takes it as a good omen. Seul explains to the grandfather that the main reason why she’s decided to acknowledge being a princess is to prevent her father from being wrongly accused of /associated with false rumors. She then has a heart-warming reunion with her mom, who at first is afraid to embrace Seul because of her princess status. (so sad how the mother feels that she has to ask permission before she can embrace Seul)
             Meanwhile at his workplace, Hae-Young discovers that he’s been transferred and then has an encounter with the persistent reporter.
             Around the same time at Seul’s mom’s place, Seul’s older sister has a conversation with the museum curator (Yoon-Ju) and is told that the family will be protected by secret service. The older sister caustically remarks that unless the protection is permanent, she has no need for temporary things as she hates people giving and taking things away from her. Yoon-Ju leaves her business card and asks the older sister to contact her if she needs anything. Afterward, the older sister keeps Yoon-Ju’s business card in a safe place for future use and then notices Seul’s silk pouch. She carefully cradles it in her hands with a devious glint in her eyes. (Ominous harbinger of evil doing on the sister’s part?…I hope she’s not planning on claiming that she’s the princess if she possesses the pouch)
            At the palace, the mom takes her leave, and Seul promises that she’ll work to assume her position as princess. After Seul retires to bed, Yoon-Ju joins her father and the grandfather in the study and is surprised to hear that the process of officially reinstating the princess needs to be hurried now that the princess has agreed to claim her title. Yoon-Ju tries to cover her shock and is further surprised when the grandfather asks her what he can offer her for all her years of service before he donates his entire wealth. She modestly declines and asks that simply being allowed to serve him in the years to come will be more than enough. The grandfather tells her he thought about giving her the Hae-Young Museum. Her father seems a bit surprised at that but is further surprised when Yoon-Ju asks the grandfather if she can be the executor of reestablishing the monarchy. This way, she can also moderate Hae-Young’s rash behavior if she’s intimately involved in the process. The grandfather is thrilled and entrusts the matter in her hands. However, her father, perhaps suspecting ulterior motives, tells her to rescind her offer. She refuses and asks her father to trust her. 
             Seul enters her bedroom and, after a brief introduction to her two staff, is ecstatic over the wall of shoes (Love how she catapults over her bed to get to the wall). She then spends times exploring her expansive bedroom and wardrobe, trying on various outfits and parading in front of the mirror. Yes, she even falls down while trying on a pair of stylish shoes because they don’t fit her. This deflates her excitement and causes her to wonder if she really belongs in the palace. In much the same way that the shoes didn’t fit her, she wonders if the palace is where she belongs.
             Seul’s friend receives a text message from Seul saying that Seul’s lonely and sad spending the first night alone in the palace with a temperature of 39.5. Professor Nam comes into the office and hears that Seul has entered the palace. Concerned and perhaps a bit curious if she asked about him, Professor Nam asks if she said anything else. (LOL) He’s then called into his supervisor’s office where he learns that Yoon-Ju has arranged for him to be a part of the palace. As he and Yoon-Ju walk out of the office, she urges him to take the position, and he declines, mentioning that for someone without money or influential connections, he’s done fairly well for himself—professor at age 30. She tells him that he does have influential connections—her. At her comment, Professor Nam says to help him and show her influence by telling him the location of the palace so that he can visit Princess Seul.
             Meanwhile, at Hae-Young’s apartment, Dae Han Groups black suits (guards) invade Hae-Young’s place and proceed to red-tag almost everything in his apartment. When Hae-Young asks what’s going on, the head guy explains that it’s because everything belongs to the grandfather. Hae-Young protests since the apartment may belong to the grandfather but not the possessions inside. However, the guard then explains that since the credit card Hae-Young used was associated with the Dae Han Group, everything is being confiscated, including the coffee mug (LOL). As for the red-tags, which are typically used in debt repossession cases, the guard explains that it’s their way of showing that they are doing their work (LOL). Handing Hae-Young a suitcase, the guard then sympathizes with him and asks Hae-Young to leave so that he doesn’t have to forcefully kick him out. (poor Hae-Young)
             Dragging his suitcase, Hae-Young meets Yoon-Ju in a café where he learns that everything he thought was his has been donated or is about to be donated by his grandfather.
