My Love from Another Star: Episode 12

Stars 12.15

I know…I can’t quite believe that I’ve 1) caught up with this series and 2) am recapping this episode. However, despite my intentions to stay away from any current series, I’m plunging once again into Kdramaland in real time because Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi are just too adorable! 😉

Shall we get started?

You can access the episode here or here.

Recap: The episode resumes with Do Min Joon recognizing the location of the intersection from his premonition. He tentatively steps out onto the road and then tries to stop the assassin’s car from running him down and succeeds momentarily before time unexpectedly resumes again. Propelled into the air, he crashes down on the hard concrete road, blood gushing from the head wound. His look of surprise at his inability to stop time mirrors mine. Dang….

Of course, the assailant stops his car, and we see him wrestle the USB from Do Min Joon’s clenched hand before driving away from the scene.

Soon thereafter, a couple drives up and notices Do Min Joon on the road. They frantically call the emergency hotline in order to save this hit-and-run victim.

Stars 12.1

However, by the time the ambulance arrives, Do Min Joon is nowhere to be found, leaving everyone more than a little confused.

Stars 12.2

Back at Song Yi’s place, Se Mi tries to torment Song Yi with her secret–that she knows the identity of Song Yi’s childhood rescuer–but Song Yi wisely shuts down Se Mi’s efforts. Telling her that human beings tend to want to pull their opponent down to their level instead of rising to the higher plane, Song Yi refuses to fall into Se Mi’s trap. She tells her to keep her secret to herself. She doesn’t care to know the identity of her rescuer. She’ll discover his identity on her own, thank you very much. She has no intentions of falling down to Se Mi’s level. And with that dismissal, Song Yi asks Se Mi to leave, but not before realizing that Se Mi has had a crush on Hee Kyung since they first met him.

Stars 12.3

When her little brother arrives home and blatantly ignores the phone call and text messages of a girl who has a crush on him, she lays into him for ignoring and ultimately hurting the girl. Seeing the close parallel of her situation with Do Min Joon, who’s been ignoring her phone calls and texts, she asks her brother–after a vicious smack to the backside of his head–if it would kill him to answer the phone call. Heh. Go, noona! Teach your little bro a thing or two about squashing a girl’s feelings. 😉

Stars 12.4

Concerned by the lack of communication from Do Min Joon, she walks outside to see if he’s home, and that’s when she sees bloodstains on his door handle. Punching in his code–love how she has no problems remember his while remembering hers is another issue–she charges into his apartment without a single thought for her safety. Her only concern? To see if Do Min Joon is all right.

Stars 12.5

What she sees shakes her to her core as she spots her ever-faithful and ever-invincible protector collapsed on the floor, blood stains smeared across his marble floor.

Stars 12.6

As she calls his name and tries to ascertain whether he’s still alive, Do Min Joon sees Song Yi in his dreams and materializes next to her. This scene makes me wonder if Do Min Joon was actually about to “die” when Song Yi’s voice called him back to reality.

Stars 12.7

He wakes up long enough to haltingly tell Song Yi that she’s not to take him to the hospital…under any conditions.

Stars 12.8

Scared but knowing that Do Min Joon must have a darn good reason for not wanting to go to the hospital in even this dire of a situation, she does the next best thing and calls Min Joon’s “Dad,” who thanks her for not taking his “son” to the hospital. Then wanting to help Do Min Joon out since he keeps getting into trouble the more he’s involved with Song Yi, the lawyer tells Song Yi that his “son” is going away in two months’ time and that Song Yi should stop coming by from now on.

Stars 12.9

Dejected and still worried about Do Min Joon, Song Yi walks out of his bedroom–really, she had no choice since “Dad” asked her to leave–and notices the plants dying in the living room.

Stars 12.11

In his near comatose state, Do Min Joon dreams a happy dream, one that involves Song Yi as she kisses him awake…

Stars 12.12

…cooks for him…

Stars 12.13

…watches TV with him and tries to order some cookware from a home shopping network…

Stars 12.14

…which Do Min Joon stops by taking her phone away. He stuffs an orange in her mouth and tells her to not fall for the 1+1 marketing ploy to get consumers to spend money on things that they don’t really need…just on the lure of the buy one get one free promotion…

Stars 12.15


…and the two frolic to their hearts’ content in the winter snow and ice, attempting to make snow angels…

Stars 12.16

…and holding hands while making those angels…

Stars 12.17

…and when Song Yi complains that she’s gained weight, Min Joon reminds her that weight gain is only natural for a pregnant woman. Aw….

