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Twinkie’s Recap:

Seul bikes through her college campus as a dozen bodyguards run after her. As she arrives at her destination—her class—a crowd of students gather, gushing about how pretty she is and taking pictures.  When the bodyguards catch up with her, she praises them for a good job (on following her) as they try to protect her from the crowd. The main bodyguard asks her if she can’t learn how to drive and finally obtain her driver’s license. He wonders how she hasn’t been able to get one in the past two years (LOL!). She looks a bit sheepish and then runs into the building saying that she’s late for class.
Seul is seated in the front row of her classroom prepared for class when the professor walks in.  Oh Yoon Ju introduces herself as the professor for the term and then silently motions for Seul to help her pass the class handouts. (The look on each of their faces is priceless!) As Seul grudgingly gets up to pass the syllabus, Professor Oh smugly comments that she does not tolerate tardiness or students thinking that they can get better grades than they actually deserve (pointed comment to Seul). Seul asks why Yoon Ju’s looking at her, to which Yoon Ju replies, “It’s because you were the only student who received an F in my class last semester.” (Oh no) When class ends, Seul chases Yoon Ju outside and asks if Yoon Ju plans on continuing to fail her. Yoon Ju replies that she only gives grades according to the student’s abilities and that Seul doesn’t have to keep taking her class. However, Seul insists that she wants to learn from the professor who can best teach her about Hae-Young Museum because she wants to know as much as she can so as to protect the museum. Yoon Ju then makes a comment insinuating that it’s because of Seul that Han Young has been living abroad for the past two years, just like his father. Seul corrects her and says that it’s a completely different story than his father since Hae Young is living abroad serving as an international diplomat on behalf of Korea. She then congratulates herself on her improvement in insulting Yoon Ju and leaves with her bodyguard.
Meanwhile, reclined side by side while giving blood just as in a previous episode, the president and his arch rival pose for photos. The arch rival tells the president that they should push through a lot of political agendas while the public’s interest with the palace is at a high. He claims that the public is enamored with the princess, especially now that she’s opened up the palace to the public, that they may not pay much attention to them. In a huff, he comments that everything she does seems to endear her to the public and that he dislikes (can’t come up with the exact translation for the word he uses) her. To this, the president replies that HE dislikes the arch rival.
Inside the palace, groups of tourists roam through the palace taking various pictures with the staff as well as with a paper cutup of Seul. Meanwhile, Seul is getting dressed when she’s interrupted by her personal aid with a phone call from Prince Harry of England (LOL) who wants to be the first one to wish Princess Seul happiness on her birthday. The staff sighs and comments how romantic this situation is when the tutor (Hae Young’s replacement) enters with a phone call from the prince of Thailand who’s called to do the same thing. Seul looks disappointed as she was hoping that Hae Young was calling. The two staff members argue with each other about which phone call she should receive first while Seul only asks if Hae Young has called yet.
In front of the cameras, Seul gets videotaped preparing traditional Korean cookies and candies and playing a traditional Korean instrument when the lights go out suddenly. Her royal staff walk in with a lit cake and wish her a happy birthday as well as wishes for her to get married this year. As she walks out of the videotaping, she answers questions from reporters. She explains that she was pretending to be pretty (love how she jokes with the reporters) and filming a segment to showcase Korea’s culture to the rest of the world. At the question of whether she knows about her grandfather’s journal being in England right now, she answers that she’s working on having the journal returned to Korea.  
Collapsing on her bed, Seul resists efforts by her personal aide to get up and look at her birthday gifts. She’s too exhausted from all her obligations, which include filming commercials. However, she gets up and smiles as she wonders which one of these contains Hae Young’s gift to her. When the aide tells her that they haven’t received his gift yet, her smile turns to disbelief. She sits cross-legged on her bed, staring at her cell phone as if willing it to ring or receive a text message of some sort. Her aide tries to defuse her growing anger by suggesting that perhaps Hae Young forgot. Seul replies that he couldn’t have since she’s been reminding him for the past week. Then aide suggests that perhaps he’s still recuperating from jetlag. Seul replies that if he hasn’t acclimated to the time difference after two years, he should give up his job as an international diplomat (LOL) With growing anger in her voice, she states that she will call him first. Why? Because she’s cool (meaning that she won’t let things like this phase her). However, when he ignores her phone call, she explodes and wonders if he’s crazy, whether he’s cheating on her, etc. To calm her down, her aide reminds her that she has an important test tomorrow.
