Musings for Today: Difficult Lesson to Learn

This is my mental state right now…I want to cry, but my outer adult is refusing to let out my inner child.


Why do I feel like this, you ask?

Buoyed by all your lovely comments about how much you appreciate the teasers and my partial recaps (and let me just say here and now that I read and value all of your comments of appreciation even though I didn’t reply to very many of them in the OST giveaway post…I figured you would appreciate my time being better spent blogging this weekend’s episodes instead of typing “thanks” to your kind comments), I posted one ATK post earlier today and was almost finished with my second post (Sunday’s episode) when wordpress ATE UP MY WORK!!!!


All that lovely writing and pictures…




I think in all my years as an English student, I only lost my academic writing once, but ONCE was all it took for me to learn my lesson. After that one horrific experience, I made sure to back up my writing throughout the writing process so that I would NEVER AGAIN be a victim to the nasty computer-deleting syndrome that plagues students, especially when they are trying to meet a paper deadline for the next day.

So how did I lose my work not just once, but TWICE? And in the span of just two weeks?

I don’t know….


I’m the type of person who tries to learn from her mistakes, so since that High Kick 3 post/debacle about a week or so ago, I’ve been diligently saving my drafts as I recap. And that is EXACTLY what I was doing–saving my draft–when the program wiped the post instead of saving it.

My question right now is this: How do I learn from a mistake when I don’t know what I did? A part of me wonders if it’s my new computer that is acting up and creating glitches in my blogging flow.


Well, at least you all know what’s happened to my efforts to post Episode 46 Recap and Episode 47 Teaser tonight…I’m too shocked to attempt a rewrite right now. 🙁 Besides, my duties as a professor demand that I be responsible and prepare for tomorrow’s lecture. And so, I shall leave you tonight with this sad news.

BUT HAVE NO FEAR, my Musings community! I shall refuse to be conquered and intimidated by this setback! I shall return tomorrow with a better recap than the one I was writing today.

I. Shall. Triumph!

LOL. 😀 I hope you at least got a small chuckle over my blogging adventures–yes, all the ups AND the downs. LOL Good night!

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6 thoughts on “Musings for Today: Difficult Lesson to Learn”

  1. LOL! I’ve gotten to the point where I even copy and save emails I’m writing in case my computer goes to blue screen suddenly. *sigh* It’s super annoying when you have no clue why and I always wish I was more computer savvy.
    Keeping fingers crossed for you!

  2. I kinda understand your feelings. There’s once where I need to rush to finish my accounts assignment that almost meet the deadline, just like 2 days away. I am correcting the figures, trying to get it balance. When I finish editing it(haha…. happy moment that time), when microsoft gives a pop-out saying, Want to save it?” I accidentally smack the space tab on my keyboard. And guess what, “The cursor is placed at the ‘NO’ box! Omg, I feel so frustrated that time. But luckily I MANAGE to hand it the assignments with my friend’s help. But I admit it’s my fault, I’m pretty clumsy sometimes. ^^

  3. In fact, actually I didn’t make it to the deadline. It’s my teacher(awww.. She is so kind enough) that postponed the deadline to the following week. ^^ I felt lucky at that time. XD

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