Stars 12.18

Do Min Joon narrates that one should never dream happy dreams of things that can never be because when one awakes, the loss and devastation for what cannot be are that much greater.

Stars 12.19

Meanwhile, Hee Kyung stops by to see Song Yi and discovers her crouched on the floor by Do Min Joon’s door. When he asks if Min Joon is hurt or something, Song Yi wonders how he knew. Hee Kyung flashes back to Do Min Joon’s warning to protect Song Yi and ushers her back into her apartment to get some rest.

Stars 12.20

They are soon joined by Song Yi’s mother, who is ecstatic about the new contract offer with Jae Kyung. She tells the two that Jae Kyung has offered to set up a one-person agency for Song Yi. When Song Yi flatly refuses, Hee Kyung takes her side and tells the mother that she should listen to Song Yi’s wishes. Without letting them know of his suspicions, Hee Kyung silently wonders what his brother’s motive is in trying to set up an agency for Song Yi.

Stars 12.21

“Dad” answers the door when the Detective Park shows up wanting to ask Do Min Joon a few questions. Ever protective now with Do Min Joon’s recent scrape with death, “Dad” tells him to go the legal route if he wants to question Do Min Joon, especially since he feels as though Min Joon is being treated as a suspect and not as a witness. When asked who he is, “Dad” gives the inspector his business card, and tells him that he’s Do Min Joon’s attorney.

Stars 12.22

Undeterred, Detective Park then goes next door to visit Song Yi and asks her questions about Han Yoo Ra’s secret boyfriend and Do Min Joon. Song Yi tells him that she overheard Yoo Ra talking with her secret boyfriend, Jae Kyung, and coldly refuses to fall into the investigator’s leading questions about Do Min Joon. She merely implies that she knows him as much as she does any next door neighbor.

Stars 12.23

His suspicions raised now, Hee Kyung covertly watches his brother, especially when his brother receives phone calls. Sneaking into his brother’s room while he’s in the shower, Hee Kyung takes down the phone number of the recently ignored phone call but not before dropping the phone in his hurry. He quickly reassembles the phone back together before his brother walks into the room, but the damage is done. Jae Kyung looks at the phone and begins to suspect that Hee Kyung is snooping around.

When asked why he’s in the bedroom, Hee Kyung quickly replies that he came to talk to Jae Kyung about trying to set up the agency for Song Yi. Although he’s appreciative of the offer, Song Yi’s decided to decline. When Jae Kyung encourages him to get Song Yi to sign, Hee Kyung quickly–perhaps too quickly–backs up Song Yi’s decision and asks his brother not to pursue the matter any further.

When he’s alone in his bedroom, Hee Kyung calls the mysterious phone number and reaches a psychiatric hospital. He follows his hunch and asks if a woman by his ex-sister-in-law’s name is there, the receptionist quickly denies any such name and hangs up. Hmmm…suspicious.

Stars 12.24

When Min Joon wakes up, his wounds healed, “Dad” asks him what happened and then tells him that he’s decided to help sort out Min Joon’s personal business in much the same that he’s helped him out with his real estate and business affairs by telling Song Yi to keep her distance. He tells Min Joon that he’s going to see about putting the apartment up for sale and leaves. He’s intent on protecting Do Min Joon. Knowing him and helping him out, he confesses, as been the most meaningful part of his life thus far. Aw…Since Min Joon can’t fully protect himself now as he could before–powers waning/sporadic and emotions all over the place–“Dad” insists on protecting him.

Stars 12.25

…only to run into Song Yi as he leaves. When she offers to take care of Do Min Joon while “Dad” is away taking care of business, “Dad” clearly tells her that Min Joon is about to leave and that he’s leaving now to put the apartment up for sale. He relays to her his sincere hope that Song Yi will stay away from his son.

Stars 12.26

Crushed by the rejection and unable to access Min Joon’s apartment–the code’s been changed–Song Yi speaks into the intercom while Do Min Joon watches heartbreakingly from inside.

