My Love from Another Star: Episode 13 Preview and English Translation

Star 13

Due to the Lunar New Year celebration, only Episode 13 will air this week…or so I’ve been told. 😉 In any case, this is welcomed news for me since I’m getting quite swamped with another round of grading papers and exams. 😛

But that is neither here nor there. In line with my prediction last week, Song Yi’s reaction to Min Joon’s outlandish announcement is quite different from his expectations. I’m anticipating a lot of hijinks from this couple in this episode. 😉

In the meanwhile, you can find a clip of the preview to Episode 13 below as well as the English translations to the dialogue. Enjoy!

You can access the series here or here.

English Translation of Dialogue:

Min Joon: (to the viewers) I told her my identity…I told her, expecting her to run away from me, to cower in fear from me. (to Song Yi) I have no interest in what happens to you. Go!

Song Yi: (tears in her eyes) You came from another star? You’re an alien?! If you’re an alien, then I’m a vampire! (OMG, the allusion to her movie Blood: The Last Vampire is hilarious!)

Min Joon: From now on, what can I do? I think that the one thing that I can do well is to disappear.

Song Yi: (blocking Min Joon in his classroom) If you’re an alien, can you not get out because I’m blocking your way? Try to leave. (seated across from him at a restaurant) You can’t split the ocean? (pinching his cheeks) You don’t shed your outer covering/skin, do you?

Min Joon: (walking with Song Yi by the ocean) What do you want?

Song Yi: Just…There wasn’t a single moment when you liked me? There really wasn’t a single moment?

That’s it for now. I hope you all enjoy watching Episode 13 when it becomes available for you…wherever you are. Until then, take care, Twinkles!

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