Musings for Today: What’s in a Name?

Shakespeare’s Juliet once asked, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

As much as one would like to believe this, it is simply not true. At least not in real life.

What do I mean?

I was on the way to work yesterday, commenting to my sister that I was starting a new weekly series from this week on called “Movie Monday.” As both of us are a bit on the nerdy side, we started talking about the desired phonetic ordering of certain phrases. For instance, I had initially thought to write “Monday Movie,” but this phrase just didn’t seem to sound right. Then she suggested rather than “Movie Monday,” I should title the series “Friday Flicks” as a recommendation for a movie to watch on the weekends. However, I quickly shot down that idea since I’ve never been too keen on the word “flicks” to refer to movies.

But my younger sister refused to take no for an answer and suggested “Thursday Treats” and probably would have continued listing alliterations to go with Wednesday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday if I hadn’t stopped her.

All in all, there’s something to be said for names and the ordering of names. After all, my two favorite canines are pictured in this post, but I can never imagine calling Bentley by the name “Snoopy” or Snoopy by the name “Bentley.”

That would just be…wrong.

*chuckles* On that silly note, I wish you all a good evening and one last parting thought: names are wonderful things that possess their own inherent identities and characteristics. I hope you all treasure your unique names! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Musings for Today: What’s in a Name?”

  1. I enjoy your musing! Always like to start the conversations going so it won’t remain quiet 🙂
    Another interesting movie was Fly High (with Kim Beom). Definitely his first adult movie as I am enjoying him immensely in Padam Padam too. Talk about a dark subject (both the drama and the movie). Enjoy your weekend. Mind will be filled with Sorry I love you and Secret Garden (again) to lighten the mood!

    1. Aw, thanks! I enjoy writing them, too!
      Sorry, I Love You is such a sad drama…but I love some class moments there. Do you remember the “koong koong ghost”? LOL

  2. Bentley! Awwww…he’s so adorable! Amazing how I suddenly feel so much better about that stupid drama (and life in general) LOL! Snoopy is one my favorite characters too. What type of dog is Bentley?
    My dog growing up, who is sadly no longer here – his name was Beezwax. *snicker* That was a big phrase in my youth “It’s none of your beezwax!” It’s still my favorite name for a dog.
    Thanks so much for following through and posting Bentley’s picture. Give his little furry face a rub from me!

    1. Already gave him a rub down from you. Glad he was able to cheer you up! Bentley is a Pomeranian. And the name Beezwax is so cute. You must miss him.

  3. LOL. You and your sister 🙂

    My sisters and i have always been quite close, at least when we grew up.There was 8 years gap with my eldest sister and 3 yrs with the other one. After all these years, i have just realized that even though we were born from the same parents, we are totally different in the way we look at life. There are time that i wonder with the same value that our parents brought us up, why things are always different with us. Some times i miss the good old time. And i wonder if my children will also face the same challenge?

    1. Yeah, my two younger sisters and I have very different personalities, too. Have a great weekend! Good to hear from you!

  4. I do, every day. Bentley is small like Beezwax but Beez had MUCH more hair although I kept it cut shorter. (hair everywhere…LOL!) He was a Shih Tzu so he was about the same size as Bentley.

    What is it about their little furry faces that cheers me up? HAHAHA! Thanks again!

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