The next day, Seul walks into the palace to the concern of her staff who want to know if she passed her driving exam. She mutters that it might be because that guy (Hae Young) kept telling her to press the gas. (LOL) At their questions of who the guy is, she hurriedly changes the topic.
Seul goes to visit the resting grounds of Chairman Park and comments that he must have had a visitor already (my guess is Hae Young) since there is another bouquet of flowers besides hers. She then asks if it would be all right to let her have Hae Young. He sometimes confuses her because she’s not sure if he keeps staying abroad due to his job or in an effort to avoid her. Her visit to Chairman Park is cut short as she receives a phone call from Professor Nam.  
At her meeting with Professor Nam, she learns that the man who’s in charge of the journal in England is traveling in Mongolia right now, which means that he hasn’t been able to receive any of her letters. Professor Nam tells her not to give up. They’ll try ten times, and if that doesn’t work, then they’ll try twenty times. (Sweet man! What a great educator! Can you all tell that I love the man? LOL)
Behind the wheels of a car, Seul talks to herself while she drives. She complains that it’s all because of Hae Young that her driving is so disgraceful when she goes to take the test. She’s fine driving on the road by herself but completely hideous during the test. In her princess tone, she demands what country’s rule or law he’s following to leave the country in the middle of giving her driving lessons. A car then starts honking behind her, and she motions for the driver to pass her since she doesn’t know how to change lanes (I love how she talks to the driver even though the driver can’t possibly hear her). In a flash, the car passes her and pulls up ahead only to stop. As Seul fumes and looks to see who the driver is, Hae Young steps out of the car and waits for her. Seul is thrilled and then starts to get mad at his late appearance. (You’ve got to love how long it takes her to drive up to Hae Young’s car!) She pulls up close to his car, almost sandwiching him between her and his cars. (Yes, the scene showcases how trim his waistline is. LOL) As Seul tries to get out of the car, Hae Young keeps closing her door so that Seul has no choice but to roll down her windows to talk with him. As he teases her about how embarrassed he is that she’s failed her driving test…yet again!…she catapults through her car window and hugs him, telling him that he can’t leave her anymore.
Inside Hae Young’s place, Seul cooks a meal and asks him if he’s back for good now. They don’t have to have a long distance relationship anymore. He nods and comments that he’s glad to be back. She questions him, though, on why he ignored her birthday. He explains that he didn’t want his gift to be mixed with a mound of other gifts. At his answer, she melts and then tells him to brace himself since she’s canceled all her official engagements for today just so she can spend time with him. He tries her cooking and approves. She comments that she’s improved quite a bit and has even filmed commercials. People have started calling her Lee Jang Geum (love how this drama makes allusions to other dramas) and that they’re saying she’ll make a first-rate wife. Hae Young comments that she’s 27 this year and teases her by asking if she has a guy who is willing to take her off the market. In a huff, Seul abruptly gets up to use the restroom, and Hae Young uses that time to pull out a ring box and look at the ring he’s about to give Seul. However, before he can propose, he gets a phone call asking him to report to the Blue House. Unbeknownst to Hae Young, Seul spies the ring box and sits back down for lunch, pleased to know that Hae Young is going to be proposing to her soon. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected phone call, Hae Young pockets the box and pushes back his proposal plans. Although displeased that he’s been called back to work so soon, Seul is thrilled that he’s back in front of her eyes.
Hae Young meets with the president who comments that Hae Young seems to have made a good impression with the people overseas. Hae Young explains that his donation of his grandfather’s fortune was looked upon favorably. The president comments that foreigners tend to be impressed by things like that, especially the British. He then states that Hae Young’s movements are followed quite closely by people overseas, who publish reports of what he does and where he shops. “You bought a ring, I hear.” Hae Young is stunned to hear that things like that have reached the president. The president ignores the question and asks if Hae Young plans on getting married soon…to the princess. When Hae Young acknowledges his plans, the president asks him not to propose. If he does, Hae Young could potentially ruin everything that they’ve worked on for the past two years—the peace between the palace and the Blue House—and that people will say Hae Young had ulterior motives in donating his grandfather’s fortune. The president then tells Hae Young that he’s going to be sent to Washington in preparation for the ultimate career of a diplomat. As a man, he shouldn’t let personal emotions get in the way of his greatness. Hae Young asks if the president is bothered by his presence in Korea. The president denies any bother and states that he’s merely giving Hae Young the chance to live out his dreams in the political realm.