             At the same time, Seul goes shopping at the department store to buy gifts for her mother and sister; she only buys a headband for herself. Unfortunately, Hae-Young is in the lingerie department and hides behind a mannequin to avoid detection by Seul. However, he gets caught red-handed (literally with a red boxer in his hands) by Seul. They exchange their usual barbs and they separate. Hae-Young tries to buy some items and discovers that his credit cards have been frozen.
             Hae-Young receives a phone call from the president’s office and has a meeting with him. There, he learns that although the president is supporting the reestablishment of the monarchy, the president isn’t thrilled with the princess or the situation. However, he feels that his hands are tied, especially after what he promised the grandfather. He asks Hae-Young what he would suggest.
             At a blood donation drive with reporters taking photos, the president and the rival politician donate blood side-by-side. Apparently, the president, who invited the politician for the publicity blood drive, tells the politician not to bother the princess anymore. (My suspicion is that something is in the works to sabotage the princess’s reinstatement…I hope the president doesn’t turn out to be a devious politician.)
             Back at the palace, Seul receives word that the professor has come to visit her and flies across the palace grounds to meet him, her assistant trailing behind her with words of caution about decorum and safety. Before reaching the door, though, Seul turns around and asks how she looks. (LOL) Then bursting through the doors, she welcomes the professor. He asks after her welfare and when he says that he came to see her because he missed her, she tells him that she’s overwhelmed. (LOL) The professor tells her that as princess, there will be many things to overwhelm her and that she can come to him for counsel and support during those times. In the middle of their conversation, Hae-Young calls and interrupts them. After their usual barbs to each other, he tries to get Seul to tell him the location of the palace. She refuses. He then tells her that he’s planning on marrying her, at which point she quickly hangs up. Shocked, she excuses herself so that she can call him back privately, which she does and receives an earful about how he’s planning on holding a press conference to announce their wedding plans if she doesn’t come out of the palace to meet him. At this, she freaks and rushes back into the room to grab the professor for a consultation. Blockading the door from her assistants, she tells the assistants that she and the professor are not to be interrupted—no matter what the assistants hear or don’t hear.
             Once alone with the professor, she asks for his help because Park Hae-Young is planning on announcing wedding plans. They then try to secretly escape. (Silly moments) However, they are seen leaving the palace by the cook (the BEAST actor from the seaside restaurant) who mistakenly think that she’s being kidnapped. He follows her on his scooter in order to “save” her but only ends up helping to create an accident: the professor drives into a construction site.
             Hae-Young drives up to the hospital where Seul is overreacting to a little blood. As the doctor leaves, he tells Hae-Young that the injury doesn’t require hospitalization (Hae-Young gets irritated by the doctor’s cold bedside manners). Seul comments that Hae-Young came immediately in answer to her phone call and so hasn’t had that press conference. They squabble again. When the professor tries to interrupt, Hae-Young blames the professor and tells Seul that he warned her not to ride in the professor’s car. She takes exception to that and proceeds to blame Hae-Young, saying that it was because of him that the professor was trying to help her. Dragging her by the arms to get her to leave the hospital, Hae-Young causes her to wince in pain, and Seul fears that he may have dislocated her arm. The two men leave to take care of the hospital bills and argue over who is going to pay the bills. The professor claims that he can pay for a cherished student of his while Hae-Young claims that he should pay as her fiancé. Hae-Young wins and then tells the professor to give him and Seul some time to sort through some matters, which can bring an end to this whole fiancé business by the end of the day.
