Musings for Today: Small But Significant

Ever notice how sometimes, the small things in life can have such a significant effect? At least compared to its size?

That point was made quite apparent to me this past weekend as I dealt with a swollen index finger. Who knew that such a little digit could hamper me in so many activities?

I was playing around with my dog on Friday morning and must have bumped my finger on something because my left index finger exploded to twice its size, preventing me from even bending it all weekend long. As you can imagine, this made typing a near impossibility…unless I was willing to spend a long time pecking away at the keyboard, which I couldn’t do. LOL

In any case, the finger is now on the mend, which is why I am able to post two brief posts today. I’m hoping to be back in typing form tomorrow to recap High Kick 3 from Episode 99 onward.

Thank you for your patience. I wish you all a great week!

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  1. Haha.. That’s why the posts is kinda short compared to your other posts. Twinkies, I guess you should rest your index finger. Hehe… Give it some time to recover, don’t touch keyboards. ^^

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