Stars 12.27

Prosecutor Yoo, thankfully, isn’t too seriously hurt and quickly discharges himself from the hospital when he hears of Detective Park’s latest findings. Although the custom-made fountain pen belongs to a dead man–for right now a “dead” end (sorry, couldn’t resist)–he’s discovered the identity of Han Yoo Ra’s secret lover.

Stars 12.28

Meanwhile, Song Yi runs into a prospective buyer for Do Min Joon’s place and does her best to discourage her, telling her that there are bad vibes around this place. The prospective buyer has only to look at Song Yi to know the truth: Ever since she’s moved next door, her personal and professional life have taken a sudden dive for the worse.

Stars 12.29

Song Yi then invites Bok Ja, her only true friend, and asks her for advice on her crush. Bok Ja wonders if Do Min Joon is a criminal and calls Song Yi crazy when Song Yi suggests marrying him to protect him. Ha!

Stars 12.30

Bok Ja firmly tells her that she should call the cops on Do Min Joon, and Song Yi jerks to attention, vehemently refusing to do such a thing.

Stars 12.31

Bok Ja’s disparaging comments come to an abrupt end when she catches sight of Song Yi’s little brother entering the apartment…in slow motion no less. Heh.

Stars 12.32

Her face takes on a dreamy look once again when Song Yi gets a visitor…

Stars 12.33

…Hee Kyung enters with a slight breeze ruffling his curly locks. LOL

Stars 12.34

Bok Ja wonders who this Adonis is, and when she learns that it’s none other than Hee Kyung, her old classmate, she quickly introduces herself to him…Of course, Hee Kyung has no recollection whatsoever of Bok Ja. *sigh* Poor Bok Ja….

Stars 12.35

Freshly discharged from the hospital, Prosecutor Yoo and Detective Park go to see Jae Kyung and ask him for confirmation about his relationship with Yoo Ra. As expected, Jae Kyung denies knowing her personally.

Stars 12.36

And the camera cuts to that fateful night on the cruise ship as Yoo Ra is invited to a private meeting with Jae Kyung by his henchman. Thinking herself completely immune to Jae Kyung’s ill will, Yoo Ra agrees to meet Jae Kyung and coyly tells him that she can’t drink any alcohol right now. When he assures her that it’s the non-alcoholic version of champagne, she sips happily, reassuring him that she’ll never betray him the way his ex-wife did.

Stars 12.37

Jae Kyung cryptically tells her that he knows she won’t and then proceeds to tell her, when she asks him if he’s certain that the champagne is non-alcoholic because she’s feeling a bit woozy, that the champagne is laced with a paralysis poison designed to mimic her anti-depression medication. Pretty soon, she won’t be able to talk or move her limbs. Ultimately, she’ll stop breathing altogether. And when the police discover her body, they’ll mistake the poison for her usual medication.

Stars 12.38

Feeling the paralyzing effects and now realizing her danger, she frantically rushes outside but to no avail. Everyone is focused on watching the fireworks while she clutches at the boat’s railing and desperately tries to attract someone’s attentions. Unfortunately, Jae Kyung’s henchman follows her and quickly tips her overboard. Her splash into the Han River goes unnoticed in the excitement and noise of the fireworks display.

Stars 12.39

Jae Kyung tells the two men that they are mistaken–he only had a professional relationship with her as his company’s spokesperson–and then excuses himself for a dinner meeting…

Stars 12.40

…with none other than Do Min Joon. Wwwwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyy?

Ugh…Do Min Joon offers the evil Iago-esque Jae Kyung a solution. He’ll take the fall for Han Yoo Ra if Jae Kyung will promise to stop his evil machinations against Song Yi. Hmmm…I guess it makes sense since Min Joon is going to be leaving earth in two months. But still…!

Stars 12.41

Completely unaware of all this, Song Yi contemplates another way into Do Min Joon’s apartment, especially since he won’t answer any of her calls. Assessing the sheer drop from her 23rd floor, she decides the risk of hopping from her balcony to his is worthwhile…since she won’t fall. Heh. Last famous thoughts, Song Yi. *shakes head* Public notice: Children, do not try this at home. *shakes head* The foolishness of a woman in love….

Stars 12.42

Balancing precariously on the ledge, she answers her phone when Do Min Joon unexpectedly calls. After blatantly ignoring her, he surprises her by asking if she can meet him.

