Musings for Today: Unexpected Changes

Why is it that changes, especially unexpected changes, have the tendency to create momentary lapses of panic in an otherwise calm and orderly life? Ones that cause us to grow, readjust, research, etc.?

I came home last night after a long weekend at church–my youth group and college students celebrated Hallelujah Night (a more Christian-themed Halloween event) with a sleepover on Saturday–only to discover that the site had unexpectedly closed down its business on Sunday. Ack! (Thank goodness I checked it on Sunday night when I returned and before the Monday uploads.)

My first thought was that I had mistakenly typed in the wrong address. However, after careful verification of the URL address, I realized with a sinking sense of dismay that my go-to site for Korean dramas was indefinitely closed for business. *Sigh*

My second thought? O-M-G…what am I going to do for my readers? *self-deprecating laugh* I know…the ending of one website does not amount to a huge catastrophe, but it does throw certain things I do into a jumble. For instance, I usually have my breakfast watching the day’s episode of High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs and uploading either A Thousand Days’ Promise episode link or The Musical episode link, or recapping a bit more of A Thousand Kisses. What was I going to do about my morning routine? LOL (Oh, on a side note, as far as my previous posts with links are concerned, I believe they should still work from the joonmedia site, so I won’t have to go back to them and update new links.)

Anyhow, I luckily remembered running into a website a while back called that was pretty good about uploading recent episodes of Korean dramas, so I checked it out again. Yup! Bingo! It’s fairly current, so my updates to links should not be affected. However, the site segments the episodes, which is a big downside. The reason why I had liked joonmedia so much was because it provided the entire episode in one go.  *Sigh* Ah well, I will not complain–much–since I’m just thankful to have found another source for our dramas.

So starting this week, you’ll see the links redirecting you to If any of you know of a better/more convenient website, please let me know since I could personally do without all the ad pop-ups and segmentation.

Oh, one last thing…in case some of you would like to see clips of just Woo-Mi, nananovaes1985 has created another youtube account. Yes, she, too, has had to deal with “changes” recently. In any case, you can access her account via the comment section of my post for Episode 21.

Have a great week! I’ll try to continue the recap of Ep. 20-22 throughout this week. 🙂 Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Musings for Today: Unexpected Changes”

  1. Anxious for the recap, especially the episode 21. I found a channel on youtube who posted the episodes 21 and 22 in English. I understand some scenes, but rather wait their recapitulation during the week.
    I did not like the entry of a new male character, to the jealousy cuteness deserves WJ.O couple scenes of love and affection and not by jealousy and quarrels.
    I look forward to the recapitulation.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. is ofetn one of the first to upload raw episodes and then back tracks a little later to add Eng Sub versions.

    They also have a great archive with lots of old Korean and Japanese dramas and movies. Trouble is rummaging in the archive can produce another 16 or 22 or 30 episodes of something you never heard of but just got instantly addicted to! 😎

  3. Hello
    Warning So I had to remove the scene of the double-Mi Woo, MBC unfortunately this hunting all channels, with scenes from drama.Assim everything back to normal, I’m the answer to the two scenes.

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