Back at his place, Hae Young looks at his engagement ring and recalls the president’s comment that “You don’t want to be known only as the princess’ man.” He’s interrupted in his thoughts by Seul’s phone call. She lets him know that she can’t meet him as she originally planned because she resumed her schedule when his meeting looked like it was going to take a while. They make plans them to meet tomorrow because he has something important to tell her. At this, Seul and her staff member squeal in delight and excitement because they think it’s a marriage proposal. They speculate as to how and where he’s going to propose.
The next day, Seul tries to talk to Hae Young while he’s in a meeting. The following day, Hae Young calls her and tells her that it’s her oppa calling and that if she blinks five times, she’ll be able to see him. However, he’s stunned to hear that she’s stuck in Kang Hwan Do (Southern region of Korea) with tons of snow. Seul then calls Hae Young the next day with plans to make him something delicious and is disappointed that he can’t meet today; he has to attend an important meeting. When he can’t meet this time either, she barges into his workplace and confronts him about when he’s going to have the important talk with her. (poor Seul). They bicker about their busy schedules, and Hae Young tires to calm her down to return to the palace quietly so that he can return to his meeting. She threatens that if he returns to the meeting, she’ll never see him again. In anger, she stomps away.
Back at the palace, Hae Young goes to knock on Seul’s door but stops when he hears her crying. Inside the room, Seul pretends to cry while her staff member coaches her on how to maximize her performance (These ladies are killing me! LOL). He tries to get her to open the door, stating that he doesn’t have time for this. When she continues to cry, he threatens to knock down the door. Seul stops momentarily to consult with her aide since Hae Young is the type to carry out his threat, but the aide tells her to continue. When Hae Young retreats in frustration for a drink of water, the aide tells him Seul has been highly stressed recently trying to recover her grandfather’s journal which was discovered in England. Apparently, the stress found an outlet today with Hae Young. When Hae Young hears about the journal, he makes a phone call (speaking in English) and asks for a favor.
As Seul pretends to sulk under her bed covers, Hae Young comes into her bedroom and tells her that he’s here to report something not as Mr. P but as a diplomat. He tells her that he may be able to recover the journal, at which point Seul forgets all about her anger with Hae Young and asks, “Really? Really? Really?” Amused by her quick turnaround, Hae Young wonders if he really has to go to these lengths just to see his girlfriend’s face. Seul simply replies, “Of course, since your girlfriend is a princess.” (Love her cheekiness) Hae Young tells her to never mention breaking up again and that the tough criterion in the negotiation is that the British are requesting that they deal with Oh Yoon Ju.
Seated across a café table from Yoon Ju, Seul tells Yoon Ju that she needs her help. Although she can never forget or forgive Yoon Ju’s role in the past, she acknowledges that Oh Yoon Ju is a professional and expert in her field. When Yoon Ju balks and comments that Seul must really think so little of her as to think that she would help Seul, Seul counters and reminds her that above anything else, Yoon Ju loves and cherishes history, just as Professor Nam does.
Discussing the conversation with Professor Nam at the palace, Seul admits to defeat. She had hoped that her acknowledgement of Yoon Ju’s professionalism and expertise would be enough to sway her, but it apparently wasn’t. She feels that she’s failed in her efforts. Professor Nam wonders if that’s the case as he spies Yoon Ju joining them.
Some time later, Seul receives a letter from England stating that the British have decided to release King Lee’s journal back to Korea. As Seul and her staff celebrate, Professor Nam breathes a sigh of relief and calls Yoon Ju, who ignores the phone call but smiles gently at the phone call.
The reporter from MBS news reports on the good news.
Inside the palace, Seul and the staff clean in order to prepare the palace for the arrival of the journal (as if the journal is a real person who can see the cleanliness of the palace!). When Hae Young arrives, the staff quickly disappear to give them some private time alone (love the heart-shaped bucket). Seul lovingly tells Hae Young that this is all due to Park Hae Young…she corrects herself…oppa. (LOL) Leaning over, she gives him a quick peck on the cheek. Hae Young calls after the staff, saying that it seems as though Princess Seul is trying to do something to him. When Seul tries to hush him, he asks if she’s going to quiet him with kisses. (chuckles) He then teases her and says that her nickname, Ero Seul, is appropriate. No wonder she can’t get married. She then asks him when he plans on having that all-important discussion with her…when she’s an old grandmother?! He doesn’t have to have balloons or candles. Just give her the ring. At Hae Young’s surprise, she tells him that she saw the ring. Must he always make her beg for things. At his silence, she asks if he bought if for some other woman. He replies, “What if I have?” She demands the receipt then so that she can at least redeem it for a gift (cute reminder of their earlier meeting). Hae Young asks quietly if she’s bugging him to marry her. Unabashed, Seul asks why she can’t since he was planning on marrying her at some point in the future. At his continued silence, she asks him if he’s started to not like her. Hae Young sighs and claims that it would make things less painful for them if he did. At this moment, the aide rushes into the room and tells her that they’ve found Dan.