             Meanwhile in Seul’s hospital room, the kitchen help asks if she’s all right and if Hae-Young is really her fiancé. At this, Seul jerks upright in bed, much to the kitchen help’s surprise and concern. She then learns his name (Gun) and seeks his help as a nuna (LOL…nuna means older sister in Korean…definitely not appropriate to have him call her that when she’s a princess…LOL).
             At the palace, while the assistants clean up her bedroom and talk with her, Gun (with headband and Seul’s pajamas on) hides under the covers while pretending to be Seul. (Hmmm…the silliness seems a bit overplayed.)
             Standing watch over Seul in the hospital room, Hae-Young listens concerned over Seul’s sleeping form as she cries for her father. However, his concern switches to disbelief when her cries become cries for food. (LOL). She tricks Hae-Young into giving her water, claiming she can’t use her arm, and then continues her pretense at being sick. She farts (!) in his presence and asks his help to go to the bathroom.
             As she comes out of the bathroom, she encounters a worried mother who begs the nurse for help with her overly sick child. When Seul realizes the mother’s being denied help because of a lack of beds, she gives up her bed and bravely pretends to not be sick. However, she faints outside the hospital before she can get into Hae-Young’s car. Hae-Young tries to take her back into the hospital, but she refuses so that the child can continue to receive medical aid. At a loss for what to do, Hae-Young takes her back to his apartment (despite the fact that it’s no longer his) and looks after her, trying to bring her fever down. While doing so, he notices bruises on her arms and realizes that she was hurt far more than he thought and than she let on.
             The grandfather and his secretary discover the princess’s whereabouts and plan to go to her.
             Awake at Hae-Young’s place, Seul notices the wet cloth compress and water basin. Walking out of the bedroom, she finds Hae-Young making her the traditional get-well porridge. When she struggles to eat, he takes the spoon from her and feeds her. When he comments on how she got bruises all over her arms and shoulders, Seul is shocked that he changed her clothes. Hae-Young reassures her that he didn’t see anything (LOL). Seul then accuses him of having ulterior motives. Regardless, Hae-Young asks that even if she doesn’t accept his apology about telling her about her father that way, she will at least believe his sincerity. He genuinely is sorry. Finishing her breakfast, Seul is shocked to find red tags all over the apartment. Seul goes to change so that she and Hae-Young can clear up some matters. However, Seul discovers newspapers and a report on her father in Hae-Young’s room. Betrayed, she confronts Hae-Young and says that the reports are exactly the same as what she’s been hearing on the news. Hae-Young asks if she believes that he was behind this. She asks him if he concocted all of this so that she couldn’t be the princess. Hae-Young reaffirms that he was genuine in his concern for her welfare, her father, but most of all, he’s genuine in his hope that she’ll give up her title.
             Seul flees Hae-Young’s apartment, with Hae-Young in pursuit, only to meet the grandfather who takes her to meet the president. Without exchanging another word, Seul and grandfather leave with Hae-Young looking after them.
             At the president’s office, the president welcomes her, and Seul returns the greetings, saying that she, too, wanted to meet him since she elected candidate #5. They then discuss the possibility and responsibility of reestablishing the monarchy. Once done with the meeting, the grandfather tells her that it is up to her to decide where she wants to go next and what she wants to do next.
             Seul returns to the palace to get some much needed rest in her bed. She envisions Hae-Young by her side looking lovingly at her as he strokes her hair reassuringly. (I guess his charm is finally getting to her…LOL).
             The next morning, Seul wakes up to another vision of Hae-Young sitting inside her bedroom, waiting for her to wake up. Thinking that he’s another vision, she turns over in her sleep, only to realize he’s there in the flesh when he greets her, “Hello. I’m Park Hae-Young.” He’s apparently entered the palace to become her aid (!)
Interesting moments between Seul and Hae-Young. Professor Nam finally lets go of Yoon-Ju and declares that she’s nothing to him now (Hurray! He’s free to like Seul…so sad, though, that it’s going to be unrequited love *sigh*)

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