Musings for Today: Variations in Language

I have a love affair with words–I love learning new words and exploring the subtle nuances associated with words. Take my affection for words into the realm of foreign languages, and I’m in a linguist’s heaven.

I joke about my excuse–I mean reason–for watching dramas, but seriously, part of the reason I do watch them is so that I can learn more Korean words. Although I try to speak the language at home in the US, there’s only so many words a family uses within the normal daily routine, right?

Why am I waxing on about words, you ask? One of my friends, also a blog reader for “Musings of a Twinkie,” contacted me to tell me that “septagon” is indeed a legitimate word. I was surprised since only references “heptagon” as the word for a seven-sided polygon. Curious, though, I searched, and what to you know? The prefix “hepta” is Greek derived while “septa” is Latin derived. heh heh…so my brain’s accidental glitch wasn’t a glitch after all. heh heh…”septagon” is an accepted term…good to know. However, since “heptagon” is the standardized use of the term, I’ll stick with the Greek derivation.

This variation in word choice is quite fascinating if you really think about it. As I study literature, I’m constantly made aware of the subtle differences and sometimes not-so-subtle differences in the spelling of English words depending on the country. I love that some of you write in British English while others write in American English for instance. Words, words, words…gotta love ’em!

Anyhow, that’s my musing for today. My dog is sick today and clinging to me like glue so no recap will be posted until tomorrow when he’s better. I can’t really watch and type for more than 20-30 minutes at a time when he’s on my lap; otherwise, my legs start to cramp up. 😛 On a side note, though, I’ll try to be a bit more detailed in the dialogue recaps since some of you have expressed a desire for more specifics. I can’t do it often since the dialogue translating takes much longer, though.

Until tomorrow then….

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4 thoughts on “Musings for Today: Variations in Language”

  1. Glad you enjoy recapping as much as we enjoy reading them! Your "speak at home" Korean is very impressive considering you have to translate an extensive amount of dialogue on the dramas so well done! Most of all, hope your doggie gets well soon 🙂 – Serene

  2. Awww…Bentley sits on your lap when he's sick? So cute! (hope I spelled his name right) I'm suddenly very conscious of the spelling of words. LOL!
    I've truly come to enjoy reading your blog so thank you.

  3. I too enjoy reading your blog and sorry to hear that your doggie is sick. So happy that you are recapping A Thousand Kisses since I think you're the only blogger that is doing so (I've googled it to death). Subbed episodes are taking longer and your recaps are what's keeping me sane at this moment. Looking forward to your recap of Episode 16. Any chance of recapping Episode 17 preview? Thanks again!

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