Huddled in a blanket to ward off the cold, Dan coughs (inside a room that looks surprisingly like the Professor’s assistant room). The sisters start to argue, and Seul finally stands up to Dan for putting their family through everything. And of course, once the aggression is over and done with, Seul tells Dan to stop giving their mother grief and return home. Dan tells Seul to relay to their mother that she’s doing well and that she’ll only return home after she succeeds. “You had better succeed then!” Seul replies. “Make sure you succeed and return home!” Seul leaves Dan to cry quietly. (Don’t you love how Seul values family?)
Seul goes to see her mother and tells her that she saw Dan and that Dan is doing well with a new job. The mom knows there is more to the story but accepts Seul’s story at face value. She then mentions that she heard her son-in-law Park (cute nickname) is back in the country. “Isn’t he planning on coming to visit?” When Seul explains that he’s busy, her mother replies that this just won’t do. Seul should meet someone new then and “love as much as you like while you’re a year younger” (Love the wisdom of that!)
At the palace, as the aide meets Gun, she tries to avoid him; he announces that he’s on a 2-night/3-day vacation and isn’t she curious where he’s going or with whom he’s going? She insults him and says that she’s decided to stop babysitting him. She’s looking for a mature man and not someone who’s still the same as when she met him two years ago. She then gets carried away describing her dream guy. As she attempts to walk past him, Gun grabs her and tells her that her dream guy is right in front of her. He was holding back until he could take responsibility for his actions before he progressed in his relationship with her. He tells her to stay with him after all her work she’s put into pursuing him. (LOL…hurray for the nuna!)
At a café, the other staff member reports to Yoon Ju. Yoon Ju comments that despite Seul’s lack of intelligence, she must have a way with people since she’s been able to turn the staff member to her side. With no evidence of spite, Yoon Ju tells the staff member that it’s a good thing that she’s been able to stay and serve Princess Seul. She then asks for a favor: “Can you watch over my father while I’m away?”
At Professor Nam’s place, Yoon Ju boldly walks in and asks him for a date. Jung Woo tells her that they’ll have to have the date here since he’s not sure if he can handle having all the men of this world watching her. (I honestly don’t know how he can still be so positive with her) She tells him to get dressed and ready for their date since it’s the last date. She’s finally going to be going on that trip to Egypt. As he wonders how he’ll withstand missing her, she tells him to simply come visit her when he misses her. He asks if she’ll smile at him then. They laugh and hug. (Yoon Ju has finally returned to her “nice” self).
As Hae Young packs for Washington, he looks at the ring and then goes to see Seul. Once at the palace, he tells her that he came to see her at this late hour because it seems like the only time he’ll have to talk with her since he has to leave tomorrow. At Seul’s questions, Hae Young urges her to just marry him now and leave with him tomorrow. Seul contemplates her schedule and debates whether that’s possible. Hae Young asks her how she can be thinking of those things when he so desperately wants to marry her. She gets mad at him and asks why things always have to be on his terms and his schedule. Obviously, their relationship must weather some difficult times, she claims and storms off. Hae Young leaves the ring by the water fountain and returns home. Seul finds the ring later that night when she comes back to the fountain.
The next day, Hae Young goes to the airport, looking around in the hopes that Seul will join him. Disappointed, he boards the plane and doesn’t notice the person sitting next to him (Seul’s covered her face with a newspaper). As Hae Young reaches for the glass of wine left by the flight attendant, Seul stays his hands and scolds him in her historical Korean voice (the one that Hae Young said she shouldn’t use anymore LOL). “What the princess wants is what the country wants…You claim that there’s nothing you can do, but you can’t even give your wine to your princess?” She continues to tease him and tells him that she’s here because he wanted her to come and because she wanted to come. Linking her arms with his, she tells him that he can’t escape from her anymore. “We have 13 hours to date. What should we do?” Hae Young says the first thing he wants to do is kiss her. He gives her a chaste yet noisy kiss, and Seul reciprocates by climbing onto his lap and giving him passionate kisses. (LOL. What happened to royal decorum and such?!)
Anyhow, that’s the end of the series. I hope you enjoyed the recap! Have a great rest of the week! And I’ll try to upload the next segment of my story within the next few days.  🙂

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