Without a second’s hesitation, she agrees, climbs down the ledge, and rushes to her closet.

Stars 12.43

In typical Do Min Joon fashion–perhaps more so tonight with an agenda on his mind–Do Min Joon ignores Song Yi’s excited “hello” and gets into the car. Song Yi, all dressed up and made up, refuses to let his cold demeanor ruin the moment. She’s just happy that he’s finally willing to talk with her. The opening of car doors, she says aloud, she can do for herself since she has hands. Heh…gotta love her attitude. LOL

Stars 12.44

Once in the car, he asks her about the questions she wanted to ask him, but Song Yi tells him that she’s not curious anymore. What matters to her is that he opened his eyes, that he woke up, and that he’s sitting next to her now.

Stars 12.45

He then flashes back to his conversation with “Dad” in which he wonders why he can’t have a relationship with Song Yi…

Stars 12.46

…especially when he likes her. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he expresses his desire to just be with her…even if it’s for his remaining two months or even shorter. He’s willing to die on this planet if it means that he can spend that time with her in happiness.

Stars 12.47

Blissfully unaware of Min Joon’s heavy thoughts, Song Yi chatters away about how this is a “date” and brushes something off his shoulder.

Stars 12.48

When Min Joon takes her to the now-empty university museum, Song Yi senses a weirdness about him and tells him that she’s really hungry. Since she’s not particularly fond of museums, can they please go get dinner now?

Min Joon ignores her request and tells her that he’ll answer those questions/concerns of hers now. Asking her how she can trust a stranger like him so completely, he tells her that he was the man who saved her 12 years ago.

Stars 12.49

And the reason why he saved her? He saved her simply because she bore an uncanny resemblance to a young girl he knew about 400 years ago, the owner of the hairpin inside the glass display.

Stars 12.50

Thoroughly freaked out, Song Yi asks how that’s possible. He couldn’t have been alive for 400 years. Do Min Joon then tells her everything: He’s an alien who got stranded on this planet and has lived for the past 400 years.

Stars 12.51

When Song Yi mutters that he must still be sick to talk such nonsense and tries to leave, Min Joon dramatically shatters the display case.

Stars 12.52

Advancing upon a completely spooked Song Yi, he reminds her–more like taunts her–that she told him his identity didn’t matter. She wasn’t curious anymore about him.

Stars 12.53

Looking her straight in the eyes, he asks her if his identity still doesn’t matter to her…now that he’s disclosed his true identity to her. The episode freezes on that moment…and we move to the much-beloved epilogue.

Stars 12.54



But unlike the previous epilogues, this one ends on a heartbreaking note as Do Min Joon answers the question “How do you feel about your impending departure?” Rather, he attempts to answer the question…but his voice wavers and his face ultimately crumbles as he contemplates his imminent departure from Song Yi.

Musings: I’ve been silently catching up on this series for the past week, and despite the many raves from certain friends, I’ve found the series solidly compelling but nothing close to the crazy frenzied interest I had for The Master’s Sun or Road No. 1. Having said that, though, I freely go on record as saying that the episode continues to provide its trademark humorous moments as the story darkens. I particularly enjoyed the Bok Ja moments that offset the Se Mi moments, especially as they imply that Song Yi still has a good friend despite all the others who’ve turned their backs on her.

We’re past the halfway mark in the series, and in typical “second act” fashion, the pathos of the story and characters are in full display. I’m curious to see how Song Yi reacts to Do Mi Joon’s big revelation about himself. My suspicion is that his abrupt announcement about his identity won’t have the intended effect once Song Yi collects her now-scrambled thoughts. One can hardly blame her, though, right? I think my brain would require a few seconds to catch up after that violently loud display of power…our Do Min Joon sure likes to shatter things, huh?

In any case, there’s something to be said for solidly acted scenes by the veteran Jeon Ji Hyun, whom I first saw opposite Park Shin Yang in Steal My Heart (1998), and the highly praised Kim Soo Hyun, whom I first saw in Dream High (2011). In my opinion, he anchored that series, which was filled with rookie actors with Kpop backgrounds.

I’m looking forward to continuing in my recap of this series. With only eight episodes left, I think it’s safe to say that I can stay committed to the series. 😉 Until next Wednesday then, Twinkles! In the meantime, let me know how you’re liking this series. 🙂

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