My Princess Episode 1 and 2 Recap / Summary / Video

Hi everyone!
Hope your new year is starting off bright and hopeful.  🙂  Mine, unfortunately, has been quite a series of lessons in the uglier side of human nature.  😛

Anyhow, I finally got around to checking out the new dramas Dream High and My Princess. I couldn’t stand to watch more than 4 minutes of Dream High and decided not to expend what time I had to watching a slow starting drama series.  However, I did find My Princess sweet, funny, and worth a view.  Below are the links to the episodes and recaps.  Enjoy!

Episode 1:
Please make sure you have really good antivirus/antiworm program to ensure against such attacks while watching the video. 🙁  Either that, or use a Mac to watch the videos.

Episode 2: The ending of this episode is hilarious!  How many of us have had bathroom issues?!  LOL

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