Musings for Today: Slowly Settling into My Groove

Hi everyone,
I’ve made the blog name change as noted in an earlier blog post. Hopefully, this alteration in URL doesn’t pose problems for any of you.

Also, I recapped episode 15, so enjoy! As you’ll notice from my comments within the recap, I’m now officially rooting for WooB-Joo Young. LOL. I’m definitely enjoying the developments in their relationship. 🙂 However, this does not mean I’ve stopped rooting for Woo-Mi couple; I’m still cheering them on.

Lastly, I appreciate so many of you reading my blog posts and leaving comments. It’s always a nice break from my academic work to read kind words of appreciation, but I thought I should save some of you anxiety by letting you in on my blogging schedule:

Monday-Friday: post link to High Kick 3
Saturdays and Sunday: post link and 2-3 days within broadcast time, try to recap A Thousand Kisses
Fridays: post link and recap The Musical
On any given day, post “Musings for Today”

I hope this alleviates some of the nail-biting, I-wonder-when-she’s-going-to-post thoughts and/or questions.
Have a great day, everyone! Hope you enjoy the recap of Episode 15!

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5 thoughts on “Musings for Today: Slowly Settling into My Groove”

  1. wow~~~ i almost cried when i couldn't find your blog T^T how am i going to live without your recaps for A Thousand Kisses and The Musical!?

    i am so putting this site as a favourite <3

    I love both main couples in A Thousand Kisses!!!! yea!

  2. aw…sorry about that. Yeah, the numbers of visits are down today and will most likely be down until people find me again. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't realize when I switched to the new URL that my old URL would stop working. As it reads now, the message on blogspot for the old URL makes it sound like I completely shut down the blog. Sigh…some of my readers from the SungKyunKwan drama now only check in once in a blue mooon. I hope they don't think I just bailed out on blogging 🙁 And all my previous posts are now inaccessible through the search engines…sucks…wish I had known. *Sigh* ah well…glad you found the blog again, Mia.

  3. i stumbled across your blog through soompi a few weeks ago and have been visiting ever since…this is where i come to get my "the musical" and " a thousand kisses" fix…i can't thank you enough for the joy you've brought to my life now that i can understand what's going on with my favorite dramas

  4. I finally found your site, I’m almost frustrated..
    i must bookmarks your new blog, can’t wait for a thousand kisses tomorrow

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