My Love from Another Star: Episode 18 Preview and English Translation

Star 18

How this series loves to tug at our heart strings! If the preview to Episode 18 can be believed, we’re in for some seriously adorable and lovey-dovey moments between our two principal lovebirds.

You can find a clip of the preview to Episode 18 below as well as the English translations to the dialogue. Enjoy!

You can access the series here or here

Dialogue Translation:

Song Yi: (in total aegyo mode) Do…Min…Joon…shi? Can’t you transport yourself this very instant to my side and come to me?  (as brother and mom look on) Ah! Do Min Joon shi!

Song Yi’s Mom: Do Min Joon, answer me. Are you going to marry my daughter, Song Yi?

Min Joon’s Dad/lawyer: (notices the plants in Min Joon’s apartment are starting to wilt a bit) You don’t have anything odd or wrong with your body, right?

Min Joon: From now on, the time that I spend with her is the only thing I plan to leave here in this place. (as Song Yi waits at a restaurant) Song Yi…I’ll do my best…to stay by your side…for a long, long time.

Oh dear…It looks like the show is starting to prepare us for Do Min Joon’s inevitable demise. Say it isn’t so, show!

Somehow, I don’t see this show going that route, but then again, I’m still stuck on Episode 13, so what do I know? LOL. Never fear, Twinkles! I shall soon be hopping back on the drama train now that the craziness of grading is over. 😉 I hope you enjoy Episode 18 in just a few hours!

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