Musings for Today: KIM TAE WOO

My beloved Mr. Kim Tae Woo who was gracious enough to pose for me.

In the midst of this crazy grading season, a good friend of mine invited me to this posh Korean-American Gala tonight. This was an engagement I had agreed to a week ago–before I knew I was going to be THIS busy–however, the tickets, although complimentary for me, were several hundred dollars, so I cleared enough of my schedule to attend. Why? Because my favorite singer of all time–Kim Tae Woo–was going to be performing a few numbers.  I had to go.

So as I got ready this afternoon to attend this black-tie event, I wondered what I was doing. You see, I absolutely abhor dressing up. That, coupled with the fact that I was up to my eyebrows in work, had me questioning my judgment all throughout this afternoon as I got ready for the gala. After all, I have papers to grade. I have recaps to write for my beloved readers. I have errands to run. I have…but before the list grew any longer, the prospect of hearing this man sing LIVE silenced everything. This opportunity was too irresistible to resist. I’d only ever heard him through CDs or TV broadcasts, so I was buzzing with excitement at hearing him sing in person, wondering if his singing would be as phenomenal as I had made it out to be in my head.

All I can say is that I was not disappointed. In a large ballroom filled to capacity with women and men dressed in formal attire, Kim Tae Woo worked the stage. In just a short three numbers, he was able to infuse the audience with energy and festivity, even coming down from the stage to mingle with the guests during his second song.

I know some of you could care less about him, but Mr. Teddy Bear–I mean Kim Tae Woo–was everything I imagined him to be: gracious, charismatic, tall (boy, was he tall!), energetic, larger-than-life presence that dominated the stage, etc. I could go on, but I’ll end my musings, or should I say gushes, here and leave you with some photos to share with you some of what I saw. AND the best part of the event was that he personally signed my T-School CD. How sweet was that! He stopped in the middle of his walk to his dressing room at the beginning of the evening to sign my CD and take a picture with me. Perhaps I should be thankful that the room was full of Korean-American professionals who weren’t really interestd in kpop…OK, off to recap some of Episode 18 before I call it a night. Thanks again for bearing with me as I gushed about my favorite singer!

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