Musings for Today: Time, Why Must Thou Be So Stingy?

I don’t know about you, but recently, I’ve been feeling a bit like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

I wake up like everybody else, go to work, come back home, do errands, take care of responsibilities, etc. and by the time I sit down to do something fun–like recap High Kick 3–it’s past 11pm. I suppose the fact that I’m in the middle of midterms for my wintersession term might have something to do with the time crunch I’ve been experiencing, but still….

So this recent inability to have more “free” time got me thinking: Why can’t we have more time in a given day?

As silly as it sounds, wouldn’t it be fabulous to have 25 hours to a day when we need more time?

Or better yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to BUY some hours? OK, if hours are impossible, I would even settle for minutes…even seconds would sometimes make all the difference in the world.

But alas, Time is quite stingy. It only allows each and every one of us the same 24 hours in a single day.

I suppose some of you would applaud this fair distribution of time for everyone, but seriously, there are moments in my life when I wish I could rail at Time and demand for more. In the immortal words from Oliver Twist, I want to ask, “Sir, can I have more?”

Am I asking for too much? Time wouldn’t have to give extra hours–or even minutes–to everyone.

That would just be too much trouble.

Time could just give ME a few extra hours here and there…How else am I to do all the lovely recapping that I want to do for my “Musings” community? 😉

And if giving me time is an impossibility, I’m open to stopping time, too. 😀 Imagine what I might be able to do with all that stopped time! The possibilities are endless. I could recap in detail, word for word all of the ATK episodes as well as High Kick 3 episodes. LOL

All silliness aside, though, the past two days have given me pause for considering how I spend my time.

Am I wise with the time given to me? Do I use the same 24-hours that everyone else has in the most efficient manner possible? And more importantly, am I making a difference in the span of that 24 hours by living life with purpose?

I’d like to think that I do, but on certain days like yesterday and today, I find myself clamoring for MORE TIME!

Time to love. Time to play. Time to do good. Time to just catch up with friends and family. Time to just sip a cup of coffee. Time to….


The good thing is that tomorrow is a fresh new day, another 24 hours. How will I spend it? Very carefully and wisely will be my answer. And hopefully, part of that “carefully and wisely” will allow me to include a recap of High Kick 3 Episode 78 and 79. 🙂

And so, before I take myself off to bed this evening, I hope your day today is spent more carefully and wisely than my past two days were! 🙂

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One thought on “Musings for Today: Time, Why Must Thou Be So Stingy?”

  1. LOL – I have those days too. Lying in bed, I think “did I really have to spend that extra 20 minutes on the phone?” or “why did I spend an hour at the library today?” (instead of just running in, getting what I need and running back out) I can literally make myself crazy trying to manage my time some days.
    It happens to everyone! (it’s worse when your mother then calls you up to remind you about “priorities”) *rolling eyes*
    I’m very happy it’s Saturday. HAHAHAHA!

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