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Wanted to share a picture to brighten the day of fellow dog lovers: he’s one of my muses. 🙂

Little Bentley 01-03-11

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6 thoughts on “My Muse”

  1. WOOOW!!!…. You said "he's one of your muses"… So! How many do you have??? Could you show them all…. aaah! would be nice with their faces as well, please. THANK YOU for sharing….XXX

  2. Bentley's my only canine muse. 🙂 I get inspired by my family, friends, and the ocean…hence my "other muses."
    You can see what Bentley's face looks like in my profile picture. Glad you liked the little furry critter. 🙂

  3. I saw the pic on ur profile but its not enough eheheehehe, if u do have free time please post more of these cute pics, btw i enjoyed yr blog since ssks till now secret garden, thanks for the updates 😀

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